W.O.A Artist & Label Services

W.O.A Management - This is the Artiste Management & Marketing Service offered to Independent Artistes from various genres across the world that want to break into the Indian and Middle East markets with systematic marketing support, in-store album distribution, Music & Film production assistance, Radio & TV Support and general artist management representation.

Our management artists have access to all marketing and label support including guaranteed India tour, booking agency roster inclusion, inclusion in worldwide distributed compilations, full PR support and more as a result of the complete W.O.A International Infrastructure and divisions that work with and support the Management division to promote and assist Independent Artists signed to an agency deal with W.O.A Management. To officially submit for Management consideration and for an our A&R Rep to contact you directly please submit officially via the submissions link on this page.

W.O.A International Music Festival & India Tour - Every year the tour & festival is supported by intense media coverage & advertising making this annual festival and tour the most sought after performance opportunity for Indie acts globally. The artists who have been part of the tour become part of an exclusive group of artists here at W.O.A Records with a loyal and impressive fan following. With our enviable media support system and new markets and opportunities opening up for our artists via the W.O.A Management division, this tour offers excellent opportunities for independent artists.  For International Independent bands/artists to break into a region like India with this kind of support has been unprecedented and never done before - it has now been made possible by W.O.A International – The Music Co. India's largest International Independent Label (1998 - 2012). To officially submit for the festival and Tour please submit officially via the submissions link on this page.

The Goa Chillout Zone Compilation CD - This is the world renowned compilation album released annually on W.O.A Records featuring Independent artists from across the globe.  

With the unprecedented success of the Goa Chillout Zone Volume 1, 2, 3 & 4 worldwide and with the huge response received for the recently launched Goa Chillout Zone Vol. 4 - The W.O.A Records Goa Chillout Zone compilation is now being compared with the likes of compilations like Cafe Del Mar and Buddha Bar. This top seller has recently hit the top of album charts in India. Submit officially for a chance to have your music on this compilation.

The Independent No.1’s compilation - A Pop/Rock/Alt genre compilation CD featuring some of the finest International Independent artists from these genres (and  all its sub genres) from around the world, Compiled & Distributed by W.O.A Records & the entire W.O.A Distribution network partners.

As is true for all W.O.A records releases the Independent No.1’s compilation CD also has the full support of the International distribution network of W.O.A Records thus giving Independent artists an opportunity to have their song on a Major Compilation CD distributed to all physical A Class record stores with the full marketing and PR support & Distribution support by W.O.A records. Submit officially for a chance to have your music on this compilation.

W.O.A Films is an award winning film and video production company (Visit the W.O.A Films Official Website at http://www.woafilms.com) . Our production team develops award winning and chart topping concepts for film and video productions specifically related to the music industry and artists - Music Videos, Artist Documentaries, Album commercials for MTV/Network TV, Live concert video productions, reality TV rockumentaries, artist viral videos for the web and more. We offer a wide range of video production services for all levels of artists and music companies from Independents to the Majors. W.O.A Productions have been listed in the Grammy nomination lists, featured in the Top 10 of the Vh1 International Charts, Vh1 Specials, MTV Exclusives, Hit Factory etc. Contact us for a quote on any production assistance you may require woa@woarecords.com

Commercial Radio Promotions -Major Network song rotation across India/Dubai. We have updated the Radio Promotions offer for artists who want basic radio promo of their single. The Radio Promo service we offer have costs associated that some artists usually cannot afford. Thus we have now compiled of 3 basic Radio promotions offers (LITE @250 USD, MAJOR@ 850 USD and FULL @1500 USD), where artists can avail radio promotions of their single across Networks in India & Middle East and also get included in the W.O.A Radio Show for free. This is airplay promo of the artists song on commercial networks. Contact us on info@woarecords.com for more details on these services. Submit officially via the submissions link on this page.

The WOA Radio Show - The Syndicated W.O.A Radio Show ‘WOAFM99’ released simultaneously with the W.O.A TV Show every week. The W.O.A Radio Show ‘WOAFM99 - Proud To Be Indie’ is a 30 minute Independent music radio show hosted by W.O.A International Founder & MTV EMA Nominee Oliver Sean. The show gets broadcast on Major FM Networks in India. All genres are accepted as long as you are INDEPENDENT & PROUD TO BE INDIE! There is no other fee associated with being on this show once selected aside from the submission fee. Please submit officially via the submissions link on this page

W.O.A Studios is the flagship division of W.O.A International. From its humble beginnings as a project studio in Dubai today W.O.A International boasts of 5 Fully equipped high end Audio & Video recording & editing suites across India & Dubai. All W.O.A Studios are fully Pro Tools & Final Cut Pro equipped. W.O.A Studios is also fully HD/Film (16mm, 35mm) & Camera Crew equipped for Music Video Production via its new division W.O.A Films that has a complete film crew with several International productions currently on air on Vh1, MTV and other International channels. Contact us for further details and production assistance on info@woarecords.com

W.O.A Booking Agency - With the strong network and presence of W.O.A International across the Indian sub continent and across Dubai and the Middle East, the artists included in our roster are accessed by the regions biggest Event Managers and Festival / Tour Promoters. As several artists wanting to break into this market already have management or a record deal they now have the option of being listed on the W.O.A Roster where the W.O.A Management division acts as their booking agent. The artists listed on the roster are easily accessed by all our partners and event managers and W.O.A International is their booking point for various artists on our label or management roster. Submit officially for Booking Agency consideration via the submissions link

In-Store CD Distribution - Artists can now avail of a distribution deal like any record label. W.O.A International can set up a distribution deal for the artist where the artist’s album is distributed across India via the W.O.A Distribution division alongside all other WOA titles to A Class CD stores in India.  The Distribution deal is not a licensing deal. The artist signs a direct distribution deal with the W.O.A Distribution Div. and retains all rights of the album including property rights.  The artist will receive all monies for their album sales after deducting the distributors cut of 50% from the album’s MRP (Maximum Retail Price). Contact us for more details of the distribution deal on info@woarecords.com

The WOA TV Show - All Things Music! - The weekly syndicated TV show featuring the best Independent artists music videos. We are now accepting submissions for Season 2 of the WOA TV Show - All Things Music! All genres are accepted and there are no fees associated with having your music on the TV show once selected. To send in your music video please submit officially for the Music Video promo service. Once your video is accepted you have the option of also availing our commercial music video promo packages. Submit via the submissions link on this page.


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