Monday, December 23, 2019



We have reached the end of our Christmas Programming! On today's finale episode we have worked out a special treat for our listeners - we got all our Christmas Special Album artists to record a Christmas Message to our listeners. So stick around and enjoy the show.Wishing everyone a Merry Christmas and Happy New Year from all of us at the WOA Entertainment Group!

Today's Playlist:

Oliver Sean - Everyday will be like a holiday (Officlal Music Video)

Mister Link - Swingin Christmas

Silent Stranger - Guitar Beneath The Tree

Ayana John - Good Morning its Christmas

Clark Ford - My Mrs Claus

Karmacoda - Baby its cold outside

Robbi Atkins - Little Simple Christmas Things 

The SIlvers - Caribbean Christmas 

Ice Legs - Christmassy Window 

The High Plain Drifters - Get me home by Christmas eve 

True Believer - My Chanukah 

Christi Shelby (feat. Jack Crosby)- Christmas Delight

The Silvers - Jingle in my Heart

Joyce Lynn Davis - Its Christmas Time

George Griffin - Joseph's Lullaby

Anacapa - How do Reindeer Fly

Brijomi - Xmas (No Kids)

Jamais Aprais - Love (its Christmas Time)

Helen De Baker - Vorce - I Love it at Christmas Time

Rubby N - Christmas Tree

Steven Gray - The Message


Saturday, December 21, 2019

Everyday Will Be Like a Holiday - Oliver Sean (feat. Real Indie Project)...

The brand new #holidaysong video is premiering in a few hours! Join us LIVE :-)

Friday, December 20, 2019

Oliver Sean announces new single featuring the Real Indie Project

Oliver Sean announces new single featuring the Real Indie Project

You don’t want to miss this 😊🤟 Wanda Alvares Nicki Kris Christina Gaudet Syreeta Thompson Suzanne Grzanna Trevor Sewell Damian Wyldes Devin Leigh Tomiko Dixon

Thursday, December 19, 2019

WOAFM99 Christmas Show Part III - Premiere of Oliver Sean

WOAFM99 Christmas Show Part III - Premiere of Oliver Sean

Today is an EPIC Christmas Show on WOAFM99. We premiere our Host Oliver Sean's #HolidaySong featuring the Real Indie Project (a collective of award winning Indie Stars). Also coming up on today's show is an 'In-Conversation' episode with American upcoming Indie Star Thomas Michael Link (Featured Artist on the Independent No.1's Christmas Special Vol.5). WOAFM99 is fast becoming THE Weekly Christmas Radio Show every December. 

Today's Christmas Playlist: 
2. Angel Waterman - Christmas Time
3. Vince Romano - Santa Hold Your Nose
4. Anacopa - How do Reindeers really fly
5. Melissa Duvall - Homemade Christmas
7. David Mc Mullen - Christmas without you 
8. Donna Dutchess - Raining Kisses from Heaven
9. Dylan Shay - This Christmas Time 
10. High Park Society - I don't want to go home for Christmas 
12. Darlene Sams - Santa Believes 
13. Vee Lee - Everything on my Christmas List 
14. Juice Chris - I wanna see you smile this Christmas 
15. Armando Villegas Jr. - Christmas Night 
16. Cassiopeia - Shake the snow globe 
17. Irina Ford - Wrapping paper 


Thursday, December 12, 2019

The Christmas Show Part 2 - WOAFM99 Radio Show (X'mas 2019)

The Christmas Show Part 2 - WOAFM99 Radio Show (X'mas 2019)

Part 2 of our Epic Christmas Show on WOAFM99 and today we have Richard Simpson of Silent Stranger joining for an 'In Conversation' Episode with our celebrity host Oliver Sean and they  talk about music, videos, girls who inspire their songs and Canada!

Our Christmas Playlist for this week:

1. Terry Strickland : What do the Elves do

2. Red Coma - Santa was a Punk Rocker

3. Cathy Varna - Les Rires D'un Enfant 

4. Patrick Scott - Christmas to me

5. Silent Stranger - Guitar Beneath the Tree

George Lakis & Chris Kelly - One World Holiday

7. Silent Stranger - A Girl like you 

8. Oscar Hernandez - Santa is Magical

9. Natasha Remi - This time of year

10. Molly Pasutti - The Night before Christmas

11. Mick J Clark - Its Christmas Party Time 

12. Mike Williamson - I wish it could be christmas

13. The Silvers - Caribbean Christmas 

14. Robbi Atkins - Little Small Christmas Things 


Sunday, December 08, 2019

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