Saturday, September 19, 2009

W.O.A Radio Show - Episode 6 - Indian Connection - LIVE NOW!

Hey guys,

Join me and the W.O.A Radio Team for the 6th episode of the W.O.A Radio Show. This one is titled 'Indian Connection'. We have some super tracks on this weeks show. 

The W.O.A Radio is available on itunes at and on the official W.O.A Records Website at as a streaming radio show. You can also check your local public radio for the W.O.A Radio show and ask them to get it now if they havent got it yet.

The track list in this weeks episode includes our newest Indian Stars - Saurabh Som, Elvis Kahn and Lloyd Paul. These are the artists who are to be launched in October with their spanking new music videos which have just been completed and I cant wait to see the joy on these guys faces when they see their new videos on TV:-)

This weeks episode also has a track by Alison Woods, the music video of which is still on Vh1 and can be watched on youtube at

And a special something included this week is a preview to one of the songs from my upcoming Bollywod movie - I am the music director of this movie titled 'Cutting Chai Dreams High' and we have included a song from this movie titled - Masti 'Remix' - and this is the only place you can hear it before it hits the channels and the silver screen - so thats a special preview for all our listeners and also included is an unreleased song by me which is NOT part of my upcoming album, neither is it scheduled for release however I just thought you guys should listen to it and let me know what you think of it :-) its called 'Doing That'.

All songs on todays mix have an Indian Connection in some way or another be it with a mix of Hindi or Sufi or Tablas etc - thus the title Indian Connection.

Remember that we have had some fantastic W.O.A Radio Show Episodes in the past  month that include great music by various artists from across the world and from our top selling compilations like the Goa Chillout Zone, Independent No.1's etc. You can get these episodes via itunes or via the W.O.A Records website and also via Gcast, airplay direct, PRX etc - just search for W.O.A Radio on these sites.

Hope you enjoy the show this week and do write in to  us!

Much Love,
Oliver Sean & The W.O.A Radio Team
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