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BREAKING NEWS: The Annual W.O.A International Music Festival & India Tour 2013 COMING UP!!


The Annual W.O.A International Music Festival and India Tour is a roaring success, is to say the least. As predicted it has been getting BIGGER and BETTER since it began in 2008. The W.O.A  International Music Festival and Tour is the brain child of International musician & MTV Europe Music Awards Nominee Oliver Sean who is also the founder of the W.O.A International - The Music Co. 

The Festival in Goa and the annual tour began in 2008 and is organized and produced by the pioneers of Independent music promotions in India, W.O.A International - The Music Company. The W.O.A International Festival and Tour is supported by major media and top live venues across India including Vh1, Times of India, Hindustan Times, Mirror, Hard Rock Cafe’s and the Government of Goa Art & Culture Department.

Every year the tour & festival is supported by intense media coverage, advertising for the event and the fan following is growing exponentially. The artists who have been part of the tour become part of an exclusive group of artists here at W.O.A Records with a loyal and impressive fan following. With our enviable media support system and new markets and opportunities opening up for our artists via the W.O.A Management division, this tour offers excellent opportunities for independent artists.  

For International Independent bands/artists to break into a region like India with this kind of support has been unprecedented and never done before - it has now been made possible by W.O.A International – The Music Co. India's largest International Independent Label (1998 - 2013)

We are proud to have been able to create this unique festival and tour which kicked off in 2008 with the 1st Annual W.O.A records India Tour & Music Festival and has now reached its 5th year in 2012. It is because of this festival and tour and the full support of the W.O.A international divisions like W.O.A Management and W.O.A Films that talented International musicians now have fantastic new and very large markets open to them. 

The tour is also supported extensively by companies and media conglomerates like Vh1, Times Of India, Government of Goa, Desouza Group and the venue partners  which include: W.O.A International Music Festival in Goa at Kala Academy Amphi Theatre, Hard Rock Cafe’s across India, The 567 New Delhi, The Taj Hyderabad, Novotel Hyderabad, The Park Hyderabad, Kyra Bangalore, UB City Bangalore etc) who come in annually to support Independent and Original musicians during the Annual W.O.A International Music Festival and the India Tour

Through the years we have had amazing artists on this annual tour including:  

  • 2008-2009:  MTV EMA Nominated Artist Oliver Sean, American Singer/Songwriter Jesus Aaron, Japanese Guitar wizard Sparky Quano, American singer Juliette Annerino amongst others

  • 2009-2010: British metal band Cypher16, Australian artists Danny John Trio, Risemann, Kallii, Craig Fraser, Swedish punk artist Monica & The Thunder, French artist Metissia, German singer/songwriter Matthias Sturm. 

  • 2010-2011: American artist Jeffrey Fisher, US Singer/Songwriter Roger Jaegger, Indian Rapper Saurabh Som

  • 2011-2012: Australian Rockers Kotadama, Venezuelan Metal Heads Overhate, French Pop Star Eric Dulle, American Act Jade Steel, German Singer Songwriter Matthias Sturm, Canadian country act Viceroy bill and others.

  • 2013 - 2014 - We have fantastic artists scheduled for the tour this year including American Hip Hop/R&B upcoming stars HotHouseGruv. Stay tuned for the full line up which will be disclosed by Sept 2013.

The broad range of artists from various genres and countries from almost every continent every year shows the broad genres that are accepted on tour and how W.O.A Records is promoting various styles of music and musicians from various countries to music lovers  across India, supported by music video promotions, major scale TV promotions with Ads and Tickers 24 times a day on Vh1 for over 10 days, large scale advertising on the Times Of India with quarter page national ads running for several days, Radio campaigns on AIR FM & MUST FM (National Radio) including interviews and song  rotation on these radio stations, billboards  and media support from mainstream magazines and press across the country (AVMax, Elle, Stuff, Rollingstone etc) all this leading to  bigger and better publicized concerts and gigs. 

Now with the start of WOA TV and the success of season 1 of the WOA TV Show - All Things Music, the amount of advertising and promotions for the festival and tour is going to increase Ten Fold with Season 2 of the WOA TV Show just around the corner.

We are now gearing up for the 2013 - 2014 W.O.A International Music Festival & India Tour! This is an exciting time for all of us here at W.O.A Records as we will now be listening to submissions from artists across the world and cant wait to find the gems among the great musicians out there and introduce them to this region and open up one of the largest music buying and music listening markets in the world - INDIA - to our artists from all around the world! 

SUBMISSION PROCEDURE & COSTS: If interested in submitting for the WOA International Music Festival and India Tour please go to the site - Once on the site you need to click on the 'SUBMISSIONS' drop down menu and click on 'The India Tour' and pay the submission fee of 25 USD. Once this is complete you need to email an EPK/Digital Press kit to along with the transaction ID you received when paying the official submission fee. (If you do not have an EPK you can send in a Bio, 2 Photos and links to your music & live performance/video if any). If your profile is selected you will be offered a slot on the 3 day festival in Goa. There are no other costs involved to be part of the festival. Artists who accept the festival entry can also opt to be part of the 4 city India Tour. There are additional costs to be part of the Full All Expense Paid India Tour. Contact Alan for more details 

MANAGEMENT ARTISTS: If an artist signs up for a management deal (various options) this tour fee is waived and the artist is offered the festival slot AND an all expense paid slot on the  W.O.A International India Tour. Please check details of the management deal here

SPECIAL NOTE: Artists signing up for a video production deal with WOA FIlms are also offered a slot on the WOA Records India Tour & Festival (including the 4 city tour) free of cost. Contact WOA Films for more details

For any further clarification please refer to the FAQ below or email us on if your question is not answered on the FAQ.

FAQ: For The India Tour

Q: What are the dates?  Which Cities?
A: The tentative dates are 31st October to 7th November. Cities keep changing and added to every year - some of the hot cities for the tour are Goa, Hyderabad, Bangalore, Delhi, Mumbai, Pune and more venues / cities being added/edited. Note that the dates are liable to change and please do not book your tickets to India until you sign the tour contract.

Q: Are all bands traveling together hitting the same shows, or is it separate circuits?
A: Artists will be doing some gigs together and some shows separately. Travel is usually by Flights, Luxury A/C buses and A/C Trains - similar to the grey hound services etc. 

Q: What is a typical performance like (number of sets/ hours etc)?
A: The show will be a 2 and a half hour to 3 hour performance with each artiste doing approximately 30 to 45 minutes... Solo shows (if any) will be longer and could be up to 1 hour sets.

Q: What is a typical accommodation like?
A: The stay for this event will be in Business Class hotels / Bungalows / Serviced Apartments. Meals are to be arranged by the artists except on days of performances where  1 meal after the performance will be arranged by the event organizer. Note that the festival only artists have to arrange for their own accommodation and travel to the venue in Goa. Only the artists who have paid the tour fee will have all the hotels and travel for the festival and tour across India handled by the events team.

Q: Does your company handle the backline/FOH and core instruments (aka drums).   Specifically, what would we need to bring with us?
A: We organize Drums, Sound System, DJ Consoles, Lights, Engineer. This is all organized and paid for by W.O.A International and the venue partners . The Artist only needs to bring along his/her personal instrument (guitar, keys, tambourine) if its a DJ his own CDs/Records and special equipment if required - we will only provide standard turn tables/mixing desk to DJ’s etc.

Q: What expenses does W.O.A International / WOA Records cover for the tour? 
A: All domestic travel & accommodation during concerts, PR, Advertising, Backline, coordination, events organization etc is taken care of by the W.O.A International for the Tour artists. The artist is responsible for their own International travel to India. The artist will be sent necessary invitation letters for Visa Applications etc at the respective embassies. Festival artists have to pay for their own accommodation during the festival in Goa. 

Q: How many artists are involved in the tour?
A: Maximum 5 to 10 acts however additional artists can be added to the tour line-up at the sole discretion of W.O.A International. The Festival will have over 40 artists.

Q: I am a solo artist with a band, is it possible for me to bring some of the members with me?
A: We recommend doing shows with backing tracks/minus 1 and keep the number of band members at a minimum as this is a promo tour with less than 30 minutes of performance time per artist per venue. Look at the tour and festival more as a showcase which would lead to future concerts and gigs with an entire lineup. Bands up to 4 or 5 members are allowed however the initial cost charged to artists to be on the tour will be increased for bands (contact us to know more on this). Bands with larger lineups are requested to submit only if they can perform with a cut down version of the band. Solo artists should travel solo and use backing tracks/minus one tracks to keep expenses lower.

Q: Can I arrange other performances not included in the W.O.A tour?
A: During the tour this is not allowed - you can do so only if you are on the W.O.A Management Roster or the W.O.A Booking Agency Roster as your visa will not allow you to do shows outside of W.O.A International's network. To increase your bookings and get additional shows in this region on a regular basis after the tour we would recommend joining the W.O.A Booking Agency Roster or the W.O.A Management Roster. 

Q: Is the cost of traveling from city to city, venue to venue including moving gear around covered by WOA?
A: Yes - this is covered

Q: Is there any financial incentive for the 2 weeks
A: The artists can sell their merchandise and keep 100% of this revenue. No performance fees are paid as this is a promo tour and W.O.A International pays money to organize and publicize the shows and all shows are free events and any money made is utilized to promote and advertise the artists and the tour. This is a Non-Profit event and all expenses are covered mainly by W.O.A International Inc. and its partners.

Q: Can you please provide me with the actual call code and country to contact you direct as I would like to discuss the tour in person and I am
having trouble getting through to you
A: We can be reached on +91-9326126670 or

Q: Do you have age restrictions as the band members will range from ages 13 to 18 at that time but would be accompanied by the parents.
A: For underage artists we allow 1 guardian to travel with the artist

Q: Can we submit via snail mail?
A: Digital press kits are preferred so as to expedite the selection process.

Q: Is there any additional fees to come on the festival / tour?
A: The 25 USD submission fee is the only fee to be paid for this festival submission. If selected the artist pays nothing more to be a part of the festival. Should the artist want to be a part of the FULL all expense paid India Tour (which is reserved for WOA Management/Agency signed artists) please contact Alan at for details and expenses related to being a part of the FULL INDIA Tour without signing on to the management deal. Artists can now sign the ITR Management deal which is specifically for artists wanting to be part of the India Tour. Via this the artist gets several month of promotions including TV, Radio and Press leading up to the tour.

Q: Will the artist get paid for the shows?
A: No this is a promo tour with considerable money spent on advertising and promotions, sound, travel, accommodation. Most shows are all free promo events. Artists who sign up for a Booking Agency Deal before coming on tour can get additional paid gigs booked for them by the booking agency division of WOA. If interested in applying to the booking agency please click here

Q: Will the artist have to sign any exclusive contracts?
A: The selected artist has to sign a standard tour agreement, which is applicable only for this tour. The contract is not exclusive however the artist cannot perform at other shows before or during the tour, as this will hinder the promotions of the tour and the artists who are being promoted for the tour. The artist can perform for other shows once the tour is completed.

Q: I have read a few blog posts by some artists from the 2008 tour where they have said some terrible things about WOA Records
A: Yes, we have read these blogs too and have found out who the people are who have written these blog posts. These are the artists who were removed from the 2008 India Tour for breaching our agreements and people who tried to disrupt our tour in 2008. These artists were thrown out of the tour in 2008 for breaching several clearly defined clauses of the tour agreement. These blogs have also gone on to say that the tour is a fake/scam which is quite absurd as we are now in the 6th WOA Records India Tour & International Music Festival coming up in 2013. It is plain to see the success of the WOA Records India Tour for the past 5 years. Ads, artist’s self made tour documentaries on youtube, photos, live concerts, interviews, partnerships with MTV and Vh1 and the Government of Goa and The Times etc. These are all on the woa websites, youtube, google etc. All you have to do is check all this on google and then it is plain to see that it is only these people who were thrown out of the Tour in 2008 that have written these posts. EVERY other artist has nothing but great thoings to say about WOA Records and every member of our team.

Submissions are accepted here: 


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