Tuesday, May 29, 2012

SO GOOD hits the top of the 'AA' Charts this week.

Oliver Sean's platinum selling single 'So good' hits the No. 2 spot on the AA charts in Asia.

28th July 2012: Oliver Sean's 'SO GOOD' hits the TOP OF THE CHARTS today. The 'SO GOOD' single released in 2010 and hit platinum status in March 2010. A year later the SO GOOD ALBUM was released and the second single/video 'MOVIES' hit the Vh1 International Top10 Charts in June of 2011. 

The SO GOOD single then hit the Vh1 HIT LIST with the release of the So Good Music Video in December of 2011, while the album also got selected for the 54th Grammy nomination list in 2011. 

Now 2 years after the SO GOOD single was released, the Oliver Sean hit single 'SO GOOD' once again hits the charts today coming in at the No.2 spot on the AA charts for this week. Check the chart listing here: http://www.artistaloud.com 

To listen and download the Oliver Sean hit single and album 'SO GOOD' go to the Official Oliver Sean website at http://www.oliversean.com 

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Wednesday, May 02, 2012

Feature story on Oliver Sean published on The Times - 2nd May 2012

Oliver Sean - The Times of India - 2nd May 2012
Goa, India - 2nd May 2012 - "My Mom's my inspiration" - A front page, feature story on Oliver Sean, written by acclaimed journalist Shruti Pandit. Read the article as published on the Times,  2nd of May 2012.

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