Saturday, September 13, 2008

Official note to all Promoters from W.O.A International

OFFICIAL NOTICE: This is an official note to all Promoters, Record Labels
and Artist Managers in India and the Middle East who work with foreign
artists and who are currently booking acts for shows and other opportunities
- The following acts are under contractual agreements with W.O.A
International and have not been officially relieved from their contractual
agreements with us. The acts are:
DaveJ (Australia)
Mana3 (New Zealand)
Xiren (USA)
Cuca Moreno (Spain)

These artists are under contract with us and cannot be booked directly. If
interested in these acts please get in touch with our Artist Management
division who will advise you on how to proceed.

Please note that this official statement is a public notice and will give
W.O.A International due cause to proceed with legal action if these artists
are booked directly and will also give W.O.A International full right to
stop the event if these artists are booked directly.

- W.O.A International

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