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Tête-à-tête Interview with Oliver Sean - Cluburb, Hyderabad 30th May 2011

Oliver Sean's music has a feel-good vibe that simply can't be ignored. Unsurprisingly, the charming musician's presence has the same effect – the chatty, lively, unassuming musician pulls you into a conversation, and leaves you with a smile. 

Oliver was in town to play the last show of the So Good India Tour at theHRC. We sat down with the man for a chat before his show. 

His last English-language album I Like It, which was a massive hit, was released back in 2003. "I had a hard time getting a recording deal for my last album. So I started my own company WOA Records, which stands for Wonder Oliver Artistic Records. I recordedI Like It from my bedroom. So I guess the first WOA office was my bedroom, and it was great! People loved the album!  I was incredibly lucky." 

Even though his second album So Good just came out, the man's been busy since his initial offering. Armed with an American-minted MBA, Oliver believes in taking charge of things. Once his own album was a hit, he started looking for other talented acts that needed a recording deal. "There is all this incredible talent without a recording deal. So I've been signing up bands who i like and think are promising, recording their work, taking them on tours in India." 

Oliver sees great potential in India for live music. The music industry here is obviously dominated by that little industry in Mumbai, but Oliver sees potential in India for good, live music and independent artists. "We have signed up more than 200 artists! Basically, when it comes to international independent music in India, it's just WOA Records! We bring international artists and take them on tours here. And all of it, without any sponsors! It's all WOA money. We barely break even. But it's been a lotta fun!" 

Oliver is a very DIY person. He even directed his latest video which released while he was on tour. His mom makes an appearance in the video as well. He's a teamplayer, who watches for his own. Besides signing up bands, he's also published a book that his mother had written, through WOA Publishing. (Yeah, we know, awww!)

Oliver moved to Goa when he was 7, grew up in Dubai and L.A. and now travels the world. So where does he call home? "For me, home is where my two dogs are, and they're in Goa. So that's where I call home."

What's next for the guy? "Well, I am off to finish the rest of my tour! India was the second leg. Dubai was the first. Now it's off to London. And I may be back in India in October for the WOA Tour!"

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Sunday, May 29, 2011

Oliver Sean, a True Rockstar by Varsha Bansal, Express News Service - 28th May 2011

From being a singer and musician to directing his own music video now, international artiste, Oliver Sean has come a long way in the music industry.  The New Indian Express catches up with the self-made star, who was in Bangalore to perform as a part of a tour in India at the Hard Rock Café. 

Looking like the quintessential rock star, Oliver Sean was chilling with some coffee on a couch at the Hard Rock Cafe with a bandana tied on his curly blond hair sometime before his concert.

Ask him about his how did musical interests grow into him as a child, and the versatile singer bursts out talking, "Music was in me since my childhood — I wrote my first song when I was eight years old and started my own band when I turned 13. I think I have been very lucky when it comes to parental support — my mum always was and still is very encouraging."

Since then he has surely come a long way in this hard-to-survive music industry and can be safely termed as a self-made star. Apart from singing and song writing, Oliver has also founded India's largest independent music company, WOA International, which has now become an umbrella for many upcoming independent artists who don't have many sources.

"I have never wanted people to help me. If a label doesn't like my music, so what, I will create my own freakin' label. And that's what I did! Later, I realised that it would've been so much easier for me if some company was ready to release my album. So, I decided to help the independent musicians who I like and think are promising. Now, we've opened the Indian market to around two hundred international artists," reveals Oliver, who is an independent musician, but also has a three-piece band.

But why only three members?

"Along the years, the line-up of my band has changed drastically. There was a time when I had eight members. But, later, it dawned on me that my music sounds much better when it is minimalistic."

A mainstream sound with strong acoustic notes, an Oliver Sean song can be distinctly recognised by the fans. Ask him about what genre would his music fall under, and Oliver answers very specifically, "I would like to call my music as adult contemporary pop rock fused with slamming acoustic guitar," continuing, "Even though my songs are very mainstream, they have a certain acoustic element, which makes it different from the others and puts my stamp on it."

Having spent his early years in Goa, this Portuguese-Goan-Italian singer-songwriter-producer, now keeps moving around between India, Dubai and USA. But, for him Goa is still home. "Goa is my home. I even have my dogs there. Whenever I visit Goa, it is usually to chill and have a vacation," confesses the musician, who has just come out with his 3rd album 'So Good'.

With success trailing him from all sides, does he want to try his luck in Bollywood? " Well, I did music for a Hindi movie, 'Cutting Chai, Dreams High', which did not release, unfortunately. I also did a Hindi pop album 'Darna Chod Do', which didn't sound like Hindi at all. I was so embarrassed about it, it took me 14 days to get the pronunciation right!"

A musician who solely believes in playing original music, does play a few covers sometimes, just for his audiences. "I play classics, but add my touch to them. I would not play covers of contemporary musicians. Why would I want to publicise a band I am in competition with?" questions the musician.

After capturing the international audiences, Oliver is now touring India, to mesmerise the music lovers here and gain some fan base. "It is weird that I belong to India and have more fans internationally. This tour is my attempt to make some fans here. If you get a fan through a live concert, that fan is for life," says Oliver, before signing off.

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Oliver Sean's an independent producer - The Times Of India

'Slamming acoustic guitars and soulful vocals that wrap themselves around you, Oliver Sean is your one-man ensemble for a groovy evening' - Times of India, 26th May 2011

I was writing songs by the time I was 10 and playing in a band when I was 13. There was never any doubt in my mind that music was what I would do for the rest of my life," says Oliver. "The very first music album I bought with my own allowance was by AC/DC. That's The Way I Wanna Rock 'n' Roll is the greatest rock song ever written in my opinion. They define my idea of rock."

Currently touring the country promoting a new album, Oliver's done very well for himself on the international circuit. Having been nominated for music awards with the likes of Robbie Williams and John Mayer, he's a respected name in the global music industry. "I even made it to the top of the world music charts," he laughs adding, "I could hardly believe it because my music is catchy and far too mainstream for that! It's the kind of music you'd like to hear at a club, not on a world music chart!"
Catchy it certainly is and very reminiscent of Status Quo, Mark Knopfler, U2 and Bryan Adams, as he combines his unique style with all his musical influences. "Clapton was my idol growing up," claims Oliver. "I used to spend hours listening to his albums, playing those riffs with him, learning his technique. He's the musician I want to perform with more than any other. Then there's Jim Morrison — his stage presence is unbelievable," says Oliver.
Even though he works out of Dubai, Oliver has always called Goa home. "I went to school here and grew up here, it will always be home to me," he reveals. This only makes it even more surprising that his music hasn't made waves in India, yet. "I'm an independent producer," Oliver states. "The kind of money backing a Robbie Williams or a John Mayer is so different from what's backing me. But India's a key market for me now. I'm touring extensively to promote my album here. I want the acclaim I get everywhere else here, too."
Music aside, Oliver's a man of many passions, filmmaking coming second only to his guitar. Having just directed his own music video, Oliver is very excited indeed about making his first foray into direction. "It's been very well received so far and its something I've always wanted to do," he claims.
What with touring all over the world, helming a production studio in Dubai and making videos to make, Oliver Sean has his hands full and here's hoping they'll stay that way.
Contributed by Darshana Ramdev

Oliver Sean's 'Movies' is Top of the OTC UK Radio Show

Oliver Sean's hit song 'Movies is the top song and 'One To Watch For' song of the NUA 'Off The Chart' Radio Show in the United Kingdom.

London, United Kingdom - 28th May 2011 - OTC Radio, one of the UK's biggest radio stations, today featured Oliver Sean's hit song 'Movies' and 'Getting Around' from his new album 'So Good' (W.O.A Records) on their weekend show titled 'The NUA Show with Jay Adkins' that features new songs by artists around the world every weekend. This week's 'One to watch out for' title by OTC (off the chart) radio was given to Oliver Sean's new hit song 'Movies' after receiving a phenomenal response from fans around the world including India, Philippines, Dubai and Europe during the 3 hour live broadcast from Kidderminster, Worcestershire in the UK.  

The song 'Movies' is currently creating waves globally being a featured music video on International music channel Vh1 as the 'India Rules' and 'Exclusive' video on the Vh1 India channel and is currently heard on over 250 radio stations in the United States. With the song hitting the top spot on the OTC 'NUA' show in the UK today it marks a perfect start to the Oliver Sean So Good Tour 'London Leg' which is to kick off this July.  

The 'So Good' Album was released by the International Rockstar Oliver Sean on the 11th of April following which the 'So Good' Ten month tour kicked off. The Dubai Leg of the tour completed successfully this April and the India Leg of the tour recently completed on the 26th of May with a huge media and fan response for the entire duration of the tour in Dubai and India. Till date the 'So Good' Tour has seen Oliver Sean performing across prominent venues like the Hard Rock Cafe's across India who were the official venue partners of the tour in India and the Fridge in Dubai, including live shows and performances on major TV networks including MBC and Dubai One that hosted special Oliver Sean shows on their TV channels. The tours across Dubai and India has also witnessed a huge fan following and extensive media coverage by major publications, radio stations and TV networks with Vh1 India coming in as the official channel partner for the music video of the song 'Movies' which is now a chart topper.  

"The Oliver Sean So Good Tour is one of the biggest and most extensive tours we have undertaken" says W.O.A International Marketing Director and EVP, Wanda Alvares, "W.O.A International is known for its annual India Tour's and various artist tours that we organize for our top artists from the W.O.A Roster but we have always focused our tours within Asia and Middle East, with Europe and US etc being handled by other labels and management our artists work with, however this tour for Oliver Sean is the first time that we have decided to handle the entire tour across Dubai, India, London, Germany, China and the US by teaming up with excellent partners like The Hard Rock Cafe, The Fridge, Vh1 India and the media in general who are supporting Oliver Sean and his new album to the max, without them this tour would not have been as successful as it is turning out to be"  

The song 'Movies' is currently a featured music video on Vh1 India as the 'India Rules' music video all this month. An interesting aspect of this tour and album promotions has been the special 'Oliver Sean - So Good' contests which have been a major feature that the fans have been enjoying. The 'Oliver Sean - So Good' contests have till date been held across all the Hard Rock Cafe's in India, MUST 107.8 FM and Dubai One TV Network's 'Twenty Something Show'. The Vh1 'Oliver Sean - So Good' contest is to begin on the 30th of May on Vh1 India and is expected to receive a huge response from fans due to the popularity of the 'Movies' music video on the International music channel in India.  

'Movies' will also be the featured song next week, the 4th of June, on the NUA OTC Radio Show with Jay Adkins in the UK, where 'Movies' being the 'One To Watch Out For' song will be the track that starts off the weekend show as the top song of the week on OTC Radio in the UK at 4PM GMT. Tune in to which is available on Radio, Mobile, Web etc to catch Oliver Sean's new hit song 'Movies' on the OTC Chart show in London next Saturday the 4th of June 2011.

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ABOUT W.O.A INTERNATIONAL: W.O.A Records is an international record label and a part of the W.O.A International media group which was formed in 1998 by World Music star Oliver Sean. W.O.A International is a global entertainment company that continues to lead the way when it comes to how music should be promoted. They are pioneering international music in India and Asia and are now synonymous with the region. Their enviable reputation at opening up new possibilities for Independent artists means that they are the go-to company for independent artists wishing a truly international presence.

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He's the one 'SO GOOD' - The Hindu

'He's Back and He's Big! His performance was fresh and a huge break from the regular heavy metal sounds that dominate hard rock cafe on most thursday night'. - Anuradha Bernadette, The Hindu 26th May 2011

Read the article here..

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Oliver Sean: A True Rockstar

From being a singer and musician to directing his own music video now, international artiste, Oliver Sean has come a long way in the music industry.  The New Indian Express catches up with the self-made star, who was in Bangalore to perform as a part of a tour in India at the Hard Rock Café.

Read the article as published on The New India Express Hyderabad on 28th May 2011.


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Music, Movies and more... catching up with Oliver Sean - The Herald

Read the full interview/article 'Music, Movies and More.... catching up with Oliver Sean - by Dolcy D'Cruz for the Herald

"From being a singer and musician to now directing his own video 'Movies' Oliver Sean has come a long way in the difficult-to-survive music industry. As his music video plays frequently on Vh1, Herald catches up with Oliver Sean to learn about his new video, his 'So Good' album and his tour league in India and abroad" - The Herald

Read the entire article here:

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The Oliver Sean Official Website
The W.O.A Records Website 

PICS: Oliver Sean Live at the Hard Rock Cafe Bengaluru

Photos from the rocking Oliver Sean LIVE at Hard Rock Cafe Bengaluru / Bangalore concert where the International Rocker brought the house down!

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Movies - Oliver Sean's new hit song

'Movies' the brand new Oliver Sean music video

Catch this music video on Vh1 EXCLUSIVE and Vh1 India Rules all this month! Buy the Oliver Sean rocking new album 'So Good - the Album' today available at the Rock Chop at all Hard Rock Cafe's, Rhythm House, CD Baby, Virgin Megastores, Landmark, iTunes, Amazon and other top retail stores online and offline (Worldwide - direct to door step delivery) (All India - direct to door step delivery)

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Exclusive Premiere of new Oliver Sean music video on Vh1 this Friday

Oliver Sean's music video 'Movies' from the brand new album 'So Good' to premiere exclusively on Vh1 this friday the 20th of May 2011

May 19, 2011 – International Rocker Oliver Sean's new music video 'Movies' from his brand new album 'So Good' will premiere on Vh1 this Friday the 20th of May as an Exclusive video on the International music channel. The music video is based on the song 'Movies' from the new Oliver Sean 'So Good' Album and interestingly the music video has been directed by the singer/songwriter himself and is the artist's first foray into film making. 

"I have always been a co-producer for all my previous music videos of my past albums and I have also been executive producer for various music videos of W.O.A Records' signed artists, but this is the first time I have directed a music video myself" says singer/songwriter and now filmmaker, Oliver Sean "its something I have wanted to do for a very long time and now having finally directed a music video for my own song I know that I am going to be getting into film making more seriously from here on"

The music video 'Movies' is to be premiered exclusively on Vh1 for 2 days beginning on the 20th of May. The world's best known International music channel is also supporting the artist by featuring Oliver Sean on their special 'India Rules' platform for a two week period. The 'India Rules' platform for the music video starts off on the 22nd of May where the music video  will be given the special 'India Rules' branding continuously for two weeks after the initial 2 day exclusive period for the music video on Vh1. Furthermore Vh1 will also run an Oliver Sean contest on the Vh1 India website where fans can win special Oliver Sean merchandise including T-Shirts, Coffee Mugs and  Signed CDs by the Star.

The music video premiere on Vh1 will coincide with the on-going Oliver Sean 'So Good' Tour (India Leg) which is currently on across all the Hard Rock Cafe's in India giving fans a chance to watch the artist Live in Concert at the worlds best live music venue and watch the artist's new music video video on the worlds no.1 International music channel.

Oliver Sean is currently on a 10 month International tour to promote his new album 'So Good' (W.O.A Records) and is currently on the India Leg of the tour where Vh1 and Hard Rock Cafe are the official channel and venue partners supporting Oliver Sean who is one of the most sought after International singers today. Having completed the Dubai Leg of the 'So Good' Tour on a high note in April, the 'So Good' tour kicked off in India on the 3rd of May at the Hard Rock cafe in Mumbai and saw the rocker perform across the Hard Rock Cafe's in Mumbai, Pune and New Delhi with the Bangalore and Hyderabad concerts to take place at the hard rock cafes in these cities on the 19th and 26th of May, which will coincide with the global launch of the new music video 'Movies'.

The Oliver Sean 'So Good' tour will move on to London, China and the US besides other key cities on completion of the India leg of the 'So Good' Tour which has been conceptualized and supported by International music label W.O.A Records.

Stay tuned to Vh1 on the 20th of May to watch the premiere of Oliver Sean's brand new music video 'Movies'!

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The W.O.A International Group houses W.O.A Records, W.O.A Studios, W.O.A Management, W.O.A Events, W.O.A Publishing and W.O.A Films

Formed in 1998 by World Music star Oliver Sean, W.O.A is a global entertainment Co. thats home to the World's best Independent acts.

Picture Courtesy: Rahul Lal Photography

'People said I need to change me music' - Bangalore Mirror

"New sensation Oliver Sean is now giving John Mayer and the likes a run for their money" - Joel Premkumar, Bangalore Mirror

Read the article here

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WOA Records brings Oliver Sean back to India - EventFAQ Magazine

Tue 10 May 2011 - WOA Records is handling adult contemporary Rock Artist, Oliver Sean's ten-month long 'So Good' tour, which came to India on May 3 at Hard Rock Café in Mumbai. The artist will visit five cities from May 3 to May 26...

Read the entire interview by Kate Fernandes for EventFAQ here

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Oliver's Musical Twist - Deccan Chronicle (18th May 2011)

"He is one of the hottest and most talented rockers the country has seen - meet Oliver Sean, performing in the city on May 19th" - Priyanka Haldipur, Deccan Chronicle (Bangalore, India)
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Oliver Sean Unplugged - Hindustan Times Delhi

As he strolled into Hard Rock Cafe a bandana covering his blonde curly locks Oliver Sean looked unnervingly like Axl Rose - the quintessential Rockstar!
Read the full article by Sonakshi for Hisdustan Times here

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Oliver Sean LIVE tomorrow 12th May at The Hard Rock Cafe NEW DELHI

Catch Platinum selling singer songwriter Oliver Sean in New Delhi tomorrow as he rocks the city at the legendary Hard Rock Cafe.

If you are an Oliver Sean fanclub member and based in New Delhi email us ASAP for backstage passes for the 'W.O.A Records Presents Oliver Sean Live at The Hard Rock Cafe' Concert

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PICS: Oliver Sean Photos - Live at Hard Rock Cafe Pune 5th May 2011

The Pune Concert at the Hard Rock Cafe was fantastic and meeting so many old and new fans was a thrill. The city was great, people were just beautiful and it was a pleasure to perform to a packed house full of enthusiastic music lovers who cheered, partied and had a great time along with me. I look forward to performing in Pune city and at the iconic Hard Rock Cafe there again.

Pictures: Oliver Sean Photos from the Hard Rock Cafe Performance in Pune by Kushal Das who states the following on his website - "I wish if I could follow him up through out the tour, Oliver Sean made everyone dance with his magical voice and guitar tunes."

Much Love!
Oliver Sean
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Oliver Sean concert photos from Hard Rock Cafe Mumbai 3rd May

Some concert coverage from the Oliver Sean LIVE at the Hard Rock Mumbai show on the 3rd of May... More to come.

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Oliver Sean through my eyes - by Kushal Das

Not to be missed - catch Oliver Sean's concert moments at the Hard Rock cafe concert in Pune through the lens of ace photographer Kushal Das

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Oliver Sean Live & Unplugged on Dubai One's 'Twenty Something'

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Oliver Sean LIVE at the Hard Rock Cafe New Delhi 12th May

All Oliver Sean official fanclub members get backstage access to meet Oliver Sean at the Hard Rock Cafe Oliver Sean concert on the 12th of May at the Hard Rock Cafe New Delhi.

Join the fanclub at

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Hard Rock Cafe India Blog: Oliver Sean Contest across all 5 Hard Rock Cafes

Don't miss out on the current Hard Rock Cafe Oliver Sean Contest which is on across all the hard rock cafe's in the region. Mumbai & Pune contest is now closed and winners announced - New Delhi, Bangalore and Hyderabad Contests are still on - so take part now at the Hard Rock Cage website.

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Oliver Sean Live at The Hard Rock Cafe

On 5th May at the Hard Rock Cafe - Pune.

Picture by Kushal Das
W.O.A International - The Music Co.

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Oliver Sean exclusive artist of W.O.A International (Worldwide Representation)

Oliver Sean is exclusively signed to W.O.A Records/W.O.A International for worldwide representation. Please contact only W.O.A Records & Studios for bookings/info of International Rocker Oliver Sean. Any agency wanting to book Oliver Sean please contact Note that any agency stating that they represent Oliver Sean exclusively in any region is spreading false information as the artist is represented exclusively worldwide by W.O.A International only. This news bulletin is to make all Oliver Sean and W.O.A International fans, clients, venues and associates aware that any company other than W.O.A Records/W.O.A International stating that they represent Oliver Sean is spreading false information.

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Sent By WOA Records - Oliver Sean kicks off India Tour at the Hard Rock Cafe

"WOA Records" ( has sent you following article -

Headline - Oliver Sean kicks off India Tour at the Hard Rock Cafe
Author - W.O.A International
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WOA Records said:
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The OLIVER SEAN - SO GOOD TOUR (India/Southeast Asia leg) Schedule

  • 3rd May: Hard Rock Cafe Mumbai
  • 5th May: Hard Rock Cafe Pune
  • 12th May: Hard Rock Cafe New Delhi
  • 19th May: Hard Rock Cafe Bangalore
  • 26th May: Hard Rock Cafe Hyderabad
  • 27th May: Oliver Sean After Party Goa (Location TBA)
June/July: Oliver Seam So Good Tour (UK/Europe Leg) - Dates TBA
September: Oliver Sean So Good Tour (China Leg) - Dates TBA
October: Oliver Sean Headlining The W.O.A Records Tour & W.O.A International Music Festival (India) - 31st Oct - 7th Nov
Nov/December: Oliver Sean So Good Tour (US Leg) - Dates TBA

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-- - The Official Oliver Sean Website