Tuesday, November 01, 2011

India Tour 2011 Update

WOA Records India Tour Update - 1st Nov 2011 - It was a great show yesterday
as the W.O.A International Music Festival kicked off the 4th Annual W.O.A
Records India Tour & Festival 2011.

The show started off at 6:20PM with Peter & Karin Bayreuther from Germany
opening the show followed by ViceroyBill from Canada, Matthais Sturm from
Germany and then French man Eric Dulle who got the crowd up on their feet
with his catchy tunes on his Sax, Metissia followed soon with her unique
vocal style and Kotadama the band from Australia got the show really moving
with their pop rock songs with some of the band members running amongst the
crowd and singing with them. The stage was then taken over by Jade Steel who
gave the crowd a taste of his original reggae tunes.

After that it was the headlining act of The Oliver Sean Band with Oliver
Sean getting the evening to a high with his new hits like So Good, Movies
and his past hit tunes like I like it. There was also a special song
dedicated by Oliver Sean to the late Norman Desouza a close friend and
supporter of the W.O.A Records India Tour since the beginning of this tour
in 2008. The crowd could not get enough with the Oliver Sean Band engaging
the crowd and having a great time on stage. This was soon followed by the
Minister of Power Mr. Alexio Sequeira and the Managing Director of W.O.A
International Ms Wanda Alvares along with the founder of WOA and president
of the company Oliver Sean together launching the Goa Chillout Zone Vol. 4
compilation CD.

The stage was soon taken over by the Venezuelean metal band Overhate who
gave the crowd a bit of a shock with their brand of Thrash metal with the
crowd enjoying the massive number of different genres and styles of music
that was portrayed at the show.

The finale of the evening was Oliver Sean and his band jamming with each and
every artist of the WOA Records India Tour and Festival joining him on stage
to sing Sweet home Alabama.

The evening then saw Eric Dulle, Jade Steel, Viceroybill, Matthias Sturm,
Garfield Oliveira and others come back on stage to do a few more songs
before the evening came to an end with all the artists on stage taking a bow
to a crowd that didn't want the show to end.

The artists now go on to Hyderabad at the The Club followed by The 567 in
New Delhi and then to Syn at the Taj Deccan in AP.

Here is to a great tour and cheers to a fantastic start to the 4th Annual
W.O.A Records India Tour & Festival 2011.

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