Monday, December 10, 2007

Oliver Sean partners with Adlabs

Oliver Sean and Big 92.7 FM have partnered to launch Oliver Sean's latest Christmas song on the 15th of December in India.

The song has elements of Big Band, Swing, Funk and a mixture of English, Hindi, Portuguese and Konkani - a classic Olover Sean production with Oliver Sean's powerful vocals and guitars back this track.

"We are looking at the whole country tuning in and enjoying this one of a kind, first ever multi lingual christmas song. W.O.A Records is going all out to promote the single" said W.O.A Executive Vice President Wanda Alvares

"Christmas Time" will be available for download at the W.O.A Store and across all Big FM & Adlab sites, partner sites and digital/mobile partners.

For more info on this visit

- W.O.A News Desk

Wednesday, December 05, 2007

Oliver Sean & Cuca Moreno on Heraldo - Spain's biggest newspaper

W.O.A International, Oliver Sean & Cuca Moreno featured on Heraldo - Spains biggest newspaper. Download the complete article here

Saturday, November 10, 2007

One World One Love One People - Launch today 11th Nov 2007

Alison Woods' new album 'One World One Love One people' launched today the 11th of November 2007 on W.O.A Records.

This album is a ground breaking album with compositions that inspire and truly make you want to go out there and do something about this world we live in.

The album can be downloaded at the W.O.A Records store or at the artist's site . The album is also available in record stores across the world via Super-D and CD Baby.

For more info on alison woods please visit and

- W.O.A News Desk

Thursday, October 18, 2007

Russian Metal Kings ANJ signed to W.O.A International

ANJ - Metal Heads and Russia's No.1 Metal band now signed to W.O.A International to a 3 year management deal.

Finnish Rockers Fumble signed to W.O.A International

Helsinki based Rockers FUMBLE sign a 3 year management deal with W.O.A International (Management Division).

- W.O.A International News Desk

Thursday, October 11, 2007

Oliver Sean Birthday Party tonite!!!

Its the Oliver Sean Birthday Party today and all the Oliver Sean Fans are invited to the Birthday Blast! Email to know the secret location in Goa!

Here is the Cartoon Strip debut of the cartoon character based on Oliver Sean! ENJOY!!!!!

Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Oliver Sean Rocks Hyderabad!

Hey Y'all,

We had an awesome concert in Hyderabad on Saturday the 6th of October. All my fans and the new fans we have now - I want to personally thank all of you who were there - I believe it was 35,000 People :-) Everyone Clapping in sync with I Like It and Darna Chod Do and Jumping to my version of Summer of 69 was just phenomenal - felt like an earthquake ;-)

And Guess what?! We have some serious FUN Footage of the show and my web guys are gonna put it up on youtube for all of you who missed it! Yipeeeeee :-))

For all TV addicts you can catch my interviews and the bands live performance on Aaj Tak, Headlines Today, TV9 & Gemini TV.

Love you all!

Home of great music!
The coolest music!

Saturday, September 22, 2007

The W.O.A Artistes - Updated 23rd Sept. '07

Lloyd Paul's single 'Heaven 4 Hell' Out Now!

If you have been to Goa or if you have lived here and/or were born here then you know that Goa is truly paradise - right?

I'm sure a lot of you know that this paradise is slowly being systematically destroyed and very soon will be a concrete jungle - can you imagine the horror of that?

These are questions all lovers of this land are asking themselves and everyone is doing what they can to protect Goa.

W.O.A Records, which is a part of Oliver Sean's global entertainment Co. W.O.A International are also doing what we can as a label and have supported a local Goan artiste called 'Lloyd Paul' who has written a beautiful song about this situation called 'Heaven 4 Hell'. This song is now available online at - so do visit the store and listen to the track for free and support Independent artistes and what independent artistes stand for - music from the heart!

W.O.A International and W.O.A Records is doing all it can to support Independent artistes from across the world - do visit us online ( and give a listen to some of Independent music's most amazing musicians who are part of W.O.A International.

Much Love,
Oliver Sean & The W.O.A Team in Goa

Sunday, September 16, 2007

W.O.A International signs The Annie Minogue Band

The Annie Minogue Band today signed a management contract with Global Entertainment Co. W.O.A International.

This management contract will see The Annie Minogue Band breaking into the Indian Subcontinent and have already been confirmed for the highly publicized W.O.A International India Tour 2008 which starts Jan 15th '08.

"We are very excited about having the Annie Minogue Band on our management roster. Their music is simply amazing and I cant wait for the people in India to experience this wonderful band" says W.O.A Founder and President Oliver Sean.

For more info on the Annie Minogue Band and W.O.A International please visit

- W.O.A International News Desk

Cartoon Strip based on World Music Star OLIVER SEAN.

Here is the cartoon strip based on the life of Oliver Sean that all the Oliver Sean Fans have been waiting for - the first official strip starts on Oliver's B'day - 11th of October. Do send us your ideas for upcoming comic strip ideas and tell us what you think of it :-)

Click here for the full length strip!

- W.O.A International

Saturday, September 08, 2007

W.O.A International releases new Single 'Heaven 4 Hell'.

Oliver Sean's Global Entertainment Company W.O.A International releases a new song based on the Goan land plagiarism by a fresh new Goan singer on the 11th of September ‘08. The song is called ‘Heaven 4 Hell’ written and sung by W.O.A International’s new singer Lloyd Paul. The single will be released worldwide on W.O.A Records which is part of the W.O.A International Group and will be available in top record stores across the world and online on iTunes and various other International and local outlets.

W.O.A International is breaking new ground in the International music industry by signing on Independent artistes that include internationally acclaimed Stars as well as new debut artistes looking for the right support and promoting them with no holds barred promotions, artiste management and label support. Oliver Sean has always believed in Non-Manufactured music and having the experience of making it on his own in the international music arena he is now using his experience and expertise to promote talented musicians reach their goal of getting their music heard by people across the world.

W.O.A International is the only company in India promoting Goan and Indian artistes in the International music scene and simultaneously promoting International Independent stars in India and opening up a whole new market to them. This culmination of International stars and Local artistes has resulted in a unique one of a kind production called The W.O.A International India Tour 2008 which will feature the world’s top independent artistes from across the world performing at some of India's biggest venues from the 15th of Jan 2008 till the 15th of Feb 2008.

For more information about W.O.A International, their artistes and their upcoming events please visit

- W.O.A News Desk

Sunday, August 19, 2007

Oliver Sean back on BIG FM by Popular demand!

Hey Y'all

Don't forget to tune into BIG FM 92.7 in Goa today and hear the most awesome interview with yours truly :) its gonna be great fun.

Remember its from 10AM to 2PM this sunday 19th August.


Thursday, August 16, 2007

Oliver Sean on Radio Indigo 91.9 FM

Oliver Sean is going to be live on Radio Indigo 91.9 FM in Goa today - Thursday, 16th August from 7 PM onwards.

A special treat awaits his fans - Oliver will be performing LIVE in the studio with his guitar and this is the first time Oliver's new song from his upcoming album 'Getting Around' is going to showcased on air.

So tune in and chill out to Oliver Sean & Radio Indigo RJ Kurt - Chilling out and jamming live on air!

- W.O.A International Release

Saturday, August 11, 2007

Its getting BIG!

Hey Y'all (ok Im not gonna stop sayin Y'all so better get used to it) ;-)

Ok the subject line is probably got you thinkin "what the hell???" :-)) Well all of you who read this tonite you can tune into BIG 92.7 FM tomorrow 12th August at 10 AM and listen in to my exclusive interview on the station from 10AM to 2 PM - and its one of those interviews that you shouldnt miss.... Its so cool that its gonna be split into 2 parts for this sunday and the next sunday, thats the 19th of August '08.

For all of you NOT in Goa - its gonna be online after one day, so on Monday Morning you can go to and click on the BIG interview.

In other interestting news - all the W.O.A Artistes who are in Goa joined me today (11th of August) at the Mother Teresa Home here in Panjim City. We all performed for the residents of this beautiful place - a place where these women selflessly take care of people and children abandoned by so called "Human Beings"!!!

The show was fantastic - W.O.A International did this as our first charity show that we plan on doing every month or every chance we get to give happiness through our music to people that cant go out there and come to our concerts and shows.... It was one of the most satisfying performances I have ever given and Im sure all my artisttes felt the same way - The W.O.A Artistes who performed were Garfield Oliveira, Lloyd Paul and Lavina Soares - the 3 of them later joined me on stage to sing with me. You can check out their individual sites from the official W.O.A Site

The Video Footage and Photos of this show will be put online very soon on and

Also, Lloyd Paul's new single Heaven 4 Hell will be released on W.O.A this month on the 29th at a club called Gatsby in Colva, Goa - Its gonna be an awesome party and Im gonna be there to actually release the album. All of you in Goa who wanna come for this show please email Pete directly on and he will send you the passes - just type in 'OLIVER SEAN FANCLUB MEMBER' in the subject line so you get the pass for sure :-)

Well thats all for now guys - stay in touch and do visit our online store for all the latest releases by me and all the W.O.A Artistes

Love you all,

Friday, August 10, 2007

W.O.A International sign Native American Rockers 'Tiger Tiger'

The Native American Rockers 'Tiger Tiger' from Miami, Florida today signed a 3 year management deal with W.O.A International - the Global Entertainment Company.

Keeping with the diverse range of music that W.O.A International promotes 'Tiger Tiger' is a phenomenal new addition to the beautiful list of musicians that are on the W.O.A International artiste roster.

Tiger Tiger are also nominated for best Native American Rock Band for the Native American Music Awards and will be in India early next year on a tour of the country.

For more information on 'Tiger Tiger' and W.O.A International please visit

- W.O.A Press Release

Saturday, August 04, 2007

Abigenesis signs management deal with W.O.A International

Oliver Sean's Global Entertainment Company W.O.A International today signed World Band 'Abiogenesis' to a 3 year management deal.

Abiogenesis is a band out of Nagaland, India - world music meets rock would be a fair assessment of their music where the band also uses a new musical instrument that they have created called the "BamHum" to complement their kind of music which the band says is a new genre created by them.

"W.O.A International is always looking for unique sounding bands and independent musicians who are making a mark by themselves - we just support their endeavors and help them find success that is deserving to these fine musicians" says W.O.A International President and Founder Oliver Sean.

Abiogenesis' new album is to be released on Saregama in India and their much anticipated Second album will be released on W.O.A Records Internationally.

Read more about Abiogenesis on the W.O.A Official Website

- W.O.A International Press Service

Friday, July 20, 2007

W.O.A International signs on Irish Jazz Band Blue Jar.

Hey Everyone,

Some wonderful news. We have recently signed on an amazing Jazz Band from Ireland 'BLUE JAR' you just have to listen to their music.

Their new CD will be out on W.O.A Records very soon and they should be up on itunes, napster and all major outlets very soon.

Do listen in to the band and give us a shout out on what you think - I personally love their music (Their version of Blue Moon on their new CD 'Pelican Crossing' is just fantastic).

Oliver Sean

Sunday, July 15, 2007

The monthly newsletter...ahhh I love the rains in Goa.

Ok for all of you who don't live in Goa I'm talkin about the monsoon season here and its just fantastic :-)

How is everyone doing? write back, let me know!

For all of you IPODDERS (us music freaks who cannot live without our ipods and who dream of the iphone................ oh sorry i started dreaming about it again) ;-) great news for us - all my albums are now available on ITUNES!!! How cool is that? Oh and for all of you who love downloading songs for free (sigh... I know we are fighting a losing battle with you) we have good news for you too - remember napster? and all of napsters cronies? well they are back and they say they are legal now and they are all hosting my albums too :-) Check out my site - all the links are there.

In other INTERESTING news, my Record label W.O.A Records has signed on some amazing musicians - Blue jar (A Jazz/Pop band from Ireland), Lloyd Paul (Composer, Songwriter, Performer from Goa), Lavina Soares (Songstress of Goa) and 5 more international bands from the UK, US and Australia - all these details are on the official WOA International website (please check it out and send me some feedback on the site, the artistes, and any thing else you might wanna get off your chest and if you like some of the music there - download it! (try downloading it officially from the W.O.A Store so the artistes feel happy and get some inspiration to write and compose more :-)

And MORE exciting news, yours truly (talkin about ME) has Produced a single and in the process of Directing the music video for W.O.A's new release 'Heaven4Hell' by Lloyd Paul which will be released in august - its been great fun producing and directing it and we will be putting up the making of the video on youtube very soon. It was great fun directing a music video - think I'm gonna do more of it from now on :-)

Well I hope you all will write back and stay in touch - by the way 'Heaven4Hell' is a song which relates to Environmental Protection and also the regional plan of Goa which we are totally against and we hope you all will do your part and download this song when it is released.

Love you all,

Thursday, July 12, 2007

Oliver Sean on Apple iTunes!

Oliver Sean's music is now available on Apple iTunes - So if you want Oliver's hit songs 'I Like It', 'Nicole', You & Me and all the other favourites just head on down to the itunes store and load up your iPod today!


Thursday, June 07, 2007

W.O.A International featured on Sonicbids Main Page.

W.O.A International - Tour of India 2008 is the featured opportunity on Catch the feature on the Sonicbids Main Page and the Promoters Drop Box Page.

The Tour Of India 2008 is a fantastic opportunity for Independent Musicians and if you are one you should submit today for a chance to perform with World Famous Performers in India.

Read all about it on

- W.O.A Records

Wednesday, June 06, 2007

2 new artistes on board Oliver sean's label

Oliver Sean's record label W.O.A Records has recently signed on 2 talented artistes from Goa - Female Songstress 'Lavina Soares' and Singer, Composer, Writer 'Lloyd Paul'.

"I am very excited on signing these highly talented musicians especially since they are from Goa" says Oliver Sean, President - W.O.A International Group

For more information on these artistes and other W.O.A Records artistes and releases please visit and

- W.O.A

Saturday, June 02, 2007

W.O.A International - THE INDIA TOUR 2008

15 Bands, 15 Cities, 15 Days - do you have what it takes? W.O.A International is looking for awesome independent Artistes/Bands to select for THE INDIA TOUR 2008 which will take place from the 15th of Jan '08 to the 31st of Jan '08.

Are you one of the INDIE GODS we are loking for? If you are we want to hear from you - submit your music now at or

All genres accepted - only thing we need is you that are an AWESOME PERFORMER!!!

W.O.A Records

Saturday, May 26, 2007

Oliver Sean on BIG 92.7 FM Mumbai - 28th May 07

Oliver Sean will be in a one on one interview on BIG 92.7 FM this Monday the 28th of May '07 at 1PM Indian Standard Time. This is your chance to call Oliver Sean LIVE on Air and chat with him.

For more details please visit the Official Oliver Sean Website

- W.O.A Records

Thursday, May 17, 2007

Fan Of the Month - Valerie Ann Dsouza!

We are starting a new section on the Official Oliver Sean Website and its called 'FAN OF THE MONTH'!

We award this to the person we think is the most deserving and makes us feel the love! The 'Fan of the Month' will get a free CD signed by Oliver Sean or a free Music Video, Photos, Posters, Backstage passes etc... depending on what has been released or is being promoted in that particular month.

And we are proud to announce that the 'FAN OF THE MONTH' for the 1st time ever is 'VALERIE ANN DSOUZA' from Siolim Goa. She wrote to us after watching the interview on MTV Super Select and we definitely felt the love :-)

Congratulations Valerie - oh your CD has been sent - lemme know how you like it.

Much Love,
Oliver Sean

Wednesday, May 09, 2007

Our shop teaser - click and hear the songs by Oliver Sean

Give our songs a listen - we guarantee you are gonna love them all.

The Oliver Sean Band

Watch Oliver Sean Live on MTV on the 11th of May at 6:30

Hey Everyone,

Tune in to MTV India 'Super Select' at 6:30 PM this friday the 11th of May and watch Oliver Sean in a one on one interview with Nikhil Chinnappa the VJ from MTV India. As a special treat Oliver is gonna be jamming live singing his hit song 'I like it' and his new songs 'Beethe Lamhe' and 'Darna Chod Do' - this is a part of the 2007 Darna Chod Do India Tour.

If you really want to enjoy Oliver Sean and the Oliver Band's music, videos and Live Concerts join the Fanclub at the Official Oliver Sean website and for your convenience we are adding the sign in form right here - so sign up now guys :-)

Signup for our Mailing List

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First name:
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Peace and spread the love,
The Oliver Sean Band

Monday, April 30, 2007

Oliver Sean on MTV Super Select 11th May 2007

If you have MTV India you must tune in on the 11th of May and check ou the "unconventional" interview I recorded with Nikhil Chinappa the VJ from MTV on the 27th of April. It will be broadcasted on the 11th of May and I must say it was real funny.

Oh and I did do a lot of Live jamming of my songs - so dont miss it.

Oliver Sean

Tuesday, April 24, 2007

The Flagship Oliver Sean Site now ONLINE!!!

The Official Oliver Sean Website has had a major revamp done! Yep its more streamlined now and has various little tidbits like watching Oliver Sean's latest Music Videos right on the website and free downloads of songs, an awesome new fan club and an official message board - so all you Oliver Sean Fans who love the Oliver Sean Sound best described as John Mayer & Dave Mathews Band havin a Jam Session with Ravi Shankar & Zakir Hussein :-) then come on over and join in the PARTY!!!!

We love you all,
The Oliver Sean Band

Saturday, April 14, 2007

The New Oliver Sean Music Video - watch it right here on blogger!

The New Oliver Sean Music Video 'Darna Chod Do Remix - Ecstacy Mix' for all of my blog viewers.

Oliver Sean

Tuesday, April 10, 2007

The footage from Zee Singles - Oliver Sean Featured Artiste.

Hi Y'all,

For those of you who dont get Zee Music on your satellite network here is the exclusive footage of the program "Oliver Sean Featured artiste on Zee Singles". You can watch it right here on the Oliver Sean Blog (Thanks to

Enjoy! :-)

OLIVER SEAN’S New Music Video World Premiere Exclusively on MTV - Friday, 13th April

OLIVER SEAN’S New Music Video ‘Darna Remix’ released as an Exclusive Feature on MTV 13th of April.

Oliver Sean’s new music video ‘Darna Remix’ has been released and the worldwide premiere was on MTV India as an Exclusive Video on friday, 13th of April 2007. This is a much anticipated video from Oliver Sean’s new Hindi Album ‘Darna Chod Do’. His fans have already made ‘Darna Remix’ a huge hit in Clubs across the country.

In more exciting news, the ‘Darna Remix’ video has been shot on International Film Standards which has given Oliver the chance to release this new video in the US & Europe on International Music Channels like Trace TV and MTV Europe etc. “The sound of this song is very new and fresh especially for a Hindi Song and the song has already hit clubs in the US and the UK so we at W.O.A Records & Crescendo Music are very excited about the International release of this video and the album” says Oliver Sean who is also the Managing Director of W.O.A Records.

Oliver’s last Video was the title track from his new album ‘Darna Chod Do’ which was released last month and is still hitting new highs on channels across the country. Zee TV Network featured Oliver Sean as their Featured Artiste on Zee Music’s new program ‘Singles’. Also coming up is the one on one interview with Oliver Sean on MTV’s Super Select which will also be aired this month.

The Darna Remix Video will be featured for 3 days as an Exclusive Video on MTV following which all the other channels including Zee Music, ETC, Lemon, Channel V will start airing the video from Monday, 16th of April 2007.

- W.O.A International

Friday, February 16, 2007

Exclusive Premiere of Oliver Sean's Video on this Blog!

Hey you all,

Here is a surprise for all - Im sure a lot of you who read my blog dont live in India or Asia so I have decided to put up the video right here on my blog for all of you to watch. So here it is attached below - ENJOY and do leave me some of your comments.
Oliver Sean



Internationally Acclaimed Singer/Songwriter, Goa’s Oliver Sean is all set to release his Debut Hindi Album ‘Darna Chod Do’(Crescendo Music/W.O.A Records). The new Music Video of the title track will be Premiered Worldwide on the 17th of February 2007 on MTV, Channel V, B4U and all other music channels in India. The video is shot at various locations in India and shows Oliver Sean in his true Rock Star Element.

Oliver’s last album was his debut English Album ‘I Like It’ (Times Music) which made waves across the world and was nominated for International Album of the Year and also hit the No. 1 position on the World Music Charts on the N1M Charts.

This is Oliver Sean’s first foray into Hindi Music and he stays true to the style of music that made him a house hold name - The chilled out lyrical style, the passionate compositions with the adventurous use of Indian and Western Instruments mixed with his high energy performance that has created a genre that can only be termed as the Oliver Sean Sound.

The ‘Darna Chod Do’ music video will be played all this month on music channels across the country and will coincide with the Darna Chod Do India Tour which will see Oliver Sean and his Band performing in 15 different cities across India including Goa, Hyderabad, Bangalore, Chennai, Mumbai, Delhi, Calcutta and Jodhpur.

- W.O.A International