Wednesday, January 07, 2009

W.O.A Records signs on new talent Maria Marsch.

International label W.O.A Records signs on 15 year old Maria Marsch to an International Record deal.

Goa, India – January 08, 2009 – W.O.A Records' A&R execs have discovered a new face and fresh talent that has the potential of reaching big heights in the music industry world wide. Here is the extremely talented Singer & performer Maria Marsch who is all set to take on the music world.

"We as a label have always stuck with the unconventional and Indie nature of music however this new singer we discovered is more main stream and we think she has the potential to break through the masses and be noticed in the current trend of main stream music" says W.O.A International President and Gen Next Rockstar Oliver Sean. "Maria has been signed to a 5 year Record & Management deal and I expect great things from this new artist"

 Born in Helsinki this beautiful singer/songwriter from Finland has now made Goa her new home. This natural born musician has been composing and writing since a very young age with a strong passion for the stage and performing. As fate would have it Maria was introduced to the President of W.O.A Records Oliver Sean who recognized the immense talent in this stunner and invited her to sing live at the W.O.A Studios in Goa as an audition. "I have always wanted to be a singer and now I am living my dream", says the beautiful singer from Finland "being signed up to W.O.A Records has been a great experience for me".

 Now signed on to W.O.A Records, Maria Marsch is currently working on her new album & music video, which is to be launched internationally on W.O.A Records later this year.

 Stay tuned to the official W.O.A Records website for all the latest info on Maria Marsch



Formed in 1998 by World Music star Oliver Sean, W.O.A International is a global entertainment company that continues to lead the way when it comes to how music should be promoted. They are pioneering international music in India and Asia and are now synonymous with the region. Their enviable reputation at opening up new possibilities means that they are the go-to company for independent artists wishing a truly international presence.

For additional information, please contact:

Irene Sequeira

W.O.A International

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