Monday, May 12, 2008

BEWARE of MANA3 - a band of crooks duping Promoters and unsuspecting music lovers by calling themselves touring musicians.

After the fantastic coverage of the W.O.A Records India Tour we must say that the only artists who were the real artists on tour and who went ahead with all shows were Jesus Aaron, Sparky Quano and Oliver Sean. They were creative and made the best use of this fantastic opportunity we provided them.

Sadly for W.O.A Records, the selection committee for choosing the bands on this tour did a very bad job by selecting the following artists: Mana3, Cuca Moreno, Xiren and DaveJ

Not only were most of these people karaoke singers, the band Mana3 were singing along to backup tracks that even had vocals on them and the “drummer” (who thinks he is a drummer) plays along to the drums that are already on a backup track – nothing is live and the only thing they do is mime along to a backup song coming from their laptop – their singer mimes along to a recorded voice. This so called band was the most unprofessional group of people and we are embarrassed to say that they ran a bill of several thousand rupees and left it unpaid.

A note to all promoters and event managers and club owners – beware of these artists who are the most unprofessional group of people and beware of the band Mana3 – these are definitely rogues in disguise of musicians.

A special note to all promoters in India – these artists especially MANA3 are still under contract with W.O.A's Management division. If any promoter in India hires these artists they will be sued as per our contract with these people. Mana3 also has a police complaint filed against them, consequences of which should be obvious to all promoters in India.

We must say that even though we got immense coverage and great reviews for the artists who remained on tour and did a great job of using the time in India to their benefit, we were disappointed with the selection committee of the tour due to the fact that they did a horrible job of selecting these rogues who came and created havoc and a mess for everyone else here. Instead of using the time to promote themselves and working with us, all they did was gossip about W.O.A, complain 24 hours, abuse people in the company and even wait for us to feed them. As we have stated before – Mana3, Xiren, Cuca Moreno and DaveJ and others like them are not Musicians but free loaders and troublemakers and this is a note to all promoters. They are a shame to the Independent music industry and all they do is gossip and have a lot of time on hand to gossip and spread rumors since they have nothing else to do.

W.O.A Records is the only company that has opened the markets here to Independent musicians and we will not allow crooks like Mana3 to run down our company and ruin opportunities for other Independent musicians. As is evident, W.O.A International is the only company that goes out of its way to help open these markets for Independent musicians. We are not promoters – W.O.A is a media group consisting of a record label, management firm, production studios and event management co. Every artist signed to us has a support system that no other company will provide – this we do because we believe that Independent musicians should have a platform across the world. This is just the beginning of an Independent music revolution in this part of the world and as is common in every kind of revolution there will always be rogues and crooks like MANA3 and the like who will try to stop it and pull it down due to their frustrations of not being talented enough to make it in the music world and go about doing whatever they can to ruin chances for the true musicians. A note to all our esteemed artists and to great independent musicians who believe in us and our efforts to support you here – we are committed to our beliefs in supporting Independent musicians.

Oliver Sean
W.O.A International

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