Sunday, September 03, 2006

My N93 puts me to the official nokia blog

How cool is this... I was googling myself (ahem) on this lazy sunday afternoon... Oh come on stop laughing - i know u all google ur names too! Anyway, i come across this interesting listing which reads "Oliver Sean and his N93"!
Now this totally baffled me cause i thought some fan saw me being camera happy at some beach or somethin and wrote this on his blog. But imagine my suprise when i get transferred to the official nokia blog :-) and see that its about this blog of mine :) its just cool.
Oh by the way i've been using the n93 to write and post my blog! So yes it is the coolest phone i have ever had! But the best is when i go to a restaurant and whip the phone out and twist it into, what i like to call, Laptop mode. No one can resist looking :) but my dates seem to have started hating my beautiful N93... Hmm i wonder why??? ;)
I just came up with a plan- im gonna load some backup music on the n93 (the sound quality competes with my snow minidisc u know) and seranade to them under a moonlit sky on the beach. That should stop this stupid rivalry and they'll finally let me play with my fav toy hahaha just kiddin.
Oliver Sean.
Ps: here is a poster of one of my concerts.

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