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Oliver Sean, a True Rockstar by Varsha Bansal, Express News Service - 28th May 2011

From being a singer and musician to directing his own music video now, international artiste, Oliver Sean has come a long way in the music industry.  The New Indian Express catches up with the self-made star, who was in Bangalore to perform as a part of a tour in India at the Hard Rock Café. 

Looking like the quintessential rock star, Oliver Sean was chilling with some coffee on a couch at the Hard Rock Cafe with a bandana tied on his curly blond hair sometime before his concert.

Ask him about his how did musical interests grow into him as a child, and the versatile singer bursts out talking, "Music was in me since my childhood — I wrote my first song when I was eight years old and started my own band when I turned 13. I think I have been very lucky when it comes to parental support — my mum always was and still is very encouraging."

Since then he has surely come a long way in this hard-to-survive music industry and can be safely termed as a self-made star. Apart from singing and song writing, Oliver has also founded India's largest independent music company, WOA International, which has now become an umbrella for many upcoming independent artists who don't have many sources.

"I have never wanted people to help me. If a label doesn't like my music, so what, I will create my own freakin' label. And that's what I did! Later, I realised that it would've been so much easier for me if some company was ready to release my album. So, I decided to help the independent musicians who I like and think are promising. Now, we've opened the Indian market to around two hundred international artists," reveals Oliver, who is an independent musician, but also has a three-piece band.

But why only three members?

"Along the years, the line-up of my band has changed drastically. There was a time when I had eight members. But, later, it dawned on me that my music sounds much better when it is minimalistic."

A mainstream sound with strong acoustic notes, an Oliver Sean song can be distinctly recognised by the fans. Ask him about what genre would his music fall under, and Oliver answers very specifically, "I would like to call my music as adult contemporary pop rock fused with slamming acoustic guitar," continuing, "Even though my songs are very mainstream, they have a certain acoustic element, which makes it different from the others and puts my stamp on it."

Having spent his early years in Goa, this Portuguese-Goan-Italian singer-songwriter-producer, now keeps moving around between India, Dubai and USA. But, for him Goa is still home. "Goa is my home. I even have my dogs there. Whenever I visit Goa, it is usually to chill and have a vacation," confesses the musician, who has just come out with his 3rd album 'So Good'.

With success trailing him from all sides, does he want to try his luck in Bollywood? " Well, I did music for a Hindi movie, 'Cutting Chai, Dreams High', which did not release, unfortunately. I also did a Hindi pop album 'Darna Chod Do', which didn't sound like Hindi at all. I was so embarrassed about it, it took me 14 days to get the pronunciation right!"

A musician who solely believes in playing original music, does play a few covers sometimes, just for his audiences. "I play classics, but add my touch to them. I would not play covers of contemporary musicians. Why would I want to publicise a band I am in competition with?" questions the musician.

After capturing the international audiences, Oliver is now touring India, to mesmerise the music lovers here and gain some fan base. "It is weird that I belong to India and have more fans internationally. This tour is my attempt to make some fans here. If you get a fan through a live concert, that fan is for life," says Oliver, before signing off.

- W.O.A News Desk

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