Friday, July 20, 2007

W.O.A International signs on Irish Jazz Band Blue Jar.

Hey Everyone,

Some wonderful news. We have recently signed on an amazing Jazz Band from Ireland 'BLUE JAR' you just have to listen to their music.

Their new CD will be out on W.O.A Records very soon and they should be up on itunes, napster and all major outlets very soon.

Do listen in to the band and give us a shout out on what you think - I personally love their music (Their version of Blue Moon on their new CD 'Pelican Crossing' is just fantastic).

Oliver Sean

Sunday, July 15, 2007

The monthly newsletter...ahhh I love the rains in Goa.

Ok for all of you who don't live in Goa I'm talkin about the monsoon season here and its just fantastic :-)

How is everyone doing? write back, let me know!

For all of you IPODDERS (us music freaks who cannot live without our ipods and who dream of the iphone................ oh sorry i started dreaming about it again) ;-) great news for us - all my albums are now available on ITUNES!!! How cool is that? Oh and for all of you who love downloading songs for free (sigh... I know we are fighting a losing battle with you) we have good news for you too - remember napster? and all of napsters cronies? well they are back and they say they are legal now and they are all hosting my albums too :-) Check out my site - all the links are there.

In other INTERESTING news, my Record label W.O.A Records has signed on some amazing musicians - Blue jar (A Jazz/Pop band from Ireland), Lloyd Paul (Composer, Songwriter, Performer from Goa), Lavina Soares (Songstress of Goa) and 5 more international bands from the UK, US and Australia - all these details are on the official WOA International website (please check it out and send me some feedback on the site, the artistes, and any thing else you might wanna get off your chest and if you like some of the music there - download it! (try downloading it officially from the W.O.A Store so the artistes feel happy and get some inspiration to write and compose more :-)

And MORE exciting news, yours truly (talkin about ME) has Produced a single and in the process of Directing the music video for W.O.A's new release 'Heaven4Hell' by Lloyd Paul which will be released in august - its been great fun producing and directing it and we will be putting up the making of the video on youtube very soon. It was great fun directing a music video - think I'm gonna do more of it from now on :-)

Well I hope you all will write back and stay in touch - by the way 'Heaven4Hell' is a song which relates to Environmental Protection and also the regional plan of Goa which we are totally against and we hope you all will do your part and download this song when it is released.

Love you all,

Thursday, July 12, 2007

Oliver Sean on Apple iTunes!

Oliver Sean's music is now available on Apple iTunes - So if you want Oliver's hit songs 'I Like It', 'Nicole', You & Me and all the other favourites just head on down to the itunes store and load up your iPod today!