The Vh1 Oliver Sean Contest: ON NOW!!!

Tune in to Vh1 India - Watch Oliver Sean on India Rules - Log into - answer the simple Question on Oliver Sean - and you can win:
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Contest is currently on  - log in to the Official Vh1 India Website/Facebook page @

The Hard Rock Cafe Oliver Sean Contest : Taking place all through the month of May 2011 during the Oliver Sean So Good Tour (India Leg) across all the hard rock cafe venues in India (Official Venue Partner of the Oliver Sean So Good Tour - India Leg) - Click here to participate and WIN Oliver Sean Goodie bags, Oliver Sean Signed CDs, Oliver Sean Mugs, Backstage passes and more... ENDED!

The MUST 107.8 FM Oliver Sean Contest: Ended May 3rd 2011 - ENDED

Congratulations to the winners of the MUST FM Oliver Sean SO GOOD Contest who won special Oliver Sean Signed CDs and also received backstage passes to the Oliver Sean Concert at the Hard Rock Cafe Mumbai.

The Dubai One Twenty Something Oliver Sean Contest: Ended 25th April 2011 - ENDED

Congratulations to the winners of the Twenty Something Oliver Sean contest who won free Oliver Sean Signed SO GOOD CDs.

The W.O.A Records Oliver Sean Fanclub Contest - Coming soon