Tuesday, September 05, 2006

Got the Yamaha MSP5's finally!

I finally got the nerve to change my monitor setup in my studio. I read, reviewed the blogs, heard testimonials and thought ahhh what the heck lets just get these NS10M replacement killers ;-) I must say I LOVE THE MSP5's!!!!!!!!

For those who dont have a clue what Im talkin about here are the details:
NS10M were the old War heroes in every recording studio across the world, some call it the finest studio monitors and some call it the worst and they say because they are that bad they are really good cause then the songs mixed on these "Horrible" speakers will sound good everywhere else! Go figure :-) and the MSP5 is the new standard from yamaha because the trees used for NS10M's have finally become exitinct!!! Can you believe that? The Tree has finally become extinct!? (Its all your fault all you paper lovers of the world. switch to computers and avoid paper - RECYCLE MAN RECYCLE!!!)

Anyways - now my original monitoring setup is in my living room playing all my favourite songs via my Panasonic Amp and my NEW and BEAUTIFUL Nokia N93 :-) and Im getting used (surprisingly fast) to my new and sexy sounding MSP5's.

Im gonna put up my first MSP5 mix online on my website soon http://www.oliversean.com - its the same remix of 'Darna Chod Do' that I had promised a couple of days ago. I delayed putting it up cause my MSP's arrived and I wanted to do the mix on them.

Gonna post a few pics of my SPANKING NEW MSP5's shot with my SPANKING NEW N93 in my next post. (I am in gadget heaven these days) ;-)


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