Thursday, May 20, 2010

W.O.A Radio Playlist podcast episode 11 out now

The May 2010 W.O.A Radio Playlist is now available as a podcast at be sure to download it and listen to some of the hottest W.O.A Releases of May from around the World including Australia, Venezuela, USA, Canada, UK etc... Its a HOT month for W.O.A International. All these tracks can be heard on major FM stations in India including AIR FM, MUST FM, MIRCHI, INDIGO and other top FM & Satellite stations around India.


Track Name                           Artist Name               Genre                         
1.     Glamour Kills                   Rebecca Londei           Power Pop
2.     Magic                                Richard Morgan          Pop/Jazz Vocal
3.     Stockton 3                         Neil C Young              Smooth Jazz/Pop Instrumental
4.     Horrizon Train                Jahmings Maccow      Reggae
5.     What's this phrase             Synchdub                   Electro Lounge/Chillout
6.     Moonstruck                       Cherie Nichole            Pop /Chillout/Dance
7.     Straight to hell                   Overhate                     Metal
8.     Unspoken                          Phoenix Rising            Pop
9.     Marianne the Liar              Jesus Aaron                Acoustic Rock
10.  The heart is my compass   Peter Bayreuther     Trad World/Folk (Celtic)

W.O.A Playlist Artist/Song Profiles
  • Rebecca Londei: Hot new artist in the International circuit to be released on major TV networks in June across all major music channels and currently on tour in the US and a highly requested artist on the US radio playlists.
  • Richard Morgan: Jazz artist Richard Morgan's style of music, signing and performance is compared to Harry Connick Jr. & Michael Bubble. An artist burning up the Jazz charts he is now a featured artist on the W.O.A records Roster.
  • Neil C Young: Neil's acoustic instrumental guitars is a force to reckon with in Europe and Australia and the artist is to have his song 'Stockton 3' featured on the world famous 'Goa Chillout Zone – vol 3' compilation CD which is expected to be out later this month. A winner of several awards in Australia and the UK, Neil's hot new album is to be available this month on W.O.A Records worldwide.
  • Jahmings Maccow: LA Based reggae artist who is a fixture in the reggae music scene in America and Antigua. Jahmings has recently been signed to W.O.A International abnd is all set to take on the regae loving fans in India and Dubai in the coming year.
  • SynchDub: Belgian Electro DJ who is one of W.O.A Records' most sought after artist for her fantastic chillout productions. Winner of various awards in Europe and recently featured on the Goa Chillout Zone Vol.2 Compilation that hit No.2 in the album charts.
  • Cherie Nichole: Recently signed to W.O.A International – Cherie Nichole is a Singer, Model & Actress with several Hollywood projects under her belt. She is scheduled for a tour of India in the later part of 2010 and her music video is to hit music channels across this region in the next few months.
  • Overhate: A W.O.A Records exclusive artist – Overhate is South America's most prolific Metal band with a fan following that spans continents. Their single from the God in a trench CD is a hot selling single on itunes and they are well on their way to be the new metal kings globally.
  • Phoenix Rising: With their cinematic symphony like compositions and music that pulls at your heart strings - Phoenix Rising with their new single 'Unspoken' have taken their Piano Performance and Arrangement to another level that can only be described as a hair raising and deep feeling song without any words required. Curently being promoted via the W.O.A International network.
  • Jesus Aaron: One of W.O.A Records' hottest selling artist for the past 3 years. Jesus Aaron has toured India in 2008 during the W.O.A Records India Tour and blew the crowds away who were gathered at the hard rock café's across India and at open air concerts with his similarity to Bob Dylan's singing and writing style while maintaining his own originality. This is Jesus's new single and to be part of his upcoming album to be released this year.
  • Peter Bayreuther: Traditional World with hints of Celtic, Bavarian & Folk elements is what Peter's new single 'The Heart is my Compass' is all about. A light hearted song that would be a perfect fit into any World Music playlist. The song has generous helpings of Violins and Celtic background voices and instrumentation. A positive song that sends a strong message to the world. 
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