Friday, August 07, 2009

The W.O.A Radio Show - LIVE

W.O.A Radio goes live on 15th August as a 1 hour weekly licensed show on radio stations across the world. The weekly W.O.A Radio show and podcast is a radio show that showcases some of W.O.A International's best artists. C

The W.O.A Radio Show will be available as a podcast download via the itunes store Internationally so all fans of all our artists can download the shopw and listen to it at your own time. Check for weekly updates of the W.O.A Radio show to hear the latest from the newest releases by musicians from across the globe via the itunes store and if you are lucky via your local radio station.

Interviews with W.O.A Stars, Contests and more will be included in upcoming shows - we hope you join us to support Independent music and have fun doing it :-) Also we would love it if all our listeners get interactive and give us comments and ideas how to make the show more interesting by emailing us at or skype us - our user name is W.O.A International (Leave us a voice mail and we will air it on the next radio show/podcast. 

Artists wanting to have their music aired on this awesome show send us your mp3's and if we like it - we will play it! W.O.A International is the global entertainment company that houses W.O.A Records, W.O.A Media Studios, W.O.A Artist Management, W.O.A Events, W.O.A Publications and is Home to the World's Best Independent Artists. - Team W.O.A Radio

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