Monday, August 27, 2012

Oliver Sean LIVE @ The Whiskey A Go-Go - Los Angeles

"Hi my friends - please click on 'ATTENDING' if you guys can make it - its just 10 USD especially for Oliver Sean fans. Those who cant come can still click ATTENDING and pledge to buy the OLIVER SEAN LIVE @ The WHISKEY DVD for 25 USD!, which is a 3 cam production of the live show in Hollywood. So please support this my friends... Yes yes everyone can get the pirated DVD and CDs and everything else - but actually buying the original DVD ALSO gets you a specially signed DVD and a signed photo that no one els
e gets and a ticket to the show :-) - So no matter where you are you can still click attending and get the DVD and tickets to give to your friends. PLEASE SHARE xx" - Oliver Sean

Click here to confirm your attendance:


This show is part of the much talked about Oliver Sean US Tour! 

Catch the singer/songwriter as he performs live at LA's world famous Whiskey A Go-Go club on Sunset Strip in Hollywood. 

Oliver Sean fans who confirm 'ATTENDING' on the guest list here get the special invite @10 USD only as a special ticket to watch the 30th September Oliver Sean Live @ Whiskey gig

We are also offering anyone who buys 5 tickets or more - 1 ticket FREE! So please do confirm your guest list inclusion ASAP as we have only 30 guestlist entries left.

If you go straight to the venue without confirming your guest list, the entry fee is more than 3 times the price and also we'd be super sad if we don't have you on our guest list and you won't get to CHILL with Oliver Sean and have a beer with him :(. .... ;) 

SPECIAL NOTE!!!: We will also have a VIP guest list where the entry is 25 USD - those who go for the 25 USD tickets will get a Ticket free AND a DVD of 'OLIVER SEAN LIVE AT WHISKEY' - A special DVD of the concert which is being filmed at this show. The DVD will be shipped to you at no extra charge. 

So show us the support and confirm your guest list entry guys. AND if you are right in the front cheering Oliver Sean you must might be seen on the OLIVER SEAN LIVE @ WHISKEY DVD

So if you want to confirm your name on the guest list JUST CLICK on 'ATTENDING' and we will send you the link where you can pay the 10USD OR 25 USD (with free DVD & extra ticket of the show). Also remember if you confirm 5 tickets you will get 1 ticket free. 

AND if you cannot make it to the show you can still pledge to buy the DVD of the concert for 25 USD and get the DVD sent to you and a special photo signed by Oliver Sean and a ticket as a souvenier that you can keep or give a friend in the US who can make it to the show. SO PLEASE CLICK ATTEND and support Oliver Sean LIVE in Hollywood @ the World Famous Whiskey A Go-Go. 

Remember - you can support the show and click attend even if you cant make it - you can just pledge to buy the DVD for 25 bucks. So please ATTEND and show the love :-) 

See you at The Whiskey!


"Hi guys - here is the link to pay for 'THE WHISKEY GUEST LIST (10 USD)' and/or 'THE WHISKEY VIP LIST - DVD PLEDGE (25 USD)' - just click on the WHISKEY POSTER on the site - If you cant access please message us here. THANK YOU TO ALL WHO HAVE SUPPORTED THIS." - Oliver Sean

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