Thursday, December 04, 2014

The WOAFM99 Christmas Playlist Accepting Songs for Radio Rotation this Christmas Season

The Christmas Playlist - Your Christmas Song on FM Radio

We are getting our Christmas Playlist ready at the WOAFM99 Radio Show - Send us your Christmas Song today... If your song is accepted you get guaranteed rotation on our nationally syndicated Radio Show!


If you have a Christmas song (CHRISTMAS COVERS & INSTRUMENTALS ARE ALSO ACCEPTED) send it in ASAP to the WOAFM99 Radio Show. This is our BIGGEST Radio Promotion of the year and is supported by our Label Partners (W.O.A Records and W.O.A Entertainment UK who have commercial advertising tie ups with several FM radio stations across the region (India, Dubai and the Subcontinent).
The WOAFM99 Christmas Playlist will be the ONLY Indie Music Christmas Playlist that is played across the country on various radio networks via the WOAFM99 Radio Show Syndication and will also get played across mobile networks (Cellular Companies) via their caller tune services and mobile radio streaming services during the Christmas Week.
MUSIC SUBMISSION PROCESS: To submit your christmas song, christmas cover or holiday related music please go to the WOA MUSIC SUBMISSIONS SITE and send us your song via the submissions page. Please note that there is a 10 USD submission fee if submitting for the Christmas Playlist. WOAFM99 has now started accepting free music submissions all year round for the WOAFM99 Radio Show, however we are charging 10 USD for this particular CHRISTMAS PLAYLIST only. SUBMIT MUSIC HERE. 
If you have any questions we can be reached on 
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