Sunday, August 27, 2006

Phone Fanatic - Treo 650, E61, N93 - how to stop this obsession?!

My fanatism with phones and how it became an obsession ;-)

First I was a normal gadget freak - would buy a good phone (well I always had about 2 phones as far back as I can remember but mostly cause I used CDMA and GSM) and then I got the Treo 650 and my life changed...

All of a sudden I didnt need the Computer so much and I didnt have to take my laptop everytime I travelled (My guitar as hand luggage was too much as it is), so there I was flaunting my new treo 650 (not too many used in India I should say) so all my friends were impressed and their nokias didnt come close ;-) I thought I didnt need any other phone for atleast 2 years or untill the Treo 700p came out ;-)

But then a terrible day came when my Treo 650 got STOLEN!!!!!! It was at a concert of mine in Bangalore - can you believe it? My concert! while I was on stage! a "FAN" comes close to the Mixing board which was unmaned for a few minutes and where my Treo was lying right on top of the Mixer :-( and my baby was taken away....

But anyways I had a few single malts and tried to drown my sorrows in some of the finest single malt scotch in the world... But I culdnt take this disconnected feeling - its unelievable how you get so used to being connected to your emails and the net with a phone like that (I know how the blackberry users feel now). So as soon as I reached Goa (My Home Town) the next morning, I went straight to the phone shop from the airport and started looking for phones - sadly the Treo 650 is not easily available in India so I couldnt get it again :-( but then I saw the E61 and my world changed.... WIFI on a business phone, that critics say is better than the treo and blackberry WOW!!! But damn, no touch screen! But I threw caution to the wind and got the E61 even though it didnt have touch screen nor a camera....

And I was HAPPY! it was great until yesterday I saw the Nokia N93 (have been seeing the ads for a while now) but I actually held it in my hands yesterday, saw the features and thought Id died and gone to heaven ;-)

Well so I went and got it - yep - its expensive but after the treo 650 got stolen anyone would think Id just get a simple phone and say ahhh Ill just stick to my laptop but I dunno, its getting worse - Now I have 2 huge phones, both with unbelieveable features and now im confused - do i keep the E61 or the N93? The E61 has awesome business features plus the qwerty keyboard and the N93 is THE BEST MULTIMEDIA PHONE - do I keep both? :") r should I start checkin for business software for the N93 so I can keep the multimedia phone and do my business functions on it too? All u gadget freaks out there - Tell me what you think I shhould do?

Oh did I mention that the N93 audio quality is unbelievable? ;-)

Anyways, enough of my ramblings, Im gonna start posting all the cool pics Im gonna be snappin up with my N93.


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Yogalicious said...

Amazing - another phone addict like me ! Yeah , I know all about how and what it takes to become a phone addict !

You are making me drool over the N93. I have got the N80 after going through the N73 most othe phones from Dopod ( HTC StarTrk ) S300 ,W900i, a variety of Samsungs ,a variety S40 Nokias - oh it's terrible isn;t it.

I thought I had died and gone to heaven too when I saw and held the N93. Just saw it today -again.

Up till 2 years ago , I hadn't a clue about phones- I had a Nokia 6230 .It all began with my first smartphone - SE P910i !

You tell me what to do !
Great Blog ,by the way.