Saturday, November 07, 2015

Final Call for the Goa Chillout Zone Vol.7 & Brand New WOFM99 Episode Released.

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This is the last and final call for the Goa Chillout Zone Vol.7, an easy listening Compilation supported by Vh1, The Times and Universal.

The Goa Chillout Zone Vol.7 is finalising its track list for the 7th Annual Compilation Edition distributed and promoted worldwide with national advertising. If you have a song that falls in any of the following categories: Easy Listening, (pop, rock, country), Smooth Jazz, Blues, World or New Age you should consider submitting for this global promotional compilation. To submit for the Goa Chillout Zone Vol. 7 CLICK HERE


Also do check out the brand newWOAFM99 Radio Show Episode featuring 6 breakthrough International Indie Bands! If you have a song (any genre) that you would like to submit for the WOAFM99 Radio Show please SUBMIT YOUR SONG



Goa Chillout Zone Vol.6 and the Independent No.1's Vol.4 are both selected for the Best Packaging category in the Grammy nomination ballots this year and are two of the biggest indie promotional compilation CDs released with support from commercial radio networks, press, venues like the Hard Rock Cafe chains and malls/lounge clubs and restaurants across holiday destinations worldwide. We replicate over 10,000 copies which are distributed free to media and venues. If you are with a major PRO this could relate to long term revenue via PRO collections. However the main criteria of this compilation is the extensive promotions and marketing we secure for the songs featured on the Goa Chillout Zone.


This is a NOT FOR PROFIT compilation released for free by W.O.A Entertainment at our expense. Any profits made are distributed equally between the artists, however this album has 90% of its cd copies distributed for free, so do not submit if looking at short terms sales profits. Note that artists also have to pay an inclusion fee of 250 USD to be part of this 7th Annual Goa Chillout Zone to cover part of the intial manufacturing costs. 


Artists receive guaranteed radio rotation, advertising of the album on Vh1, The Times of India, Commercial Radio Spots, Various placements at major record stores, media coverage, International Mobile phone callertune downloads and much more. 


To submit for the Goa Chillout Zone Vol.7 Please Click Hereor go to  |  To find out more about the album please Click Here or go to 


Best Wishes,

The WOA Entertainment Team

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