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International Portuguese Music Star launches new single live on New York talk show

International Portuguese Music Star launches new single live on New York talk show - The Portugal News, 28th June 2013

Portuguese singing sensation Oliver Sean, who is currently making his mark on the international mainstream music scene, is to launch his new single '(Are We) Doing That' to a worldwide audience via a live television broadcast in New York City this July.

Sean, whose mother is Portuguese, will perform his new single live to a global audience from a privileged TV platform based in the Big Apple. 
The show in question is 'Legends TV', hosted by Evan Ginzburg, co-producer of the Oscar-nominated film 'The Wrestler', and will be broadcast live on 27 July. 

It will also be simultaneously broadcast on recording company WOA's TV Show as a 'WOA TV Special' live from NYC (see: This comes as added acclaim following Sean's 2012 MTV Europe Music Awards nomination.

The anticipated new song is described as featuring Oliver Sean's distinctive style of percussive rock placed on a bed of foot-tapping Indian Tabla's, lending the main stream pop/rock song the inimitable Oliver Sean world-beat sound. 

His trademark eclectic global music style is described as being "as exotic as his mixed Portuguese / Italian Lineage."

He says: "I attribute my style of music and its world beat elements to time I spent growing up in Goa, Dubai and London and my mother's favourite Portuguese music that I grew up listening to, but I think my rock sensibilities are pure American."

Fans can expect a music video for the song '(Are we) Doing That' to hit International channels this August, and a full length album of songs is planned for release in December 2013  

Over the past decade Sean has gradually ascended from local performer in Goa and Dubai to international rock phenomenon, playing tours across America, Europe, Asia and the Middle East.

Earlier this year, in February, he embarked on a whirlwind tour of the UK, performing in legendary clubs and venues like the Troubadour – which has hosted legendary names such as Jimi Hendrix, Bob Dylan and more recently Adele – Moles, Bannerman's, and other top clubs across the United Kingdom.

In a recent interview with The Portugal News, Sean, who has a home in Estoril and says he draws inspiration from his mother's homeland, promised he would be performing in Portugal as soon as his hectic schedule allows.

To learn more about Oliver Sean and see his current tour schedule, visit, follow him on Twitter (@oliversean) or Facebook (

I Attribute My Music To My Growing Years - The Times

"I attribute my music to my growing years" - Oliver Sean on The Times of India 29th June 2013.

Read full article here.

Thursday, June 27, 2013

Episode 6: The WOA TV Show - All Things Music (Season 2)

Episode 6 of the WOA TV Show (Season 2) is ROCKING for want of a better word :-)

Each and every video of this episode is competing against each other in terms of the thought and effort and ideas put into these videos and not to forget the fantastic songs - because lets face it if your song is crap no matter how good your video is it will still suck ;-)

Well lets get on to the show:
We kick off episode 6 with a great band from Denmark called The Glass Kites with their video for the song 'Speed bumps in the air'. Just a real feel good song and video. Denmark has produced some good artists in the recent past and the Glass Kites could very well be the next big export from Scandinavia.

And moving on from Denmark we proceed to Ireland where Nine Lies give us 'Tragedy'. This music video is more of a collage of true events at seas and the HEROES who risk their lives and lose their lives to save others. A video dedicated to Life Boat Crew Members. A very cool gesture from this band. We expect a lot of votes for Nine Lies this week on the artist poll at - Be sure you vote for your favorite video from episode 6. It will help the artists get on the season finale WOA Chart Show which is sponsored by W.O.A Records and the W.O.A International Group who are directly sponsoring the season finale show. Visit WOA Records at and

The Second segment of the episode begins with D.U.N.E. These guys are English if we are not mistaken. They have put in quite a bit of effort on this video and this rock band uses CELLOS! We were trying to figure out if the beautiful model in this video is also the Cellist? :-)

Coming on the heels of the beautiful Cello player comes an artist with an unusual name 'Owers' and the song called 'Sleep'. Their animated video is a class act all the way. We loved it. A must watch.

The final segment of the show starts with a band called 'Quadrilles' and a song called....wait for it...."Gong Hey Fat Choi' - nope we didn't just make that up - 'GONG HEY FAT CHOI' really is the name of this song. Experimental is how we would like to describe the song style and the video too.

Ending the last segment of Episode 6 is Sammy Hakim from Canada and her song called 'Mark Me'. A straight on power pop song - inspired by fellow Canadian Avril Lavigne maybe?

We hope you enjoy episode 6 of the WOA TV Show - All Things Music (Season 2). We carefully select the indie artists we feature on the WOA TV Show and are totally into all these artists and their music videos - YOU really OUGHT TO KNOW these amazing artists - don't go through life listening only to MANUFACTURED COMMERCIAL music, day in and day out, yes we all enjoy the Beyonce's and the Biebers and the flavor of the month boy bands - but going through life only listening to THAT is like going through life only eating Mc Donald's Burgers and not knowing the joy of eating a home cooked meal..... Okay we are getting into food metaphors so we better end the show notes as its dinner time for us - and no we wont be eating Mc Donald's today :-)

* Watch the show and check out past episodes, latest news, upcoming projects and more at

* If you are an artist and have a music video you would like to get on the WOA TV Show please submit your video via - just click on the big yellow button that says  'SUBMIT YOUR VIDEO' at

* The WOA TV Show is Conceptualized and Produced by International Music Star and Filmmaker Oliver Sean (MTV EMA Nominee, AVMax Nominee, Vh1 Top 10 , N1M World/Fusion Charts No. 1, AA Charts No. 2)

* The WOA TV Show is a WOA Films Property.

* The WOA TV Show is edited and formatted for broadcast by WOA Productions

W.O.A International - The Music Company

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MTV EMA Nominee to Launch New Single on American Television Talk Show Live from New York City.

MTV EMA Nominee to Launch New Single on American Television Talk Show Live from New York City.

"(Are We) Doing That" is what MTV Europe Music Awards Nominee Oliver Sean will be asking a worldwide audience via a live Television Broadcast from New York City this July as the International music star gets set to release his brand new single and music video and kick off his Television and Radio Promo Tour in New York.



W.O.A International (Press Release) - Jun. 25, 2013 - NEW YORK -- MTV Europe Music Awards 2012 Nominee Oliver Sean is getting set to officially release his highly anticipated new single '(are we) Doing That' as he kicks off his New York Television and Radio Promo Tour this July. The worldwide premiere will take place on 27th July as Oliver Sean performs the song on Evan Ginzburg's 'Legends TV' live from New York City. 

The new song, which hits radio stations worldwide today, features Oliver Sean's distinctive style of percussive rock placed on a bed of foot tapping Indian Tabla's, lending this main stream pop/rock song the inimitable Oliver Sean world beat sound. Coming on the heels of his  MTV Europe Music Awards Nominated Album and Music Video "So Good," and his Vh1 Hit single 'All I Remember', this latest song '(are we) Doing That' also sets the stage for Oliver Sean's New York Television and Radio promo tour from 27th July to 3rd August. 

The new single is now available for pre order on itunes where fans can pre order the new single and get the song on their ipods automatically on 11th August when the new song '(are we) Doing That' will hit stores worldwide, with a simultaneous launch of his music video for the same song on Vh1's International channel.

'(are we) Doing That' combines Oliver Sean's unique voice with a blended style of alt rock and world music elements driven by his rich heritage. "I attribute my style of music and its world beat elements to time I spent growing up in Goa, Dubai and London and my Mother's favorite Portuguese music and her impressive pop rock record collection that I grew up listening to" says Oliver Sean, "but I think my rock sensibilities are pure American". This worldwide influence constantly shows itself in Oliver Sean's superlative collection of tracks released through the years, which blend some of the best of good ol' fashioned rock-n-roll with subtle hints of world music elements to create an intoxicating new melange. The new single '(are we) Doing That' captures the essence of Oliver Sean's musical style. 

One thing that makes Oliver Sean special is the restraint with which he blends these elements together. As a music magazine in America says "Any rocker from the Beatles onwards can throw random sitars or Brazilian Drums (Indian Tablas) into a song for effect. In Sean's hands, they act as spice – punctuating moments, bringing them out, and then just as quickly segueing back to more traditional elements"  'Round Magazine, 2013, USA .

Fan's can expect a music video for the song '(are we) Doing That' to hit International channels on August 11th and a full length album worth of songs from Oliver Sean, which will be his fourth studio album in December 2013  "This plan of releasing a few singles and music videos followed by the full length album began in January 2013 when we released Oliver Sean's new music video for his single 'All I Remember' on Vh1 and the success of the single and the video" says Wanda Alvares, Marketing Head W.O.A International "this is now being followed up with his new single and music video '(are we) Doing That', which incidentally is also to be the title of the Oliver Sean album which we will be launching in December 2013"

Over the last ten years, Sean has ascended from local performer in Goa and Dubai to international rock phenom, playing tours across America, Europe, Asia and the Middle East, including stops in New York, LA, London, Dubai and other major cities. His debut album "I Like It" (2003) was nominated for AV Max International Album of the Year along with albums by John Mayer, Third Eye Blind, Kylie Minogue and Robbie Williams. Oliver Sean's hit album from 2011 "So Good" got the singer an MTV Europe Music Awards Nomination in 2012, and his single "Movies" from the same album reached the Top 10 charts of Vh1's International channel, placing Sean alongside artists such as Lady Gaga, Bruno Mars and Pitbull. Oliver Sean has also received his own feature spot on Vh1 Specials, a program that highlights prominent and upcoming International artists. His rise led Sun magazine to label Oliver Sean "The hottest international offering from the shores of Goa."

In addition to writing and composing all of his own music, Sean has produced and directed music videos for himself and other international artists. In 1998, at a young age the singer/songwriter and Business Graduate in Marketing and Finance created his own label, W.O.A. International, to promote fresh and established international musicians like himself. Today, W.O.A International is one of the largest Indie record labels in Asia and the Middle East that help promote independent talent. Sean's film endeavors include a soundtrack for a popular bollywood film, and he is currently working as the producer and director on a documentary about the importance of protecting endangered tigers, based on the book Once Upon a Time by Wanda Alvares.

"(are we) Doing That" can be heard starting today on radio stations and online around the world. It is also available for pre order on iTunes and will release worldwide on August 11th along with a music video on International TV channels including Vh1.

To learn more about Oliver Sean and see his current tour schedule, visit

A review copy of '(are we) Doing That' and his other singles and albums ('All I Remember, So Good, I Like it etc), live show media credentials and an interview with Oliver Sean are available upon request.

* Listen to '(are we) Doing That' online at 

*Follow Oliver Sean on Twitter at

*Like Oliver Sean on Facebook at 

*Watch Oliver Sean's MTV Europe Music Awards Nominated video 'So Good'

MTV Europe Music Awards 2012 Nominee Oliver Sean is an International Portuguese singer / songwriter who thrived in the Goa, Dubai and the UK cultures as they acted as the backdrop to his youth, and the inspiration for his music. His discography with W.O.A. Records was birthed in 1999 with his single 'There She Is Again'. 

Oliver Sean's media clippings have formed a career of their own. Since his career was launched in his teens, Sean's press clippings exceed several hundred features, snippets, and reviews in significant print and broadcast mediums. His brand of music is known for its pop influence with contemporary undertones. His debut album was nominated for 'International Album of the Year' by AVMax in 2002 along with albums by John Mayer, Robbie Williams, Kylie Minogue and Third Eye Blind. 

Oliver Sean's eclectic global music style is the trademark for his brand, and is as exotic as his mixed Portuguese, Italian and Goan Lineage. 

A self-taught musician, Sean plays guitar, bass, keyboards and drums. However, it is his distinctive percussive guitar style powerfully seductive voice which is his footprint on the music industry. Unlike the package products of today's trendy music culture, Sean writes and composes all of his music. His track record of being a hit songwriter is just one of his many assets defining him as a pillar in the music community. He is a member of the Recording Academy and a Voting Member for the prestigious Grammy Awards. 

Oliver Sean was also involved with writing music for the French Government, Goa Government, producing music for other artists, directing music videos, and working on various film projects as a composer and a film maker. Sean has also composed the Soundtrack for a popular International film released in 2012 and is currently working on a documentary about the urgency to protect Tiger's, based on the soon to be published book 'Once upon a time' by Wanda Alvares. 

The singer/songwriter's third studio album 'So Good' was released in 2011 and had several hits including an MTV Europe Music Awards Nomination in 2012, Vh1 Top 10 spot, No. 2 on an International chart listing, Grammy nomination consideration in 9 categories, and a Vh1 Specials feature. The singers recent music video for his 2012 single 'All I Remember' hit the Vh1 Hit List in January 2013.

Oliver Sean's new single and music video '(are we) Doing That' is scheduled for worldwide release this August.

(are we) Doing That by Oliver Sean

(are we) Doing That by Oliver Sean

The brand new single by Oliver Sean - '(are we) Doing That' - hits Radio worldwide today onwards.

W.O.A International launches Punjabi/Pop sensation Badshah in India

Sucha Badshah, the American Punjabi Pop sensation from Orange County signs artist management deal with music company W.O.A International

Jun. 25, 2013 - PANAJI, India -- Creating a name for himself in the music industry since the age of 12, Sucha Badshah, better known simply as Badshah, is now breaking into the region that he originally comes from, India. Badshah has just signed a 3 year artist management deal with the largest International Independent Record Label in India and Middle East W.O.A International - The Music Company.

Growing up in Orange County, California, Badshah has been steadily growing his legion of fans for his modern day Punjabi, Rap and Dance music that he produces and performs across the United States. The success he has achieved in the USA is ironically gaining traction in the land that he originated from – India. W.O.A International, the largest International Independent Record Label in India and the Middle East has now signed on this exceptional talent to bring his music to India and just announced the launch of Badshah's new album 'Rabba' available worldwide on itunes and A Class Record Stores on WOA Records.

"We are excited to sign on Sucha Badshah, who we first heard of when his music was selected for the WOA TV Show" says Pete Saunders, V.P Artist Management, W.O.A International, "after hearing his music and watching his passion for his music and the way he mixes his Punjabi Indian music with modern day rap and dance and hip hop, there was no doubt that we wanted to have him on the WOA Records Artist Roster – Badshah has the potential to make it huge"

Sucha Badshah was born in Punjab, India on August 24, 1988, struggling with poverty in India as a young boy he moved to America with his family. Aiming for a good life and the American dream he tapped into his passion for music and began writing Punjabi songs at the young age of 12 and also mastered a traditional instrument called the 'Tumbi'. During this time he started performing at schools and colleges and experimented with mixing his traditional Punjabi music with the new modern day rap and dance music he was exposed to in America. Badshah went on to produce his first album 'Style' which was a local hit and received fantastic radio airplay in various parts of the US. The rest as they say is history.  

"Rabba is my new album and even though I am excited that the album is being released worldwide I am more excited that the album is being launched in India by W.O.A International" says the Singer, "the album also has a music video which has already received great coverage on the WOA TV Show and will now be seen various other TV channels and TV Shows via W.O.A International  who are going all out to promote my music in Asia and the Middle East"

Sucha Badshah's new album is already available on itunes and 40 other online stores and will hit record stores in India and other regions in a few days. 

Stay tuned to for the latest news on Sucha Badshah and check the singer out on the WOA TV Show at 

The Badshah has arrived!

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Get your Song on International Compilation - Independent No.1's Vol.2

decorative tab image
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Submit Music for Independent No1's Vol.2

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Independent No.1s Vol. 2 - Get your song on the compilation that is distributed to A Class record stores worldwide and get guaranteed commercial radio airplay for your single.


The 'Independent No.1's Vol.2 Compilation Album is the the second installment to the mainstream compilation album 'Independent No.1's Vol. 1' released worldwide in 2009, which soon turned out to be the most played Independent main stream genre compilation CD on Radio in several countries.

We are now curating Vol. 2 of this highly sought after compilation album, which gets in-store CD distribution around the world and commercial FM radio airplay and mentions in regions including India, UK, Dubai, NYC, Ibiza, Mexico and other regions. If your music is described as any of the following genres or sub genres you can submit your single for consideration to be placed on this Global Artist Compilation: Rock, Pop, Country, Blues and all their sub genres. Submit your Single

W.O.A International - The Music Company is known for the successful annual hit compilation CD the Goa Chillout Zone that promotes exceptional chillout, world and smooth jazz artists alongside compilations like Buddha Bar, Acoustic Alchemy and Cafe Del Mar. The Goa Chillout Zone has hit No. 2 on retail charts in India and smooth jazz and world charts on radio. The Independent No.1's compilation CD was compiled and produced on request of the large commercial radio and traditional media partners that W.O.A International works with closely. The success of the Goa Chillout Zone and the highly selective curating of the Goa Chillout Zone  (currently in its 5th Volume), led to the first Independent No.1s compilation CD to give exceptional Rock, Pop, Country and Alt music artists the same support that our Chillout, Smooth Jazz and World acts got via the Goa Chillout Zone.  Submit your single 

The Independent No.1's Compilation VOLUME 2 is being released in the last quarter of 2013 to celebrate the success of the past 3 years of several of our Management and Record Label artists who have been nominated for Grammy's, received MTV Europe Music Awards Nominations, Vh1 Top 10 spots and other major awards and nominations. All these artists and top tracks will be included on the Independent No.1's Vol 2 Compilation this year. The compilation is highly selective of the type of music that is selected for the CD as we are expecting excellent media and radio coverage for Vol. 2 of this compilation. The album will get traditional radio airplay across various parts of the world and instore CD distribution across A Class CD Stores like Virgin Mega Stores, Planet M, Landmark etc that W.O.A International is known to deliver. 

The genres accepted for the Independent No.1's compilation are all main stream genres that include: Rock (and all sub  genres), Pop (and all sub genres), Country (and all Sub Genres), Blues/Alt/Reggae (and all its sub genres) Submit your song if you fall in this category. The genres that are NOT accepted for the Independent No.1's is World, Smooth Jazz and Chillout. If your music comes under any of these genres please submit instead for the Goa Chillout Zone Vol. 6.

*Note that WORLD BEAT songs are accepted for the Independent No.1s  compilation if it has a contemporary sound and world beat contemporary tracks can be submitted for both the Independent No.1's and Goa Chillout Zone Compilations 

IMPORTANT INFO: There is a 10 USD submission fee to submit your song for consideration for this global compilation. If your song is selected and you are accepted for Vol. 2 of the Independent No.1's CD - there is a 250 USD inclusion fee to be part of the compilation. All artists get 8% royalty from sales off the net dealer price, guaranteed radio coverage of their single and the Independent No.1's CD is also given national press advertising. Artists also get subsidised pricing when buying CDs for their own use or sale to their fans.Submit your music today for the Independent No.1's Vol. 2

Artists receive an 8% licensing fee Pro Rata off the Net Dealer price, however please keep in mind that this album is targetted more towards promotions to Radio and Media rather than for sale. Several copies are given for free distribution at major retail outlets like the Virgin Mega Stores etc. So if you are in a point in your career where your single will benefit from commercial radio promotions and media coverage and in store airplay copies and free copies for fans at major retail outlets and events you should consider submitting. Submit your single - Click Here

Artists who expect to sell hundreds of thousands of their CD copies and already have global in store CD distribution and have a label deal where 100,000 copies of their music is sent to radio for airplay and promotions - you will not benefit from this album as we only send 10,000 hard copies for promotions and radio airplay :-) So please submit only if you understand our vision of promotions for your music and for this highly sought after music compilation. Artists looking at this purely as a commercial revenue making project please avoid submitting. Artists looking at getting extensive worldwide in store distribution, major media and radio coverage and advertising on national press, radio and TV  - submit now

If you have any questions feel free to contact us anytime on or visit the Independent No.1's Compilation page 

Best Wishes

The W.O.A International Team

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Episode 5: The WOA TV Show - All Things Music (Season 2) Out Now!

Episode 5 of the WOA TV Show - All Things Music (season 2) premieres online tonight on 

On the show tonight we revisit MTV Europe Music Awards 2012 Nominee Oliver Sean's 2012 Vh1 Hit and Vh1 Specials featured video 'Alone', a song the singer/songwriter says he wrote for his mother and dedicated to single mothers everywhere. This is followed by a new video from WOA TV (Season 1) Top 10 Charts artist Darius Lux whose new video and track is class all the way. The first segment of the show also has a special drop by Luna Blanca, the Goa Chillout Zone hit artist from Germany whose song was picked up by WOA Records Licensing Partner - Universal Music in 2009/10

Part 2 of the episode tonight begins with a fantastic country artist McKenna Loren who we believe should be hitting the country charts with her music - it's that good! Following Mc Kenna's top end music video is Artur with an old school rap video which totally reminded us of Vanilla Ice... But with a real serious message unlike Ice's tracks :)

The last part of the show we introduce two acts that are more new age or retro new age, Andy Michaels and Peter&Karin Bayreuther. We think that if a little more time was spent on the production of the songs these artists would make more of an impact then they do now. But we can feel the passion in their music - let us know what you think and if you think these last 2 videos are good additions to the show tonight even though production values of these last 2 videos are lower than videos we usually select.

To all the fans of the WOA TV show - please post a message on about the show and the artists. Tell us how you like the show this week, which artist you liked, any comments related to the WOA TV Show are welcome.

The Artist Poll's will be up soon - don't forget to vote for your favourite video for this episode!

- The WOA TV Show All Things Music

Sunday, June 09, 2013

Oliver Sean at the Bailador in Goa

Times Of India - 9th June 2013 - WOA Records International founder/artist Oliver Sean (MTV Europe Music Awards Nominee & Grammy Awards Voting Member), was the judge at the 1st annual all Goa Dance competition 'Bailador' organised by The Times last week. Here is the full coverage from The Times of India (Goa).

Saturday, June 08, 2013

The WOA TV Show - All Things Music! (Season 3)

The WOA TV Show - All things Music (Season 3) is looking for 48 INDEPENDENT ARTISTS' Music Videos from various Genres. If you have a good music video you should consider submitting it for the show.

7 Artists from the 48 music video will also be selected for the  ARTIST SPOTLIGHT PLATFORM for WOA TV Show - All Things Music (Season 3). 

All Genres are accepted for the show including well made LIVE Videos with good audio, which will get the WOA LIVE STAGE Platform on the show.

Currently in Season 2, the WOA TV Show - All Things Music is now licensed to 4 major TV Networks and Cable TV that reaches across India, Dubai and the gulf region of the Middle East/North Africa (Main Regions are India and Dubai). This is making waves with fans across the region.

The cost to submit your video for the show is 10 USD (Ten US Dollars).Submit your MUSIC VIDEO today . 

7 artists from the 48 selected music videos will also be selected for the featured artist spotlight during Season 3 of the WOA TV Show - All Things music. 

Each of the 7 selected artists for the Artist Spotlight will have a SPECIAL feature platform on the WOA TV Show - One artist per episode is selected for the ARTIST SPOTLIGHT. All 48 music videos/artists will have a fair chance to get the feature artist spotlight slot. 

The featured artist will also get a slot on the homepage on the official website.

Submit your music video today to get your video on WOA TV and its licensed partners. You get 2 weeks of promotions on network TV, cable TV, satelite TV and online.

If you are serious about breaking into these huge emerging markets you should also consider the various opportunities available to bands, musicians and indie labels, which include In-Store CD Distribution to A Class record stores, Radio promotions on Commercial FM radio, Cell Phone caller back tunes on all major Mobile networks across India, Dubai, all regions of Middle East, North Africa, West Africa, South East Asia and the Far East -Click here to see the current opportunities available for your music and artist profile.

Artists can also target the region by signing up for various other services:

Artist Management Service,

Radio Promotions,

Booking Agency Service,

Goa Chillout Zone,

Annual tour and Music festival 

If you want to break into India and Dubai, there is no better way to position your artist brand in this region. W.O.A International - The Music Company is the go to company for artists and labels who want to target India and Dubai.

With our partners, supporters and associates like Vh1, Hard Rock Cafe, Art & Culture Department of Goa, Tourism Department of Goa, Times of India, various A class media and hospitality partners and our team of music business veterans including MTV Europe Music Awards 2012 Nominee Oliver Sean - your music would get the right support it needs to really make a mark in these regions.

W.O.A International is the label behind artists who have received MTV Europe Music Awards Nomination in 2012, Grammy Nomination List for 54th and 55th Grammy Awards, Album of the year nominations, MTV Exclusives and more 

Submit your music/EPK today for the WOA TV Show, various brand positioning and music marketing opportunities, tours and festivals. If you have any questions email us anytime on or

Kind Regards,

Julia Lanza

Artist Relations

W.O.A International - The Music Companty 


Tuesday, June 04, 2013

Colorado USA Swindler Exposed by WOA Records: Beware of Xiren (Seer-rin), a con man and fraud

Xiren (Seer-rin), a Colorado resident and local small time musician, begged to joined the WOA Records India Tour in 2008. WOA International being the charitable organization that it is felt pity for this wannabe and accepted him on the WOA Records India Tour. These are the real facts of how Xiren (Seer-rin) went on to cheat WOA Records and the founder Oliver Sean. Written by MTV Europe Music Awards Nominee Oliver Sean

W.O.A International - June 3rd 2013 - This is an official release to a defamatory blog posted by a cheat and con man called Xiren (Seer-rin) from Colorado USA. Xiren got accepted by WOA and was allowed to join the annual WOA Records India Tour in 2008 along with several other International artists from around the world. The WOA Records India Tour is an annual event, organized by WOA International and made available for deserving Independent artists looking for a platform to reach audiences in a vast music loving country like India. In the year 2008 there were unforeseen occurrences beyond our control that disrupted many events due to general security reasons in this region, resulting which a couple of our main booked concerts in two cities got cancelled.  This resulted in huge losses to WOA but none to the artists because we ensured that the artists were given FREE accommodation with FREE buffet breakfast of  a sumptuous spread of the best of the best menu choices in continental, Goan and Indian menus.  All this in a well known and much respected 4 star resort the 'The Sun Village Resort' in Goa,  paid for by W.O.A Records and Oliver Sean.

The artists were picked up from the airport in an air-conditioned car, given 4 star hotel accommodation with breakfast and free meals on days of the shows /media meets / TV appearances and other media related schedules. Furthermore  subsidized meals were made available  (lunch and dinner) for the days of the delay that occurred due to shows being cancelled in the two cities  (Karnataka and Delhi) the reasons for which were not in anybody's control, and involved increased security everywhere and many events were put on hold indefinitely during that year (April 2008). 

Being a humane company and understanding that the artists had lost two shows WOA went all out to use the time and promote all the artists in a massive way and left no stone unturned to promote the artists . We got them interviews and promotions on all National newspapers , put up Billboards and hoardings across Goa and filmed  a 4 part TV show documentary where the TV channel came to the hotel and interviewed each one of the artists and aired the program to add in the promotions of our artists in Goa and across India. We put together a press conference at a 4 star hotel in panjim where every top journalist was present and each one of them had a radio interview on a commercial FM radio network. All transportation was paid for by WOA Records and Oliver Sean during these 14 days, everyday, including refreshments and snacks when they were doing their press meets and interviews. A studio was made available for the artists to rehearse during this delay period. And all this was done for the WOA artists but unfortunately among the real artists were three rogues who took all these benefits got treated like stars, when they did not even deserve to get a spot on the streets or railway stations in any country, these were not musicians  and possessed no talent, they were con man and cheats and had no experience performing live on stage.  

Person who called himself  Xiren (Seer-rin) along with 2 other wannabes namely  Mana3 and DaveJ went on to run up huge  room service bills amounting to 2500 USD for alcohol, lunch, dinner etc. Xiren and Mana3 then proceeded to leave the hotel at night after 14 days of living it up at a 4 star hotel perhaps never in their life time so far had the good fortune to stay in a place like this! Having received all their promotions and Vh1 airplay of their rotten laughable videos and  national TV advertisements and ran away absconded NOT having played a single shown in breach of the contract they had signed with WOA for the tour . Due to their exorbitant bills they decided to slip away like thieves do.  The  hotel management was now asking them to pay for all their room service bills. The resort was threatening to lodge a complaint on Xiren, Mana3 and DaveJ and  the WOA management  too wished to do the same.   Oliver Sean  requested that it be put on hold for a day or two giving them the benefit of doubt.  To our shock we find out that  these artists had disappeared from their hotel rooms overnight with the help of a local traitor, who was employed by WOA International to help him and give him a platform to play on our WOA Music platform. This person's name is Lloyd Paul. 

We learned later that Xiren having slipped off in the night on the pretext of going to Mumbai for the 1st show that was in the tour schedule ran off to the airport and flew off to Colorado USA.  A complaint was lodged and the police were looking out for him having been informed by the hotel about Xiren absconding from his room without paying his bill. WOA Records on the request of Oliver Sean then cleared Xiren's and Mana3 bills for their Alcohol, Lobster Dinners, and Steak Lunches for 14 days. Xiren not only breached his contract by not performing for his shows but he actually went on to prove to everyone that he was a petty thief and fraud who came to India to represent Colorado USA and left in such a shameful way.  He  ruined his reputation here  if he ever had any and the reputation of the state he came from in America. Xiren (Seer-rin) cheated WOA Records and founder/musician and MTV Europe Music Awards nominee Oliver Sean, for thousands of dollars. There are  bills to prove this and police FIR's having been registered at the time by the hotel and WOA Records against these thieves Xiren and the other 2 acts. Loyd Paul too was summoned to the Police station for his hand in this mess and several other messes he created for WOA Records.

As of date WOA Records has filed a Defamation case against Xiren (Seer-rin) a con man and thief from Colorado USA, however this person is registered as a foreign national absconding without paying his dues. 

The lies now being spread by Xiren: This Colorado resident and scam artist is now using a pathetic LIE, he made up to gain sympathy and blatantly lying to trusting people and music lovers so that he can sell his album portraying a sorry pathetic picture of his 'OH HIS MANY SUFFERINGS' in India  when the fact is that he had a free 'all paid' holiday in India at the cost of  WOA and its platform.  This pathetic loser goes on to self release a song of all his 'sufferings'  in India and that he was so wronged by WOA Records and Oliver Sean that he was 'inspired' to write this album and people should feel sorry for him and 'help' him ' continuing to victimize himself  he goes on to add that WOA Records and WOA International is not a real person or real company.  This scam artist  Mr. Xiren  one of a kind con artist like no other ... has gone on to say that there is no real company called WOA Records and that there is no well known artist in India called Oliver Sean. Well if this is not laughable we wonder what is.  His so called blog filled with lies and the poor reader exposed to so much lies on and on goes further to state that he was put up in a 'little hole in Goa' for the duration of his stay and that 'everyone was rude to him and bad to him' and that he had to travel in horrible buses!!! all this a blatant lie a mere figment of his deranged mind.  Read on to know the real story and how this con man has been using lies  and more lies to gain media attention and using this to even con his poor trusting fans whose intelligence he has been disrespecting all this while. Surely no educated intelligent person in his/her right mind will believe his hogwash.

Please read WOA Records and Oliver Sean's  Reply to Con man Xiren's Blog Post: First We must mention here that The WOA Records India Tour is in its 6th year of production with 5 WOA RECORDS INDIA TOURS featuring artists from all over the world from 2008 till 2012! 

Coming to Xiren's bizzarr claim that 'Oliver Sean is not a real person' and that there is no famous artist called Oliver Sean! We are amused and we feel sorry for Xiren.  What exactly should one bother to say to this mentally deranged human? Its below our dignity to even bother to say anything to this .  The MTV Europe Music Awards Nominated  Oliver Sean is not only a well known successful breathing real human ...he is also kicking arse of cheats and losers like Xiren.  Oliver Sean the well known singer song writer composer and film maker is having the last laugh .  Oliver Sean is also a VOTING Member of the Grammy Awards since several years now and  A Vh1 Top10 artist many times over. 'Not only Oliver Sean is a well known  International STAR, he is a one of the  greatest  original MUSICIAN'  to quote some of his oldest fans. 

The scamster Xiren also went on to post pathetic badly written blogs  filled with lies about Jesus Aaron  an original talented artist who was also part of the WOA tour in 2008  and completed the tour successfully. 

Xiren, Mana3 and DaveJ were the 'bad apples' the dirty crooks from the USA  and Australia who tried to ruined  the WOA  tour for us and  other artists but  instead they ruined their own reputation and of their own states and countries they came from, they left disgracefully.  Not only did they try to cause problems and spread lies about the India Tour,  but they even  started attacking the other musicians for refusing to be part of their sinister plan to disrupt the rest of the shows that were taking place.  The ones who refused to join contribute to their criminal intentions to ruin the tour  had a good tour and since then have captured loyal fans  here in India who loved their music and performances. 

I think its time Xiren and his LIES about his so called "inspiration" for his album and the 'sufferings'  he says he experienced and 'the tragedy of his life' in 2008 be brought out to the public and the trusting people. Please be informed that  There was no tragedy! There was no Con!  there was no 'suffering' or 'victims'  as claimed by the con man XIREN and his comrades in crime. WOA Records India Tour was and is a legit tour we organise every year.  Authntic Original artists love the WOA Records India Tour for its platforms. Every year we get thousands of artists requesting a slot with us ! We have had amazing artists on the India Tour and we are proud of what we offer independent artists like no other Music tour platforms offer any where in the world.  We at WOA have promoted our artists and take care of  them, much  more than any other agency in the world ever does! We have gone on promotional tours when promoting artists  and we can guarantee you that some venues do not even offer you a free bottle of water. 

The India Tour started in 2008 is one of the biggest most well known tour in recent times. There are articles and documentaries done on the WOA Records India Tour that was conceptualized and till date produced by Oliver Sean and the wonderful WOA Records Team of musicians and music lovers who help us every year to organise this tour. We also have Vh1 who supports us every year and so does the Times of India and the Herald and The Hindu, Indian Express, Hindustan Times - all reputed newspapers. We even have the Government of Goa Art and Culture Department who supports the festival in Goa every year. And the Desousa  group of hotels who support us by giving artists accommodation in their 4 star hotel called Sun and Sand. Just contact any artist from the WOA Records India Tour who has not tried to cheat and rob WOA Records and Oliver Sean and they will tell you that this is one of the best independent artists tours in the world and there is no company that takes care of their artists better than WOA Records.

This press note is to all the wonderful fans and the supporters of WOA International and the WOA Records India Tour and Oliver Sean's precious fans, so that you know that this scam artist Xiren (Seer-rin) from Colorado USA  is cleverly trying to slander the good name of Oliver Sean and WOA Records and WOA International with his lies  on his website to gain sympathy and attract pity . The external victim lacks in talent buy is big in crooked clever tricks to lie to anyone who trusts him.  

We could have ignored this but WOA Records and Oliver Sean are making a point to all others like Xiren who think they can take advantage of good people like WOA Records and Oliver Sean to  beware, We will not let you get away with such lies and trying to slander our name! 

This press note is also targeted to every reviewer and fan of Xiren (Seer-rin) from Colorad, who has believed this man's story of being conned in India and how it inspired him to write this album and about the 'hell' he went through in India was the "inspiration" for his album. If you can beleive this lies then we have nothing to say to you just that you have been lied to as well. This person Xiren is a compulsive liar, desperate to be in the music industry  and so will resort to any scam activities not giving a though as to who he mess with.  He struggles because he lacks  Talent and is not an original musician but thinks he can be one by lying and cheating others.  

Oliver Sean and WOA Records spent thousands of dollars in organizing the tour and putting ads on Zee Cafe and Zee Studio and HCN (National TV Channels) and got Xiren and the other artists' videos playing on Vh1. So effectively Xiren paid WOA Records 12.50 US Dollars (Twelve Dollars) for an all expense paid TOUR AND HOLIDAY to India and he has the nerve to call WOA Records a con and scam! This pathetic Xiren is a fraud and is a disgrace to Colorado USA and the Independent music industry. He is a  fraud and a dangerous cheat who goes around recording cover songs and riding on names of well known artists  to get a higher google ranking. We feel sorry for this struggler with a horrific mind.

All you innocent trusting people who know him BEWARE of Xiren (Seer-rin) from Colorado USA.

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"Oliver Sean presenting the award to the 1st place winner of Bailador "

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Announcing the launch of the Official WOA TV Show Website

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Oliver Sean - All I Remember (Vh1 Hit List Video)

Hi folks, before the new video and song '(are we) Doing That' (WOA Records) releases, I would like to ask all my fans and personal friends on social networks (facebook, twitter, google plus etc) to share the 'All I Remember' (WOA Records) Vh1 Hit Listed video with your friends as a prep for the new track releasing soon. Hope you guys can take a second off to hit the SHARE button on this video :) Much Love - Oliver Sean

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