Sunday, September 23, 2007

The Heaven 4 Hell Launch Party - 11th Sept '07




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Saturday, September 22, 2007

The W.O.A Artistes - Updated 23rd Sept. '07

Lloyd Paul's single 'Heaven 4 Hell' Out Now!

If you have been to Goa or if you have lived here and/or were born here then you know that Goa is truly paradise - right?

I'm sure a lot of you know that this paradise is slowly being systematically destroyed and very soon will be a concrete jungle - can you imagine the horror of that?

These are questions all lovers of this land are asking themselves and everyone is doing what they can to protect Goa.

W.O.A Records, which is a part of Oliver Sean's global entertainment Co. W.O.A International are also doing what we can as a label and have supported a local Goan artiste called 'Lloyd Paul' who has written a beautiful song about this situation called 'Heaven 4 Hell'. This song is now available online at - so do visit the store and listen to the track for free and support Independent artistes and what independent artistes stand for - music from the heart!

W.O.A International and W.O.A Records is doing all it can to support Independent artistes from across the world - do visit us online ( and give a listen to some of Independent music's most amazing musicians who are part of W.O.A International.

Much Love,
Oliver Sean & The W.O.A Team in Goa

Sunday, September 16, 2007

W.O.A International signs The Annie Minogue Band

The Annie Minogue Band today signed a management contract with Global Entertainment Co. W.O.A International.

This management contract will see The Annie Minogue Band breaking into the Indian Subcontinent and have already been confirmed for the highly publicized W.O.A International India Tour 2008 which starts Jan 15th '08.

"We are very excited about having the Annie Minogue Band on our management roster. Their music is simply amazing and I cant wait for the people in India to experience this wonderful band" says W.O.A Founder and President Oliver Sean.

For more info on the Annie Minogue Band and W.O.A International please visit

- W.O.A International News Desk

Cartoon Strip based on World Music Star OLIVER SEAN.

Here is the cartoon strip based on the life of Oliver Sean that all the Oliver Sean Fans have been waiting for - the first official strip starts on Oliver's B'day - 11th of October. Do send us your ideas for upcoming comic strip ideas and tell us what you think of it :-)

Click here for the full length strip!

- W.O.A International

Saturday, September 08, 2007

W.O.A International releases new Single 'Heaven 4 Hell'.

Oliver Sean's Global Entertainment Company W.O.A International releases a new song based on the Goan land plagiarism by a fresh new Goan singer on the 11th of September ‘08. The song is called ‘Heaven 4 Hell’ written and sung by W.O.A International’s new singer Lloyd Paul. The single will be released worldwide on W.O.A Records which is part of the W.O.A International Group and will be available in top record stores across the world and online on iTunes and various other International and local outlets.

W.O.A International is breaking new ground in the International music industry by signing on Independent artistes that include internationally acclaimed Stars as well as new debut artistes looking for the right support and promoting them with no holds barred promotions, artiste management and label support. Oliver Sean has always believed in Non-Manufactured music and having the experience of making it on his own in the international music arena he is now using his experience and expertise to promote talented musicians reach their goal of getting their music heard by people across the world.

W.O.A International is the only company in India promoting Goan and Indian artistes in the International music scene and simultaneously promoting International Independent stars in India and opening up a whole new market to them. This culmination of International stars and Local artistes has resulted in a unique one of a kind production called The W.O.A International India Tour 2008 which will feature the world’s top independent artistes from across the world performing at some of India's biggest venues from the 15th of Jan 2008 till the 15th of Feb 2008.

For more information about W.O.A International, their artistes and their upcoming events please visit

- W.O.A News Desk