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Attn: The Editor - Victor (Pequeno) Alvares Tribute Concert to be held in Goa on the 27th of December 2009...


The tribute concert for Bass Legend Victor Alvares, conceptualized by W.O.A International - The Music Company, to attract some of the country's top stars, musicians and bands.

Goa, India – 26th Dec '09 - Victor, lovingly known to his family & friends as Pequeno, was a world renowned Bassist and Musician who has played with George Harrison, Remo, Oliver Sean, Ossibissa and many other International and Indian artists, producers, composers from around the world. And he has played across various countries jamming with some of the biggest names in music.

He started out in music at a very early age and picked up the violin and other instruments when just a child. He later got into Bass guitar, which was his true calling, and through the years he played with various bands in Delhi, Goa and other places. During this time his unique percussive, slap funk bass playing style caught the attention of various high profile celebrity artists who made offers to Victor to join them - which led to Victor becoming the hottest bass player & most in demand in India. Today you can hear Victor's bass playing on various Indian albums including Remo and Oliver Sean's music albums and on the countries leading television Advertisements of the 90's.

"Victor was probably the most loving and helpful human being and someone who encouraged young talent to the maximum" says Victor's nephew & God Son, Internationally renowned Rocker Oliver Sean "His style of playing was unique and only played by a handful of bass players in the world due to the level of difficulty - the other being Mark King of Level 42"

Victor (Pequeno) Alvares has appeared on various high profile music videos and on live concerts telecast on Channel V, MTV etc in India and abroad. His down to earth demeanor and humbleness was uncharacteristic of a man this talented and famous in his own right.

This Bass Legend died on the 18th of September 2000 when he was on tour with the Indian artist Remo - the band consisting of Victor, Selwyn, Dharma and others were traveling in a car that was hit by a bus on the highway of Kanpur on their way to the airport while driving back from a concert at the IIT in Kanpur - Victor, Selwyn and Dharma - the cream & ultimate of Goa's musicians died in this car crash. One of the biggest & most tragic losses to the music industry.

Victor's nephew, the Internationally acclaimed Rocker Oliver Sean, lists Victor as his biggest influence musically and has pulled out all stops to organize this tribute concert through his music company W.O.A International and is joined by the entire (very musically inclined) Alvares Family who have traveled from across the world to join in on this concert and they will be joined by musicians, artists, celebrities, bands from around the world on this very special day that has been kept aside to remember the most loved and hugely influential musician Victor (Pequeno) Alvares.

The Tribute concert has been in the making for the past two years and has been the brain child of Victor's sister, Marketing Director W.O.A International & Author, Wanda Alvares. The show is to bring together top stars, musicians and artists from across Goa, India and the World, who knew Victor, to perform at this one of kind concert that recognises the greatness of Victor Pequeno Alvares as a musician who left more than his vast musical works, but also left an impression on every person he met as being the most loving, caring & humble celebrity musician.


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