Sunday, October 27, 2013

Episode 4 : The WOA TV Show (Season 3) - India Tour Special

Episode 4 of the WOA TV Show - All Things Music is our very special 2013 6th Annual WOA International Music Festival and India Tour special. This is in anticipation of the upcoming your which starts off on the 31st of October and goes on till the 7th of November.

We kick off the show off with the tour headliner Oliver Sean and revisit the MTV EMA Nominee's 2003 music video that brought him into the limelight of the International Music Scene - his track 'I LIKE IT', which is till date the artists' most loved song. Oliver Sean has been nominated for the MTV Europe Music Awards for his last album ' So Good', he has held on to a Vh1 Top10 slot in 2011 for his hit single 'Movies' and went to receive a Vh1 Specials documentary. The Grammy Voter and 3 time Nomination Ballot Listed artist started off his mainstream career when his debut album 'I Like it' went on to receive an AVMax Album of the Year nomination alongside John Mayer, Robbie Williams, Kylie Minogue and Third Eye Blind. The rest as they say is history. Here is the song that started it all for Oliver Sean!

We follow this classic video with France's latest sensation and an artist who is creating waves across France Europe and even India and the Middle East with his fan following growing by record numbers since the release of his 2011 Passion album. A 2 time India Tour artist, here is Eric Dulle's music video 'So Naive' which was filmed in Goa during his 2011 W.O.A Records India Tour.

Segment 2 of the India Tour Special episode kicks off with Gypsy Pearl, this artist from Australia shocks here fans with her bold lyrics and even bolder videos. The artist reminds us a bit of Keisha and the modern Grunge feel thats all the rage nowadays. Gypsy Pearl will be performing this year on the 6th Annual WOA Records India Tour. Catch her latest video on todays special episode.

Next we have Christie Leigh with her song Shine which was premiered in Asia last week on the WOAFM99 Radio Show. Watch the fantastic video by Christie Leigh that we have chosen for todays India Tour Episode.

The last segment of the WOA TV Show features two Indie artists Karina Nistal and Chris Ride. Karina's video brings us nostalgic summer memories and we really thought it would be a good video to keep with our theme of the tour and the fun times we will be having all through the next two weeks.The last song of the show today is by Chris Ride and this video is RETRO all the way! It was refreshing to see an indie artist stick to his guns - our music company has always been about artists who stick to what they love and who never change their musical style for others but only for themselves.

We hope you enjoy this awesome episode we have produced for the fans. Watch the show every other saturday on

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