Thursday, December 09, 2010

Alt Rocker Oliver Sean to release new album at International Music Festival in Goa

Global Independent music stars to perform with International Rockstar Oliver Sean at the W.O.A Records Music Tour & Festival in Goa during the launch of the highly anticipated 'So Good' album.

Dec 09, 2010 – India's largest International Independent Music label W.O.A International which is based out of Goa will be hosting its third annual W.O.A Records India Tour and Festival from December to January across India with the main gala event to be held in January in Goa featuring the worlds biggest Independent Rockstars. 

The W.O.A Tour will see some of the world's best International Independent stars performing across major cities in India along with none other than Goa's own rockstar and Internationally celebrated singer Oliver Sean headlining the tour. 

"Oliver Sean is the man behind W.O.A International and known widely to be one of Independent music's biggest success stories" says Wanda Alvares, Marketing Director, W.O.A International, "this is the third major annual W.O.A India Tour we are organizing and this year we will be releasing the biggest release ever by W.O.A Records which is the Oliver Sean 'So Good' Album during the main event in Goa" 

Oliver Sean, who has been acknowledged for opening up the Independent music markets in India will be releasing his new and highly anticipated album 'So Good' simultaneously with his music video of the track 'So Good' across India, USA, UK and Australia Live during the W.O.A Records main event and concert in Goa via satellite link up this January and will be joined by International chart topping bands Overhate from Venezuela, Bed Of Roses from Canada, Jesus Aaron from the USA, Craig Fraser from Australia, Viceroy Bill from Canada and other celebrity guests and International musicians coming down to India be a part of this concert and album launch of Oliver Sean. 

The song 'So Good' was the single by Oliver Sean that was released in March 2010 and went platinum worldwide when it reported over 3 million downloads which led to the music industry acknowledging Oliver Sean for taking Independent Music from India to a global level and several major publications terming him as 'One of Independent Music's biggest Success Stories' and also calling him the 'Music Ambassador of Goa' for the recognition he has brought for International modern music from this part of the world. The album 'So Good' features the hit single So Good' and seven other new Oliver Sean compositions which have already started receiving extended airplay and rotation on several major radio stations in the US and Dubai including FM and Satellite stations in New York, Tulsa, Seattle, Georgia, Chicago and New Jersey. 

Oliver Sean's 'So Good' tour has already seen him rocking the charts in Dubai this year much to the delight of his fans in the Middle East and now India is set to experience Oliver Sean and his International rockstar friends during the W.O.A Records India Tour in January. Oliver Sean and his UK Band will also be performing across Berlin, Munich, Paris, Denmark, Holland, UK and ending his 'So Good' tour in Canada & the US by the end of 2011. 

With the new Oliver Sean music videos expected to hit the music channels globally next month and the W.O.A Records 3rd India Tour to feature Oliver Sean and some of the finest International bands performing together – Goa and India is set for a musical extravaganza that will be remembered for a long time to come.

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Formed in 1998 by World Music star Oliver Sean, W.O.A International is a global entertainment company that continues to lead the way when it comes to how music should be promoted. They are pioneering independent international music in India and Middle East and are now synonymous with the region. Their enviable reputation at opening up new possibilities means that they are the go-to company for independent artists wishing a truly international presence.

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