Tuesday, August 12, 2008

W.O.A International to launch Australian rockers Risemann in India.

W.O.A International through its Artist Management division signs on
Australian band Risemann to a 3 Year management deal.

Goa, India ­ August 12, 2008 ­ W.O.A International proudly announces the
signing of Australian upcoming stars Risemann. A three piece band that is
creating a new blend of music and breaking barriers when it comes to
genre¹s. The band is now all set to break boundaries and take on the Indian
subcontinent & the Middle East with their emotionally charged music.

³With the signing of Risemann we are sticking to our belief that original
music, like the music made by Risemann, is something we support and believe
in completely and we will keep bringing amazing artists like these to fans
in India and the Middle East² says Wanda Alvares, Executive Vice President /
Head of Marketing, ³with the launch of W.O.A Radio next month, our reach to
the world is increasing and our artists have everything in-house to reach
their goals and get their music to the large number of fans that are waiting
to hear original music like this.²

Risemann is a dynamic outfit with a sound that exceeds it's expected 3 piece
boundaries. Consisting of Nathan Hein on guitar and vocals, Neil Pearce on
bass and keyboard, and Joel Stibbard on drums/percussion, three very
different individuals who met by chance, and believed in fate.

³Risemann has no boundaries and lives in no genre of music, much like the
emotions and actions of life² says Nathan Hein, the bands front man. The
next evolution of music has arrived, the evolution of Risemann.

The deal with W.O.A Management will see the band touring India and the
Middle East and getting their music released worldwide. With the excellent
and one of a kind support system for Independent musicians that consists of
W.O.A Events, W.O.A Artiste management group, W.O.A Records, W.O.A Radio and
W.O.A Music marketing, Risemann is certain to reach great heights in these
regions and worldwide.

With the W.O.A Records India Tour 2009 around the corner, the fans here
await for the new Indie Gods to bring their music to India. With artists
like Risemann on the W.O.A Roster the fans are in for a treat.

Formed in 1998 by World Music star Oliver Sean, W.O.A International is a
global entertainment company that continues to lead the way when it comes to
how music should be promoted. They are pioneering international music in
India and Asia and are now synonymous with the region. Their enviable
reputation at opening up new possibilities means that they are the go-to
company for independent artists wishing a truly international presence.

For additional information, please contact:

Kim D¹sa
W.O.A International
+91 9326126670

Further details about W.O.A International is available at www.woarecords.com

- W.O.A News Desk

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