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5th Anniversary Goa Chillout Zone Vol.5 compilation releasing worldwide on 29th August 2013

Goa Chillout Zone promoted to Associated Press, The Times, Vh1 and Global Media.

5th Anniversary Goa Chillout Zone compilation releasing worldwide on 29th August 2013

The world famous Goa Chillout Zone Vol.5 is the much awaited 5th anniversary edition of the break through Indie Chill music compilation conceptualized and produced by MTV Europe Music Awards nominee and W.O.A International founder Oliver Sean


August, 2013 - Panaji, India  / London, UK / NYC, USA -- W.O.A International is proud to announce the upcoming release date for the Goa Chillout Zone Vol.5 and officially announce the final list of artists who will grace Volume 5 of the world famous Goa Chillout Zone Compilation album. Release date: 29th August 2013.

"Being the 5th anniversary edition of the Goa Chillout Zone my team had a very tough time selecting the artists for this 5th anniversary album of the GCZ" says Oliver Sean, Producer of the Goa Chillout Zone & Founder of W.O.A International, "after much deliberation we finalized some of the past GCZ acts who had great success through their inclusion on the Goa Chillout Zone compilations through the years and also introduce some exceptional new artists we discovered through the GCZ Vol.5 submissions"

The Goa Chillout Zone Vol.6 compilation music submissions are now open. Artists who missed out on Vol.5 of the compilation and want to be part of this global chill compilation can apply for Vol.6 here!woa-submissions/c21r4 

The Goa Chillout Zone started out as a one off compilation CD in 2008 to promote Independent artists who were making chill and easy listening music that was as good as any of the major releases during that year. The compilation was a way to give these exceptional artists a world stage and introduce their music to a wider audience. The first Volume of the Goa Chillout Zone was a runaway success when mainstream radio and top lounge venues across holiday destinations worldwide started giving the cd some great rotation.

As the album was released purely to promote the artists with absoluetely no returns in terms of profits or even breaking even for the label, the compilation gained a lot of goodwill from the press, radio and fans. The CD went on to hit the top of various radio charts and Volume 2 of the Goa Chillout Zone the following year hit the No.2 spot on the Retail Album Charts in India.

The artists featured on this compilation have had tremendous success,  with commercial radio giving their individual albums rotation on mainstream radio, major labels signing on some of the artists for their own compilation CDs (Universal Aurstralia, Times Music etc) and various featured spots on the annual W.O.A International Music Festival and India Tour.

The upcoming release of the Goa Chillout Zone marks the 5th album in this double CD compilation, which till date is being promoted mainly as an Independent Artists promotional album to introduce and to give these fantastic artists a level playing field for their own albums. With in store distribution across major record stores, top radio stations giving the album prime time rotation, national advertising budgetrs allocated for the album by WOA Records for national TV and press to further promote the CD, the Goa Chillout Zone is now known ad the best indie chill aqlbum in the world.

The artists who will grace Vol. 5 of the Goa Chillout Zone are

Louis Colaiannia
Luna Blanca
Lou Lollio
Last Soul Descendents
Paul Thomas Yoder
Laura Ainsworth
Berk & JB Patrick

DJ Patsan
Diana May Clark
Nicole Taylor
Eric Montross
Cevin D Kehm
HotHouse Gruv
Linda Wood
Stephanie Braganza
Leonel Laterza
James Kahu
Eric Dulle 

The Goa Chillout Zone will be available worldwide on the 29th of August on itunes, amazon and all major online stores. The beautifully packaged Double CD will hit A class record stores shortly thereafter.

Stay tuned to the W.O.A International Official Website and the official Goa Chillout Zone website for more details on the compilation and the individual artists' various promo campaigns and releases happening simultaneously.

The Goa Chillout Zone Vol.6 compilation album music submissions are now open. Artists who want to be part of this global chill compilation can apply here!woa-submissions/c21r4 



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