Tuesday, January 25, 2011

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Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Oliver Sean's song 'Movies' wins TOP POP SCORE on Jango Radio.

Oliver Sean awarded top played artist on Jango Radio for the week ending 16/1/11
18th Jan 2011 - With the almost instant radio success of Oliver Sean's new single 'Movies', the rocker was named among the winners of the top pop score on Jango Radio, which is broadcast to over 7 million listeners worldwide, after his song 'Movies' was one of the most 'liked' and requested song among Jango listeners.

The new single 'Movies' by Oliver Sean was released as a radio only release on the 11th of January 2011 to promote the artists upcoming album 'So Good'. The song 'Movies' is one of the featured songs from the upcoming Oliver Sean CD and is currently on rotation on various radio stations on the iheartradio network of over 700 stations across the United States of America and on several online stations including Jango which is one of the internet's leading online radio stations with over 7 million listeners.

This is Oliver Sean's second single released from his upcoming album which has garnered much attention from fans and the industry after the first single from the album and the title track 'So Good' was certified platinum in 2010 when it reported over 3 million downloads and plays within 2 days of its release as a single.

With the success of the second single 'Movies' which is generating constant rotation and requests on radio stations globally the new Oliver Sean CD 'So Good' is expected to thrill fans and is generating a lot of interest from both fans and the music industry even before its release which is to happen with a media blitz and official launch on the 11th of April 2011.

For more details on Oliver Sean please visit www.oliversean.com

For more info, CD reviewe copies, artist profile etc please contact:
Irene Sequeira
W.O.A International - The Music Co.

Tuesday, January 11, 2011

International Radio starts playing Oliver Sean's Movies

Oliver Sean's new single 'Movies' released exclusively on International Radio to announce the Rockers upcoming album and 2nd leg of the 'So Good Tour'.

Goa, India - 11th Jan '11 - International Alt Rocker Oliver Sean's new single 'Movies' from his upcoming CD 'So Good' has been released today to International Radio to announce the 2nd leg of the singer's 'So Good' Tour in the coming weeks across Asia.

"Movies is one of my favorite songs from the new CD and is a song that almost everyone in 'Love' is going to want to listen to and dedicate to their partners on the call in radio shows" says the International Rocker, "the new album 'So Good'  is all set for release shortly and 'Movies' is the second single from the album that we decided to release on radio to announce the 2nd leg of my 'So Good' tour and the upcoming album release"

Now with a few weeks left for his fans to get their hands on the much talked about album 'So Good', the radio release of the star's second single 'Movies' is bound to attract even more attention. The song 'Movies' and 'So Good' are now being broadcast across the US on iheartradio's network of over 400 FM stations across the states including PRX which will see the song on Public Radio globally and various other satellite stations. Local stations in Oliver Sean's hometown of Goa are expected to have the song 'Movies' this week for Oliver Sean fans to enjoy on radio.

"This new album by Oliver Sean is the biggest release we have ever undertaken on W.O.A Records and we are all geared up for the release this April" says Wanda Alvares, Marketing Director and Executive Vice President of W.O.A International, "This album has the makings of an International hit especially the new song released today on radio 'Movies'and we are pulling out all stops to promote this album and get the best songs from the album to Oliver Sean's fans with 4 music videos to support this album with extensive support promised by various major networks and the media that have always loved and supported Oliver Sean"

Oliver Sean's upcoming 'So Good' album has been garnering a lot of media attention and fan interest after the title track 'So Good' was certified platinum by W.O.A Records when it reported over 2.5 million downloads in three days of its release last April and his ongoing 'So Good Tour' where the artist has been rocking the stage across Asia and headlining various concerts, charity events and special radio shows.

"11th of Jan 2011 is a special date for Oliver Sean and W.O.A Records" says Pete Saunders, Artist & Repertoire, W.O.A Records "And 11 being Oliver Sean's favorite number and this date 11/1/11 being a once in a lifetime date he insisted that we officially release the second single 'Movies' on Radio today"

Oliver Sean's debut album 'I Like It' was nominated for International album of the year in 2004 alongside John Mayer, Robbie Williams, Kylie Minogue and Third Eye Blind (AVMax) and since that release the rocker has changed the face of Independent music in this region. He is now considered one of Independent music's biggest success stories and also called "India's hottest International offering" by The Sun and has been credited to have taken Independent music from India to a global level by E+ (Gulf News) when they featured on their cover story titled 'India goes Indie'

The new album 'So Good' is now available for Pre Order with a special DVD titled "Oliver Sean Live at the Hard Rock Cafe" being given for free to all fans who pre order Oliver Sean's new album 'So Good' which will be specially packaged and personally signed by the star and all fans ordering the 'So Good' CD get the album 3 weeks before it hits stores along with the 'Oliver Sean Live at the Hard Rock Cafe DVD' which features Oliver Sean performing at a phenomenal concert performing his favorite songs live from the new album 'So Good' including the newly released track 'movies' and his past hits including 'I Like It' and You & Me'.

For the latest updates on Oliver Sean and his new album and to get your hands on the CD before anyone else along with the special concert DVD, check out the artists Official Website www.oliversean.com 

Formed in 1998 by World Music star Oliver Sean, W.O.A International is a global entertainment company that continues to lead the way when it comes to how music should be promoted. They are pioneering international music in India and Asia and are now synonymous with the region. Their enviable reputation at opening up new possibilities means that they are the go-to company for independent artists wishing a truly international presence.

For additional information, please contact:
Irene Sequeira
W.O.A International
+91 9326126670

Saturday, January 08, 2011

Are you a Photography or Videography enthusiast and a fan of the Oliver Sean Sound?

This is a special call to all amateur photographers here with DSLR cameras & HD Video Cameras - send in some of your pictures or videos or footage that you think is super if you would like to have it shown in an upcoming Oliver Sean video.


Note: We want only folks who are fans of the Oliver Sean Sound to send their creative stuff to us. Our directors will use what we think is good and goes with our concepts for certain songs from the new upcoming 'So Good' CD.


Send us links to your stuff to manager@woarecords.com - you will be given full credit for your work if it is used.


- W.O.A Records Team

Friday, January 07, 2011

Oliver Sean wants to have his personally signed CD laying by your bedside table... Do you want to be the first to have it?

"Big shout out going to all my fans and friends -My new album 'So Good' is getting all dressed up for the big night out in a few weeks and I really hope you all will support my CD by buying it - this is my best work till date I think :-) and I know you will love the songs which are a mix of Adult Contemporary & Classic Rock with my signature 'HARD HITTING' and sometimes 'soft caressing' acoustic guitar drive :-)). I hope it gives you a feeling of joy that its given me to write, compose and put this album together. Much Love" - Oliver Sean


Oliver Sean - So Good (The Album)


Oliver Sean's new album is to be launched in a few weeks from now - its one of the best looking CD packs we have seen and bound to be something of a collectors item! This is one of the coolest sounding Pop/Rock & Adult Contemporary albums and collection of songs we have heard in a long time.


'So Good - The Album' includes the classic rock hit single 'So Good', the highly talked about ballad on radio 'Movies', a special song and one of Oliver's personal favorites written for his mother and all single mothers 'Alone', a special acoustic version of 'Knockin on heavens door' along with a total of 8 new contemporary, classic rock and alt/acoustic tracks from the heart, all written and composed by Internationally acclaimed Singer/Songwriter and Adult Contemporary sensation Oliver Sean in  a beautifully packaged Digi-Pack CD with a 12 page full color glossy booklet that has lyrics, poster pullouts, exclusive photos and a special letter by Oliver Sean to you.


Pre Order the CD now and get a personally signed copy of the CD by Oliver Sean before anyone else does. Log in to Oliver's website athttp://www.oliversean.com/ and click on the BUY NOW link.... Its that simple.


This is a PRE-ORDER for Oliver Sean's new CD 'So Good' which is scheduled for retail store release at the end of the first quarter of 2011 - YOU however can receive this CD PERSONALLY SIGNED by Oliver Sean several weeks in advance before anyone else (We just hope all of you who do get the first exclusive copies don't leak it out online before it hits stores) :-) 


You can order this via Paypal / Credit Card right now athttp://www.oliversean.com/ - And send us an email at woa@woarecords.com if you have any special requests.


- The W.O.A Records Team

www.woarecords.com - Home to the world's best Independent stars!


The Official Oliver Sean Website www.oliversean.com 


International Rocker, Alt-Contemporary MusicSensation & Performer par excellence!

"Adult contemporary, classic rock fused with acoustic guitarsand retro classics, makes Oliver Sean one of the mostdesired high-energy entertainers on stage."