Friday, May 16, 2014

Independent No.1's Vol.3 Release Date and Artist List Announced

The global compilation featuring the best of Independent music from around the world, announces the list of artists who have been selected for the third edition of the Independent No.1's Vol.3 compilation album, releasing on 29th May 2014.

W.O.A International - 16 May, 2014 - WOA Records has today announced the final list of artists who will be part of the highly anticipated compilation album Independent No.1's Vol.3, which is expected to be released on 29th May 2014.

Comprising of breakthrough Independent musicians from all major genres here is the final list of artists and songs to be featured on the Independent No.1's Vol.3 (W.O.A Records) : 

(In no particular order)

1. Neil w Young - Got Nothin To Lose

2. The Graceland Conspiracy - Feeling Good

3. Oceanroyal - I’d be lying

4. Radio Drive - A taste of heaven

5. Joe Wamsley - Stronger than me

6. The Answer - If I had U

7. BogdanL - All about you

8. Lorraine Milton - Love

9. Tokyo Rosenthal - What did I used to be?

10. Vikki Day - Circle of Dreams

11. DJ Patsan (feat. Lolo) - Drop the Bass

12. Chand K Nova - Solar Bliss

13. Blues Buddha - Like I Do

14. Harry Leidel - Dont want to lose this one

15. Craymo - One love One world (We are one)

16. Carmenne - You make me dizzy

17. David J Caron - Sometimes never comes soon

18. Louis Colaiannia - City’Scapes

19. The 88’s - You gotta give a damn

20. NazB - Shame

21. Gibrish - Fel Fot Fel Sko!

22. Tuck Nielsen - Number One

23. Eric Dulle - So Naive

24. Tiananmen - You let me Die

25. Laura Ainsworth - The lies of Handsome men

26. Carlito Panama - They call me Carlito

27. Dr. Pasupathi - Kannil Thondrum

28. Nagmah - El Malfico del Lindero

29. Lenka Lichtenberg - 2010

30. Vitne - Silhouette

31. Ho Jo Fro - Betsy & Me

32. Haxel Garbini - Ognuno ha il Suo Buio

33. Myles Therron - Steppin Stone

34. Thumper & Generation One - When I think of you

35. Matthias Sturm - Top of the Rise

36. Caroline Dare - Someday

37. Steve Foster - I Guess I’m gonna need somebody else

38. Badshah - Supna

39. Brett Rayner - Shotgun Eyes

40. John P Flynn - Home

41. The Romeo Knights - Calling Me

42. Saydah - Bound2Break

43. Sarantos - Nothing to Hide

44. Chris Diaz - My special lady

45. Richard Nielsen - Little Child

46. Joan Torres's All is Fused - Doorway

47. Pretty Solitude - Breath with me now

48. Brett Rayner - The Good Years & Revolution

The Independent No.1's Vol.3 is scheduled to be launched across digital stores on 29th of May 2014 (iTunes, Amazon etc) and CD's to hit stores by the 11th of June 2014.

Stay tuned for the latest updates on the Official Independent No.1's website 

The Independent No.1's is a W.O.A Entertainment Production 



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