Monday, October 26, 2015

Calling Smooth Jazz, New Age & World Music Artists

Calling Smooth Jazz, New Age & World Music Artists - Goa Chillout Zone Vol.7 

Smooth Jazz, World, New Age, Easy Listening - is this your genre? Don't miss the deadline to submit your song for the Goa Chillout Zone (7th Edition) Compilation promoted by Vh1, The Times of India, AIR FM and supported by Universal Music. SUBMIT YOUR SONG HERE 

Our compilation team is now finalising the Goa Chillout Zone Vol.7, the global hit compilation of chillout and lounge music supoported by some of the industry's biggest names. If your music falls in the genre of Smooth Jazz, New Age, Contemporary World, Acoustic or Easy Listening you can submit your song for the Goa Chillout Zone Vol.7 Compilation. SUBMIT YOUR SONG HERE to learn more about the licensing terms and conditions, inclusion fees etc to be part of the  Goa Chillout Zone please CLICK HERE


The Independent No.1's Vol.5 (Anniversary Edition) releases on the 29th of this month, just a few days from today and is already creating a massive buzz across all our venue partners and radio partners who are already promoting some of the featured artists music from the compilation. This has also supported our upcoming launch of the Independent No.1's Christmas Special Edition which is now getting ready for replication and distribution hot on the heels of this latest release. To Pre Order the Independent No.1's Vol.5 (5th Anniversary Edition) please CLICK HERE (itunes) or CLICK HERE (Amazon)


*IMPORTANT NOTICE TO CHRISTMAS SPECIAL EDITION  COMPILATION CONFIRMED ARTISTS: The replication team has sent out a call for the wav files. If you have not already sent in your 'wav' file please send it in ASAP to with the following subject line: IN1XMAS - ARTIST NAME - SONG NAME (you can send the wav file via but please name your wav file as 'artistname-songname.wav' and send it in only as a 44.1Khz/16bit Wav file)


To submit for the Goa Chillout Zone Vol.7 please submit your music today as the deadline is next week! SUBMIT YOUR SONG FOR THE GOA CHILLOUT ZONE VOL.7



  • The 8th Annual WOA International Music Festival - if you are only looking at a festival slot why not apply to perform at the BIGGEST Independent Music Festival of its kind in 2016. The WOA Festival is the kick off to the Annual Tour we organise. There are no additional artist representation contracts or fees to be paid for this - just submit and if you are selected you are given a slot to perform at this nationally promoted and advertised music festival.  SUBMIT YOUR EPK


Best Wishes,

The WOA Entertainment Team

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