Sunday, August 12, 2007

Its getting BIG!

Hey Y'all (ok Im not gonna stop sayin Y'all so better get used to it) ;-)

Ok the subject line is probably got you thinkin "what the hell???" :-)) Well all of you who read this tonite you can tune into BIG 92.7 FM tomorrow 12th August at 10 AM and listen in to my exclusive interview on the station from 10AM to 2 PM - and its one of those interviews that you shouldnt miss.... Its so cool that its gonna be split into 2 parts for this sunday and the next sunday, thats the 19th of August '08.

For all of you NOT in Goa - its gonna be online after one day, so on Monday Morning you can go to and click on the BIG interview.

In other interestting news - all the W.O.A Artistes who are in Goa joined me today (11th of August) at the Mother Teresa Home here in Panjim City. We all performed for the residents of this beautiful place - a place where these women selflessly take care of people and children abandoned by so called "Human Beings"!!!

The show was fantastic - W.O.A International did this as our first charity show that we plan on doing every month or every chance we get to give happiness through our music to people that cant go out there and come to our concerts and shows.... It was one of the most satisfying performances I have ever given and Im sure all my artisttes felt the same way - The W.O.A Artistes who performed were Garfield Oliveira, Lloyd Paul and Lavina Soares - the 3 of them later joined me on stage to sing with me. You can check out their individual sites from the official W.O.A Site

The Video Footage and Photos of this show will be put online very soon on and

Also, Lloyd Paul's new single Heaven 4 Hell will be released on W.O.A this month on the 29th at a club called Gatsby in Colva, Goa - Its gonna be an awesome party and Im gonna be there to actually release the album. All of you in Goa who wanna come for this show please email Pete directly on and he will send you the passes - just type in 'OLIVER SEAN FANCLUB MEMBER' in the subject line so you get the pass for sure :-)

Well thats all for now guys - stay in touch and do visit our online store for all the latest releases by me and all the W.O.A Artistes

Love you all,

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