Friday, September 01, 2006

Remixing Songs and Selling Phones

Today I finally sat down and remixed the title track of my new album 'Darna Chod Do'. This is the album scheduled for release this month and I must say that the remix is sounding great - even had comments from from my co producers that the video should be done for the remix instead :-) (These guys really know how to flatter me)

Good news I got is that my label wants to shoot extra footage of the main video and make a video for the remix - how cool is that?!!!

Well besides working on the remix and getting it "almost" ready I also went and sold off my E61 today :-( it was heart breaking but I had to - I have the Nokia N93 now and my trusty old Nokia 6255 CDMA - I just didnt see the point in keeping the E61 safely tucked away in my closet ;-)

Oh by the way Im gonna put the remix up on my site so you all can download it and leave me a few comments on what you think of the song.


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