Thursday, October 01, 2015

WOA Booking Agency Roster Consideration for 2016

WOA Booking Agency Artist Roster Consideration

The WOA Booking Agency Artist Roster is looking to sign on 9 artists/bands to their highly sought after artist roster for 2016.

The only Booking Agency that not only supports its artists as their agents in regions aross India and Dubai and promotes them to the exclusive client roster of the WOA Entertainment Group; but an agency that also gives its artists massive marketing and promotional support via its association with the W.O.A Entertainment Group (WOA TV Show, WOAFM99, WOA Films & Productions, WOA Music Label) - an MTV EMA Nominated Label, Vh1 Top 10 Artist Management Group and Grammy Awards Media Member.

As a WOA Booking Agency Artist you get the following as your standard artist support service package:

1. Confirmed slot on the WOA International Music Festival with national advertising on Vh1, The Times of India, AIR FM and more. 

2. A commercial Radio Campaign where your single is promoted and gets guaranteed rotation via the monthly standard Commercial Radio Campaign across FM Radio Stations in the region.

3. WOA Artists are given a 15 minute interview on the WOAFM99 Radio Show! Nationally distributed to FM radio channels across the region.

3. A slot on a WOA Records globally distributed and promoted Compilation wth in store support, commercial radio support and major venue airplay support - depending on the artists genre you will be placed either on the Independent No.1's or the Goa Chillout Zone compilations (Both on the Grammy Awards Nomination List this year)

4. In Store CD Distribution and Caller Tune Distribution to major mobile networks (Airtel, Idea, Orange, Vodafone, Etisalat, Du etc). WOA Artists get their CD in major retail and book stores across the region and their single on cellphone networks as a callertune (the biggest avenue for paid music downloads in the region now)

5. The Booking Agency team actively promotes your profile to venues, clubs, corporate clients to the WOA Client list who work exclusively with the WOA Booking Agency and the WOA Artist Management Group for artist bookings for their events all through the year.

6. Artists with music videos are given airplay on the nationaly syndicated WOA TV Show - All Things Music, which leads to rotation of your music video on national TV channels via the shows broadcast.

The cost to be part of the WOA Booking Agency for 1 year, if you are selected is 850 USD, a one time signing fee. There are no other costs to the artist for all the services listed above that are part of your booking agency deal and a required marketing package for your intial push in a new region. The Booking agency will also take a 10% cut off any bookings they secure for you.

If interested in being part of the WOA Booking Agency Roster pease submit your profile via the WOA MUSIC SUBMISSIONS Page. CLICK HERE TO SUBMIT YOUR EPK

To find out more and read the FAQ's please go to WOA Booking Agency Roster Here.

Should you have any further questions please email us at 

Best Wishes,

The W.O.A Entertainment Team


MTV Europe Music Awards Nominated Record Label

Vh1 Top 10 Artist Management Group

Official Media Members 58th Grammy Awards

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