Sunday, October 26, 2008

A musical book release - Times Of India

A musical book release
Times of India - India

Wanda Alvares, Oliver Sean¹s mother, recently released a book written by
her. Bollywood actor Jackie Shroff did the honour.

The event was musical with WOA artists Llyod Paul, Lavina Soares, Elvis Kahn
and Saurabh Som taking the stage. Interacting with one of the guests Jackie
was overheard saying that he (Jackie) came all the way for the function
because Oliver was doing this for his mother.

"Mothers are my weak point,² he said. Architect Anand Kulkarni was seen
speaking to the actor. Meanwhile, fashion designer Monty Sally was seen
catching up with friends. Just before midnight, Oliver jumped on stage and
sang Freddie Mercury¹s I want to break free... And as the clock struck 12,
Wanda and family brought in Oliver¹s birthday with champagne and cake. Well
done birthday boy... you gifted mum on your birthday. ³And am proud of him,²
Wanda was heard telling a friend.

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- W.O.A News Desk

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