Monday, March 02, 2015



The Invoking the Legends project was started by me and my friends to help animals in distress in places like Goa and other regions where stray animals require as much assistance as possible. This project took off only because of the help of my friends and fans who donated towards this project. Initially we collected around 500 GBP and my team & I doubled that money to kickstart this project. Our first goal was to start some sort of late night emergency outlet for stray dogs and animals in Goa when there is no one around to help them. We have now started work towards this and hope it will make a small difference in the quality of life for these wonderful animals that only have love to give and nothing else.The Bootleg Recordings Vol.1 is the first CD/EP of the Invoking the Legends project with many more to come. All sales money of the CD/Download is utilised in FULL for Animal Welfare. The specially packaged and personally signed CDs are now on their way to all our pledgers/supporters who made this happen. The CDs will also be available for pre order shortly on The Digital download of this EP is available NOW at - please do buy this EP if you are an animal lover as all money we make from sales is going towards animal welfare - in full! 

Much Love,
Oliver Sean

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