Friday, June 28, 2013

Episode 6: The WOA TV Show - All Things Music (Season 2)

Episode 6 of the WOA TV Show (Season 2) is ROCKING for want of a better word :-)

Each and every video of this episode is competing against each other in terms of the thought and effort and ideas put into these videos and not to forget the fantastic songs - because lets face it if your song is crap no matter how good your video is it will still suck ;-)

Well lets get on to the show:
We kick off episode 6 with a great band from Denmark called The Glass Kites with their video for the song 'Speed bumps in the air'. Just a real feel good song and video. Denmark has produced some good artists in the recent past and the Glass Kites could very well be the next big export from Scandinavia.

And moving on from Denmark we proceed to Ireland where Nine Lies give us 'Tragedy'. This music video is more of a collage of true events at seas and the HEROES who risk their lives and lose their lives to save others. A video dedicated to Life Boat Crew Members. A very cool gesture from this band. We expect a lot of votes for Nine Lies this week on the artist poll at - Be sure you vote for your favorite video from episode 6. It will help the artists get on the season finale WOA Chart Show which is sponsored by W.O.A Records and the W.O.A International Group who are directly sponsoring the season finale show. Visit WOA Records at and

The Second segment of the episode begins with D.U.N.E. These guys are English if we are not mistaken. They have put in quite a bit of effort on this video and this rock band uses CELLOS! We were trying to figure out if the beautiful model in this video is also the Cellist? :-)

Coming on the heels of the beautiful Cello player comes an artist with an unusual name 'Owers' and the song called 'Sleep'. Their animated video is a class act all the way. We loved it. A must watch.

The final segment of the show starts with a band called 'Quadrilles' and a song called....wait for it...."Gong Hey Fat Choi' - nope we didn't just make that up - 'GONG HEY FAT CHOI' really is the name of this song. Experimental is how we would like to describe the song style and the video too.

Ending the last segment of Episode 6 is Sammy Hakim from Canada and her song called 'Mark Me'. A straight on power pop song - inspired by fellow Canadian Avril Lavigne maybe?

We hope you enjoy episode 6 of the WOA TV Show - All Things Music (Season 2). We carefully select the indie artists we feature on the WOA TV Show and are totally into all these artists and their music videos - YOU really OUGHT TO KNOW these amazing artists - don't go through life listening only to MANUFACTURED COMMERCIAL music, day in and day out, yes we all enjoy the Beyonce's and the Biebers and the flavor of the month boy bands - but going through life only listening to THAT is like going through life only eating Mc Donald's Burgers and not knowing the joy of eating a home cooked meal..... Okay we are getting into food metaphors so we better end the show notes as its dinner time for us - and no we wont be eating Mc Donald's today :-)

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