Sunday, September 09, 2007

W.O.A International releases new Single 'Heaven 4 Hell'.

Oliver Sean's Global Entertainment Company W.O.A International releases a new song based on the Goan land plagiarism by a fresh new Goan singer on the 11th of September ‘08. The song is called ‘Heaven 4 Hell’ written and sung by W.O.A International’s new singer Lloyd Paul. The single will be released worldwide on W.O.A Records which is part of the W.O.A International Group and will be available in top record stores across the world and online on iTunes and various other International and local outlets.

W.O.A International is breaking new ground in the International music industry by signing on Independent artistes that include internationally acclaimed Stars as well as new debut artistes looking for the right support and promoting them with no holds barred promotions, artiste management and label support. Oliver Sean has always believed in Non-Manufactured music and having the experience of making it on his own in the international music arena he is now using his experience and expertise to promote talented musicians reach their goal of getting their music heard by people across the world.

W.O.A International is the only company in India promoting Goan and Indian artistes in the International music scene and simultaneously promoting International Independent stars in India and opening up a whole new market to them. This culmination of International stars and Local artistes has resulted in a unique one of a kind production called The W.O.A International India Tour 2008 which will feature the world’s top independent artistes from across the world performing at some of India's biggest venues from the 15th of Jan 2008 till the 15th of Feb 2008.

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- W.O.A News Desk

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