Thursday, February 20, 2020

Oliver Sean's Goa Chillout Zone Album Hits No.1 on the iTunes UK Album Charts

Oliver Sean's Goa Chillout Zone Album Hits No.1 on the iTunes UK Album Charts

Oliver Sean's Goa Chillout Zone Album Hits No.1 on the iTunes UK Album Charts

The Goa Chillout Zone Vol.9 Compilation produced and conceptualised by Billboard Top 10 Artist & Producer Oliver Sean has hit No.1 on the album charts on iiTunes UK in the Electronic Music Genre

The Goa Chillout Zone Vol.9 produced by Oliver Sean and released on Valentines day has hit No.1 in the UK on the iTunes Album Charts in the Electronic Music Genre. The album received very positive media attention including a cover story by the Gomantak Times Weekender Newspaper, which led to added attention for this one of a kind Indie Chillout Music Album Compilation. The fans of WOA Entertainment's  Artists have shown what true fan support can do for Independent Musicians and has propelled the album to No.1 in the United Kingdom, no small feat for an Indie Album featuring Independent Musicians from around the world.

The Goa Chillout Zone is an album series produced and compiled by Billboard Top 10 Artist Oliver Sean. This is the 9th Edition of the album and features several Billboard Top 10 Artists from the WOA Records Roster who are featured on this album.

"I am stunned as I always am every time the fans propel our albums or singles to the charts" says Oliver Sean, MTV EMA Nominated Artist & Producer, "Even though by now I should expect amazing things because of our fans, it still surprise me how the fans are showing the music industry that the manufactured crap does not fly with them anymore - 2020 is the Year of the Indie"

WOA Entertainment have constantly stated that 2020 is the year of the Real Indie, the phrase they use for Real Independent Music and Musicians that they represent and support. It now looks like it truly is The Year of the Indie that they have been saying since the start of the year.

Fans can download or stream the Goa Chillout Zone album on iTunes, Apple Music and other streaming and download sites. Oliver Sean and the rest of the artists are urging their fans to keep downloading and streaming the Goa Chillout Zone Album Vol.9 on the Apple Platforms to help keep the album on the charts.

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