Saturday, December 17, 2011

Oliver Sean's brand new single 'We're Together (We Love Hyderabad)' premieres on Christmas Eve

BREAKING NEWS: Oliver Sean writes a special song for Hyderabad titled 'We're Together (we love Hyderabad)' (W.O.A Records), which is to be Premiered at the 'Oliver Sean Band Christmas Eve Concert @ The Park Hyderabad on 24th December'. 

"This is a song I wrote for one of my favorite cities in India and a place where I have  so many friends" says the Platinum Selling Singer/Songwriter & 54th Grammy Awards voting member Oliver Sean, "since I am performing in Hyderabad on Christmas eve we thought it best to release this at this fantastic show at the Park"

The song 'We're together (We love Hyderabad)' (W.O.A Records) besides having elements of Christmas cheer due to the Christmas season, also has strong elements of camaraderie that Oliver Sean has witnessed and experienced at every show he has done in Hyderabad, with the singer also acknowledging that his fond memories of the city began in 2003 when he kicked off his 'I Like It' tour in Hyderabad to great response; " I have been in love with that city from the 'I Like It' album onwards and recently we ended the 'So Good' album India Tour in Hyderabad as well" says the Vh1 Top 10 artist Oliver Sean.

The song will officially be released on the 24th of December at the Oliver Sean Band LIVE CONCERT @ The Christmas Eve show at the Park, Hyderabad and will also be made available as a free download for a limited time at the Official Oliver Sean Website at 

To know more about the Oliver Sean Band performance in Hyderabad and to know more about the new 'We're Together (We love Hyderabad)' single by the Internationally acclaimed Rocker Oliver Sean, visit the W.O.A Records website at 

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