Saturday, June 08, 2013

The WOA TV Show - All Things Music! (Season 3)

The WOA TV Show - All things Music (Season 3) is looking for 48 INDEPENDENT ARTISTS' Music Videos from various Genres. If you have a good music video you should consider submitting it for the show.

7 Artists from the 48 music video will also be selected for the  ARTIST SPOTLIGHT PLATFORM for WOA TV Show - All Things Music (Season 3). 

All Genres are accepted for the show including well made LIVE Videos with good audio, which will get the WOA LIVE STAGE Platform on the show.

Currently in Season 2, the WOA TV Show - All Things Music is now licensed to 4 major TV Networks and Cable TV that reaches across India, Dubai and the gulf region of the Middle East/North Africa (Main Regions are India and Dubai). This is making waves with fans across the region.

The cost to submit your video for the show is 10 USD (Ten US Dollars).Submit your MUSIC VIDEO today . 

7 artists from the 48 selected music videos will also be selected for the featured artist spotlight during Season 3 of the WOA TV Show - All Things music. 

Each of the 7 selected artists for the Artist Spotlight will have a SPECIAL feature platform on the WOA TV Show - One artist per episode is selected for the ARTIST SPOTLIGHT. All 48 music videos/artists will have a fair chance to get the feature artist spotlight slot. 

The featured artist will also get a slot on the homepage on the official website.

Submit your music video today to get your video on WOA TV and its licensed partners. You get 2 weeks of promotions on network TV, cable TV, satelite TV and online.

If you are serious about breaking into these huge emerging markets you should also consider the various opportunities available to bands, musicians and indie labels, which include In-Store CD Distribution to A Class record stores, Radio promotions on Commercial FM radio, Cell Phone caller back tunes on all major Mobile networks across India, Dubai, all regions of Middle East, North Africa, West Africa, South East Asia and the Far East -Click here to see the current opportunities available for your music and artist profile.

Artists can also target the region by signing up for various other services:

Artist Management Service,

Radio Promotions,

Booking Agency Service,

Goa Chillout Zone,

Annual tour and Music festival 

If you want to break into India and Dubai, there is no better way to position your artist brand in this region. W.O.A International - The Music Company is the go to company for artists and labels who want to target India and Dubai.

With our partners, supporters and associates like Vh1, Hard Rock Cafe, Art & Culture Department of Goa, Tourism Department of Goa, Times of India, various A class media and hospitality partners and our team of music business veterans including MTV Europe Music Awards 2012 Nominee Oliver Sean - your music would get the right support it needs to really make a mark in these regions.

W.O.A International is the label behind artists who have received MTV Europe Music Awards Nomination in 2012, Grammy Nomination List for 54th and 55th Grammy Awards, Album of the year nominations, MTV Exclusives and more 

Submit your music/EPK today for the WOA TV Show, various brand positioning and music marketing opportunities, tours and festivals. If you have any questions email us anytime on or

Kind Regards,

Julia Lanza

Artist Relations

W.O.A International - The Music Companty 


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