Saturday, September 09, 2006

16 hours of WIFI

Well I finally got my 2 computers hooked up with wifi and my N93 communicating and cruising along with my two comps - yeah sounds sweet but it took me all day to get it up and running! and I must say that Windows XP's utility for managing your wifi connection is so crappy! All it took was me setting up the right IP addresses manually and that was it... Well if anyone has the same problem get in touch with me and Ill run you throgh the steps ;-)

But seriously, now that both my comps are wifi'd Im gonna enjoy working in my studio on Sonar and get Propeller Headsa Reason to work from my comp which is in my living room :) thats gonna be so cool and free up so much system resources. All you home studio enthusiasts - you gotta try this out - ofcourse we do it on a professional level but I cant tell you how great this is and how easy it is to use... not so easy to setup if you get into trouble installing it like me ;-) but overall a killer utility. Especially accessing large audio data.

I tried posting a blog last night but there was some technical issue and my blog entry just got deleted - can you believe it? I was so mad cause it was a funny one about a crappy movie I watched 'My Super Ex Girlfriend' :-)) ahhh its old news now anyway.

The recording sessions have been going great and 'Life is a mirror' Alison Woods' single is gonna be released on the 11th of sept. - its gonna be a worldwide online release and W.O.A Records is gonna allow free download of this track until the album gets launched next month. You can download the track at (available on the 11th of sept)

Been wanting to watch 'Omen' this past week but everytime I get ready to watch the DVD its after 1AM and then Im too scared to watch it all alone :-)

Cheers and Gnite,

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