Wednesday, September 27, 2006

SEVENZ Music to launch Darna Chod Do

Hey its been a while since Ive blogged :-) been travelling and my N93 isnt allowing me to blog as easily as my E61 or Treo 650 :-( so Im actually considering going in for the Sony Ericsson 990i - anyone out here have experience with it? lemme know

Wabted you all to know that SEVENZ Music a major record label in India is launching me in the Hindi Music Industry with my new album Darna Chod Do - awesome stuff. Will keep the blog updated with developments on this.

Well Im off to research the 990 i now :-)

Oh if you get the chance you must check my videos on the link is and ofcourse my website the site just got udated with some new stuff.


Saturday, September 09, 2006

Late nights designing websites

Got online to update my company website and I ended up revamping the whole site!!! :-) It was fun but Im bushed - started on it at 11PM and its 3:30AM now whew....

But the fun part is the site looks cool :-)

Also wanted you all to know that my new 'Video Mix' a mix of some of my favourite Live Concerts, Music Videos & TV Shows all mixed together into a 2 minute video isnow online at you can access the page on my official website Leave me a comment here if you watch the video.


P.S: Still havent watched 'Omen' - gonna watch it soon and give my own review on it :)

Ok a blog post with a music video embedded in it!

This has got to be a first ( I think) ;) Let me know if any of you can actually watch the video I have embedded into this blog post. Its a mix of my music videos and live performances from Television that is on

Leave me a comment or two on this post.


P.S: Still havent watched 'Omen' - gonna watch it soon and give my own review on it :)

Friday, September 08, 2006

16 hours of WIFI

Well I finally got my 2 computers hooked up with wifi and my N93 communicating and cruising along with my two comps - yeah sounds sweet but it took me all day to get it up and running! and I must say that Windows XP's utility for managing your wifi connection is so crappy! All it took was me setting up the right IP addresses manually and that was it... Well if anyone has the same problem get in touch with me and Ill run you throgh the steps ;-)

But seriously, now that both my comps are wifi'd Im gonna enjoy working in my studio on Sonar and get Propeller Headsa Reason to work from my comp which is in my living room :) thats gonna be so cool and free up so much system resources. All you home studio enthusiasts - you gotta try this out - ofcourse we do it on a professional level but I cant tell you how great this is and how easy it is to use... not so easy to setup if you get into trouble installing it like me ;-) but overall a killer utility. Especially accessing large audio data.

I tried posting a blog last night but there was some technical issue and my blog entry just got deleted - can you believe it? I was so mad cause it was a funny one about a crappy movie I watched 'My Super Ex Girlfriend' :-)) ahhh its old news now anyway.

The recording sessions have been going great and 'Life is a mirror' Alison Woods' single is gonna be released on the 11th of sept. - its gonna be a worldwide online release and W.O.A Records is gonna allow free download of this track until the album gets launched next month. You can download the track at (available on the 11th of sept)

Been wanting to watch 'Omen' this past week but everytime I get ready to watch the DVD its after 1AM and then Im too scared to watch it all alone :-)

Cheers and Gnite,

Monday, September 04, 2006

Got the Yamaha MSP5's finally!

I finally got the nerve to change my monitor setup in my studio. I read, reviewed the blogs, heard testimonials and thought ahhh what the heck lets just get these NS10M replacement killers ;-) I must say I LOVE THE MSP5's!!!!!!!!

For those who dont have a clue what Im talkin about here are the details:
NS10M were the old War heroes in every recording studio across the world, some call it the finest studio monitors and some call it the worst and they say because they are that bad they are really good cause then the songs mixed on these "Horrible" speakers will sound good everywhere else! Go figure :-) and the MSP5 is the new standard from yamaha because the trees used for NS10M's have finally become exitinct!!! Can you believe that? The Tree has finally become extinct!? (Its all your fault all you paper lovers of the world. switch to computers and avoid paper - RECYCLE MAN RECYCLE!!!)

Anyways - now my original monitoring setup is in my living room playing all my favourite songs via my Panasonic Amp and my NEW and BEAUTIFUL Nokia N93 :-) and Im getting used (surprisingly fast) to my new and sexy sounding MSP5's.

Im gonna put up my first MSP5 mix online on my website soon - its the same remix of 'Darna Chod Do' that I had promised a couple of days ago. I delayed putting it up cause my MSP's arrived and I wanted to do the mix on them.

Gonna post a few pics of my SPANKING NEW MSP5's shot with my SPANKING NEW N93 in my next post. (I am in gadget heaven these days) ;-)


Sunday, September 03, 2006

Correction to the previous blog subject line.

Hi everyone,just a quick post to make a correction to the subject line of the earlier post. The subject line should be read ' My N93 puts me ON the official nokia blog'.

My N93 puts me to the official nokia blog

How cool is this... I was googling myself (ahem) on this lazy sunday afternoon... Oh come on stop laughing - i know u all google ur names too! Anyway, i come across this interesting listing which reads "Oliver Sean and his N93"!
Now this totally baffled me cause i thought some fan saw me being camera happy at some beach or somethin and wrote this on his blog. But imagine my suprise when i get transferred to the official nokia blog :-) and see that its about this blog of mine :) its just cool.
Oh by the way i've been using the n93 to write and post my blog! So yes it is the coolest phone i have ever had! But the best is when i go to a restaurant and whip the phone out and twist it into, what i like to call, Laptop mode. No one can resist looking :) but my dates seem to have started hating my beautiful N93... Hmm i wonder why??? ;)
I just came up with a plan- im gonna load some backup music on the n93 (the sound quality competes with my snow minidisc u know) and seranade to them under a moonlit sky on the beach. That should stop this stupid rivalry and they'll finally let me play with my fav toy hahaha just kiddin.
Oliver Sean.
Ps: here is a poster of one of my concerts.