Sunday, August 05, 2007

Abigenesis signs management deal with W.O.A International

Oliver Sean's Global Entertainment Company W.O.A International today signed World Band 'Abiogenesis' to a 3 year management deal.

Abiogenesis is a band out of Nagaland, India - world music meets rock would be a fair assessment of their music where the band also uses a new musical instrument that they have created called the "BamHum" to complement their kind of music which the band says is a new genre created by them.

"W.O.A International is always looking for unique sounding bands and independent musicians who are making a mark by themselves - we just support their endeavors and help them find success that is deserving to these fine musicians" says W.O.A International President and Founder Oliver Sean.

Abiogenesis' new album is to be released on Saregama in India and their much anticipated Second album will be released on W.O.A Records Internationally.

Read more about Abiogenesis on the W.O.A Official Website

- W.O.A International Press Service

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