Sunday, November 24, 2013

Got a Christmas Song? Get on FM Radio this Holiday Season

Do you have a Christmas song or a song that is appropriate for the holidays? Submit your single today for the XMAS PLAYLIST and get guaranteed radio rotation on commercial radio this holiday season. 


Submit your song today and if selected you will get FREE radio rotation on the WOAFM99 radio show, - licensed to commercial radio stations, which will begin their holiday playlists starting on the 10th of December. 


Artists will also get a chance to opt in for the commercial radio playlists dedicated for the Christmas season covering between 4 FM radio stations going up to 300 FM radio shows on commercial traditional radio networks (Not online radio) across India & Dubai if selected for theWOAFM99 Radio Show. 


The only charge for artists opting in for the WOAFM99 Christmas Playlist is the submission fee of 10 USD utilized towards the artists physical track format and delivery to the WOAFM99 Radio Show for the Christmas playlists. 


Note that the WOAFM99 show will revert back to their FREE submission policy after the 10th of January.


If you have a song appropriate for the holidays be sure to send it in and open up these large emerging music markets to your music.


- The W.O.A Radio Team

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