Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Oliver Sean's song 'Movies' wins TOP POP SCORE on Jango Radio.

Oliver Sean awarded top played artist on Jango Radio for the week ending 16/1/11
18th Jan 2011 - With the almost instant radio success of Oliver Sean's new single 'Movies', the rocker was named among the winners of the top pop score on Jango Radio, which is broadcast to over 7 million listeners worldwide, after his song 'Movies' was one of the most 'liked' and requested song among Jango listeners.

The new single 'Movies' by Oliver Sean was released as a radio only release on the 11th of January 2011 to promote the artists upcoming album 'So Good'. The song 'Movies' is one of the featured songs from the upcoming Oliver Sean CD and is currently on rotation on various radio stations on the iheartradio network of over 700 stations across the United States of America and on several online stations including Jango which is one of the internet's leading online radio stations with over 7 million listeners.

This is Oliver Sean's second single released from his upcoming album which has garnered much attention from fans and the industry after the first single from the album and the title track 'So Good' was certified platinum in 2010 when it reported over 3 million downloads and plays within 2 days of its release as a single.

With the success of the second single 'Movies' which is generating constant rotation and requests on radio stations globally the new Oliver Sean CD 'So Good' is expected to thrill fans and is generating a lot of interest from both fans and the music industry even before its release which is to happen with a media blitz and official launch on the 11th of April 2011.

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