Monday, October 27, 2014

Oliver Sean Performs for the British Army

Oliver Sean to perform Live for the British Army on 8th December 2014 in the United Kingdom. Stay tuned to for the latest updates on this.

- W.O.A News Desk

Thursday, October 23, 2014

The Independent No.1's Vol.4 Final Artist List Revealed

The Independent No.1's Vol.4 Final Artist List (in no particular order):

  1. Laura Ainsworth
  2. Tuck Neilsen
  3. Rod Christian
  4. Hooyoosay
  5. Francesco D'Angelo
  6. Louis Colaiannia
  7. Gennaro Agresti
  8. Kali Kreek Dub Collective
  9. Eloah
  10. Laurel Moore
  11. Aliveway
  12. Steve Foster
  13. Strange Anthem
  14. Bruce Lev
  15. Ali Ashraf
  16. Sarantos
  17. Forever Indiana
  18. Rhyme Scheme
  19. Victoria Celestine
  20. Christina Laroque
* Artists reading this if you see any error in your stage name listed above please email your A&R Rep at the IN1 Team immediately.

- W.O.A News Desk
List Released as on 23rd Oct 2014 

Monday, October 06, 2014

7th Annual WOA International Music Festival - Goa 2015. Last Chance to Submit.

Be a part of the International line up for the 7th Annual WOA International Music Festival - Goa 2015.

Every year there is an excitement in Goa that starts one month before the Annual WOA International Music Festival. This time around the festival takes place on the 31st of January 2015. As usual it kicks off with Full page newspaper advertising across the country on the Times of India; Vh1 and MTV running TV Spots and music videos of the headlining artists; Banners, Hoardings and Posters across all the college and university campuses featuring details of hot Indie stars from various parts of the world who will be performing, Radio contests focusing on the artists performing at the festival - all this and more. Add to this the rumors of which Bollywood stars and Indian super models are going to be attending the festival as guests of honour - this has been consistently happening every year and it just gets bigger and better every time.
This year the festival in Goa will be spread across 3 days instead of just 1 major concert. Yes - its going to be 3 back to back concerts at 3 different locations in Goa.
All genres of music is heard at the WOA International Festival, which makes this so unique and every artist gets coverage on national advertising across the Times, Vh1 and AIR FM. 
If you want to be a part of this festival you can apply now via the W.O.A Entertainment Music Submissions Site
The best part of it all is that this is a free festival - fans do not pay to enter and artists do not pay to play (please note that our partners do charge a 10 USD submission fee). Any artist from any part of the world, across all genres, can submit their EPK/DPK/Bio to be a part of this festival. 
There are no costs to being part of the festival aside from the submission fee of 10 USD (this is a mandatory application fee and cannot be waived). If selected the Artist/Band has to handle their own travel to Goa and their own stay and food (subsidised hotel accomodation and restautrant discount coupons will be provided to artists that require this). The organisers of the show arrange for all backline, national advertising and crew support. Artists are also given refreshments during the concerts.
This is a free festival and attracts thousands of locals and international tourists. The festival is also supported by the Government of Goa, the Times of India, Vh1 (Viacom), AIR FM and various other main stream media partners, hotel partners and online promotional partners.
To know more about the 7th Annual W.O.A International Music Festival please visit the W.O.A Entertainment Website at or Click Here
Artists can submit their EPK's directly via the WOA Entertainment Music Submissions Page and also via Music Xray
For more information and any FAQ's feel free to email us at
Best Wishes,
The W.O.A Entertainment Team