Saturday, February 20, 2016

8th Annual WOA International Music Festival ends on a High Note

8th Annual WOA Music Festival with Vh1 ends on a High Note! 

5 concerts, thousands of music fans, national advertising by Vh1, International PR support and the best live music venues in Goa - that was what the 8th Annual WOA International Music Festival and India Tour was all about!

If you were part of the festival this year (artist or fan)  you are probably still winding down from all the excitement and awesome craziness we all experienced with the fantastic music by the WOA Artists. If you were not part of the festival in person or even online, then you should check out all the amazing coverage we are putting up as fast as we can on the Official Festival Website.  
The official closing press release  was just released today globally on newswire and we also have the POST Tour WOAFM99 Radio Show that went out to all radio stations and podcasts today and we also have a very special video uploaded to youtube with SPECIAL MOMENTS of the tour (Part 1). You can find all this and more  (Vh1 Television Ad, Jingles, Newspaper Adverts and more) altogether on just one site - the Official WOA Festival 
We are now all set to accept entries for the 9th Annual WOA International Music Festival in association with Vh1 from 30th Jan to 7th Feb. If you would like to be part of the festival or indeed the FULL Tour please submit your EPK at the WOA Music Opportunities Page. Artists who have MusicXray Profiles can also submit a special early bird submission via Music xrayuntil the end of February. 

Best Wishes,
The WOA Entertainment Team 

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