Saturday, March 26, 2016

Music Opp: National Radio, Global Compilation, WOA TV from WOA Entertainment

If you are an Indie Artist (any genre) looking for National Radio Rotation, Video Sync on a Television Show OR if you just love Chillout Music (or make it) - Read on! 

We are gearing up for the launch of the massive Goa Chillout Zone Vol.7 Compilation next week and while this is exciting news in itself, the WOAFM99 Radio Show is having a tough time deciding which 20 artists to choose for national rotation from over 7000 submissions on Reverbnation! If you missed out on the Goa Chillout Zone Vol.7 Compilation or the WOAFM99 Radio Show submissions via reverbnation, we have some BIG news for you, including TV Sync for your music videos.

The Goa Chillout Zone has always been a huge project at WOA Entertainment and with Vol.7 its no different (if not bigger), with award winning artists like Rhett May (Australia), Laurel Moore (UK/Dubai),  Stacey & Alan (NYC), Nias (USA), Luna Blanca (Germany) and so many other fantastic artists part of this years compilation, we have no doubt this promotional album and major distributed compilation is going to break chart records worldwide and give the GCZ Artists even more recognition and major media, radio and venue coverage,  which the Goa Chillout Zone is known to deliver.

The album will be available next week EVERYWHERE but the best place to find out all and download the album is the Official GCZ Website which will have a revamped design on launch day of the Goa Chillout Zone. 

Also celebrtating the launch of the Goa Chillout Zone Vol.7 is the nationally distributed WOAFM99 Radio Show hosted by MTV EMA Nominee and Vh1 Top 10 Artist/Producer Oliver Sean. The WOAFM99 Radio Show releases nationally every Wednesday bringing fans in regions like India and Dubai, breakthrough Indie artists from around the world. The show has promised to give several of the GCZ artists priority airplay on their show for the next 3 weeks!!! Isn't that something :-) Check out this weeks episode and various artist interviews (Nagmah, Victoria Celestine, Conway Seavey, Stacey & Alan and many more artists you ought to know) from previous episodes at 

And last but not least WOA Entertainment is all set to launch their much awaited NEW Season of the WOA TV Show, the Television show that promotes Indie Music Videos exclusively and gets national and even International coverage. This is produced by the WOA Films Team that works closely with Vh1 annually on the WOA International Music Festival and who also assist the WOAFM99 Radio Show in editing and distribution every week. The WOA TV Show too has assured us support for most of the artists on the Goa Chillout Zone who have good music videos. Also being added to the TV show will be artist interviews and live performances at our studios this new season of the WOA TV Show. Check out the last season (Season 4) of the WOA TV Show at

So how does all this relate to you? If you want to be part of the WOAFM99 Radio Show and/or the WOA TV Show you can opt in for priority submissions via even if you missed out on the free submission process or indeed if you want to bypass over 7000 free submissions to get priority consideration for the WOAFM99 Radio Show and WOA TV Show.  Simply submit via the website at the following link and you can be on the next nationally syndicated/distributed radio or TV show episode we release. SUBMIT YOUR MUSIC FOR PRIORITY CONSIDERATION

Artists who make easy listening or chillout music and missed out on the Goa Chillout Zone Vol.7 can submit for the Goa Chillout Zone Vol.8, which opens up submissions TODAY! or you could submit your more energetic music (Pop, Rock etc) for the Independent No.1's Vol.7 also opening submissions today (Independent No.1's Vol.6 launches this april and is closed for submissions now). These compilations get commercial radio support, major venue rotation, Malls and Restaurant playlist inclusions, mobile phone caller tune downloads and more. Great if you are signed to a PRO (ASCAP etc). This is not a commercial album released for profits though , so submit for these compilations only if you are in the place in your career where you will benefit by having your song on a globally promoted and distributed PROMO compilation album. Please read all the details of the album and costs involved before submitting as it is not a free inclusion if your song is confirmed for the compilation.  SUBMIT FOR GOA CHILLOUT ZONE VOL.8 or SUBMIT FOR INDEPENDENT NO.1'S VOL.7  or find out more at the Official WOA Entertainment UK Website 

Well you heard it here first and have the opportunity to submit for the WOAFM99 Radio Show and the WOA TV Show direct via the WOA Site - we will open Reverbnation and our own free submissions shortly for the new seasons of the radio and TV shows (season 7 free submissions are now closed on the WOA Site and on Reverbnation), so if you want to submit via thosae platforms you can do so shortly when the new season submissions open, we will keep you upodated on that too :-) 

All the Best!
The WOA Entertainment Team

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